17 Best Wedding Day Wishes for Uncle

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Ahh, your uncle’s wedding day. It is a chance for you to share the happiest moment of his life with him and wish your uncle congratulations on taking the leap.

As we all know, uncles come in all shapes and sizes and with different tastes. Our closest uncles are somewhat like second fathers but usually give us a little more leeway and can often double up as close friends. We all have different types of uncles with varying characters. Some can be more warm and affectionate, others might be downright cheeky and not afraid to have a few wisecracks thrown at them.

To help you navigate your way through the jungle of finding the perfect wedding wishes for your uncle, we’ve created a list covering everything from light-hearted and heartfelt messages to cheeky and quick-witted wishes that will give you the perfect way to roast him in front of his loved ones.

Heartwarming Wedding Wishes for Uncle

  1. To our beloved uncle, huge congratulations on your wedding day. We’re overjoyed that we get to witness your heartwarming wedding ceremony and see our dear uncle tie the knot on this amazing day. You and your beautiful wife have so many wonderful adventures ahead of you in married life, and we hope you collect plenty of treasured memories as you start your new love story.
  2. Dear uncle, we wish you and your lovely bride a prosperous married life ahead filled with boundless love. Being the awesome person that you are, we already know that you’ll be the most outstanding husband. Seeing you get married today had the whole family brimming with joy. We hope you have a long and lasting marriage full of wedding bliss, creating wonderful memories one day at a time and chasing all your dreams side-by-side and hand-in-hand. 
  3. Sending you the most heartfelt wedding wishes on this truly amazing day. Wishing you and our new aunt a very happy married life full of love, laughter, companionship, and all the pleasure anyone could desire.
  4. Best wedding wishes to our lovely uncle. It was such a memorable day with all the family, watching our dear auntie and uncle tying the knot. You and your wife are now officially the authors of your brand new love story and we hope that every page is packed with love, wonder, and excitement as you create a beautiful collection of treasured memories and build a happy marriage together.          
  5. Wishing our dear uncle a happy married life with his gorgeous new wife. You make such a beautiful couple, and we all had such a memorable day attending your lovely wedding witnessing our uncle tying the knot. This is just the start of a journey together through a new life brimming with endless love, shared visions, and magical moments – everything you need for a beautiful marriage.

Funny Wedding Wishes for Uncle

  1. Heartiest congratulations to our favorite uncle for finally tying the knot! After all those jokes you used to make about married men being under the thumb and not having any freedom, we were very surprised to see you finally walking down the aisle with your beautiful bride. Now, go and enjoy the rest of your wedding day, and it’s probably your last opportunity to get hammered with your buddies for a while. And remember to give your wife your trousers in the morning. They belong to her now.
  2. We can’t believe our crazy uncle finally got hitched! Congratulations, uncle. We had you down as a lifetime bachelor, but now, after seeing your beautiful bride, we understand why you changed your mind. 
  3. To our wonderful uncle, the beautifully ugly groom, and his supermodel bride. Thank the stars that you found a partner who’s not only willing to report you to the fashion police but is willing to help you make some heavily overdue adjustments to your monstrosity of a wardrobe. I’m not sure how you managed to bag such a beautiful wife, but if she’s not legally blind, then you’ve got some serious game. 
  4. Best wishes to our favorite uncle. Three wonderful things you get to share in married life: 1) Unlimited hugs and cuddles. 2) Delicious dinners. 3) Awesome TV shows. Three less wonderful things you must share in marriage: 1) Half the bed and comforter. 2) Your food. 3) Your toilet time – well actually, your time in general. Congratulations on your wedding day, and enjoy splitting everything in half for the rest of your life.
  5. Wow, our crazy uncle finally folded under pressure and gave in to becoming a married man. All those jokes you used to make about marriage probably don’t seem too funny to you now, do they? Say hello to amended diet plans, restricted menu items, limited social time, and extra washing – and that’s just the start. Nobody said we can’t still make jokes about marriage, even if we’re now laughing at you rather than with you.

Inspiring Wedding Wishes for Uncle

  1. To the awesome person we call Uncle. Best wishes to you and your wife for making it official and taking the first step into your beautiful marriage. We hope that every day of your life together is filled with all the wedding bliss that’s in the air today. May your love for one another grow like two trees intertwining. 
  2. A successful marriage is built on embracing the comforts and the challenges. The extraordinary new life you’ve both been eagerly awaiting starts today. Now, you can finally start sharing all your dreams and build an exciting future together arm-in-arm. It will take lots of hard work and often test your patience, but you’ll receive so much happiness in return for putting effort into your married life that you forget all about those tough times.
  3. Wishing you and your better half a very prosperous married life. You must be so excited that you can now share your life goals and family plans and build a remarkable new life together. You’ll have so much fun indulging in all the pleasure that a successful marriage offers.

Wedding Wishes for Uncle from Niece

  1. Heartiest congratulations to my newlywed uncle. You’ve always been like a second dad to me. We have so many treasured memories already and now and it brought me so much happiness seeing you finally walking down the aisle with my new aunt. You guys make such a beautiful couple. I wish you both all the joy that married life could bring as you embark on the first chapter of your love story.   
  2. Wishing you and your bride a beautiful wedding, Uncle. I feel so lucky to see my beloved uncle finally walking down the aisle with the love of his life. I know the wedding ceremony is going to be truly magical, and I’ll be snapping tonnes of photos for you to add to all the treasured memories from today.

Wedding Wishes for Uncle from Nephew

  1. Congratulations on your wedding, uncle. Wishing you and your beautiful wife an awesome lifetime together. I’ve got so many wonderful memories of all the crazy escapades we’ve been on, and as sad as I am that you won’t be free as often, I’m super thrilled that you have found a new partner in crime to keep you company. Don’t be a stranger, though. Life just wouldn’t be the same if I couldn’t spend time with my favorite uncle now and then. Best wishes from your number one nephew. 
  2. Wishing you a happy married life, uncle. I’m not sure how you feel about having to trade in late-night beers for early-morning espressos and converting your mancave into a zen lounge, but I guess you can’t have it your way forever. In all honesty, I think it’s a pretty good trade-off for a happy married life with someone who makes you feel as special as your new wife. Hope she can take on the challenge of whipping you into shape, maybe she’ll find success where the rest of us failed! Seems like our crazy uncle finally met his match.


Well, there you have it. A wonderful mix of wedding wishes for you to pick from depending on your, or rather your uncle’s, taste. Stepping into married life is a huge step for anyone, and there’s no doubt that your uncle’s nerves will be under a little pressure, to say the least. Thankfully, he has some great family members to send him some loving wishes on this truly amazing day.

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