19 Best Engagement Gifts for Couples in 2023

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The path to marriage is paved with sparkling diamonds, tear-filled yeses, and the daunting task of finding the perfect engagement gift. Finding the greatest gift to celebrate a couple’s engagement can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

But fear not, dear reader, because your fairy god-writer is here! Brace yourself for a whirlwind tour through a list of the most awe-inspiring, heart-melting, and best engagement gifts that will make you the uncontested champion of engagement gifting.

So, buckle up, get comfortable, and embark on a quest to find that perfect token of love and well wishes!

1. Engagement Gift Box

So first up, an Engagement Gift Box – a treasure chest filled to the brim with love, laughter, and a touch of magic to crown the perfect proposal. From the gourmet chocolates that serve as a sweet treat for their precious love or a miniature bottle of champagne that pops as loud as their joy, every item is a testament to the milestones to be created. So, don your gift-giving crown and delight the love birds with a gift box full of cheer because nothing says “Here’s to forever,” quite like our engagement box.

2. Wine and Whiskey Glass Set

Next on the love train, we have a Wine and Whiskey Glass Set – a testament to the perfect blend of elegance and rugged charm, just like the newly engaged couple. This isn’t just a simple pair of glasses, oh no! Instead, see this as an emblem of the couple’s unity – each glass representing the individuality and unique taste of the bride and groom, and together, creating a harmonious blend. Like fine wine and smooth whiskey, they stand firm on their own but are even better when celebrated together.

3. Personalized Wedding Countdown

Stepping right into the spotlight, we introduce the cutest personalized gift – a Personalized Wedding Countdown. A delightful fusion of anticipation, excitement, and a dash of impatience. Personalized with their names and wedding date, it is a poignant reminder of the joyous commitment they are sprinting towards. This thoughtful engagement gift is a charming way to say, “Hurry up, Cupid, we’ve got a wedding to plan!”

4. Champagne Flutes

Now, let’s talk about a real show-stopper – Champagne Flutes. If there was an award for being the epitome of elegance and class while simultaneously screaming ‘engagement party,’ then this luxury engagement gift would win it. Every toast with these flutes is a promise of love, every sip a testament of commitment, and every refilling a pledge of enduring companionship. Get ahead of the toastmaster and gift a set of Champagne Flutes because no celebration of love is complete without the iconic ‘pop,’ fizz, and cheer!

5. Personalized Ring Dishes

A Personalized Ring Dish is no ordinary dish, folks. The Personalized Ring Dish is more than just a home for rings; it’s a statement. One that says, “Hey, we’re engaged, and we have the classy ring dish to prove it!” So, why not delight the newly engaged couple with this chic and charming dish? Everyone knows – the couple that dishes together stays together!

6. Engagement Journal

Unroll the red carpet for the Engagement Journal! Think of this as a time capsule, but instead of burying it underground, the couple fills it with their journey, dreams, and plans as they march toward their wedding day. This journal will capture everything from the fluttering feeling of the first ‘yes,’ to their engagement date to the intricate details of the wedding planning journey. Because at the end of the day, the best stories are the ones we write ourselves, so gift them this Engagement Journal and let them pen down their own fairy tale.

7. His, Hers & Ours Luggage Tag

Let’s give a big welcome to the “His, Hers & Ours Luggage Tags”! These tags practically shout, “We’re hitched and ready to explore the world, hand in hand!” From honeymoon getaways to family vacations and every adventure in between, these tags will be their constant companions, subtly announcing their united front. Gift the newly engaged couple these stylish tags and be a part of their adventures as they embark on this exciting journey of togetherness. After all, the couple that travels together stays together!

8. Digital Photo Frame

Making its grand debut on our list, we present the Digital Photo Frame – a dynamic canvas for their love story. With a flick of a button, this magical gadget brings a montage of memories to life, keeping their love story on a delightful loop. From the mushy selfies to their future wedding photos, every picture is a chapter of their story waiting to be revisited. So go on, and gift them this digital reminiscence window. Because while diamonds may be forever, nothing beats a slideshow of memories that says, “Every day, I choose us.”

9. Champagne Candle

The crowning jewel of engagement gift ideas – the Champagne Toast Candle. Think of this as a candle and a beacon of celebration, casting a warm, welcoming glow on the couple’s engagement journey. Its intoxicating blend of bubbly champagne and sweet fruits is the olfactory equivalent of a joyous toast to love and happiness. So, light up their world with this elegantly scented candle and let them revel in the ambiance of love because nothing says, “Congratulations on your engagement!” quite like a candle that smells like a thousand toasts to their love.

10. Gourmet Coffee Sampler

Meet the Gourmet Coffee Sampler – the java-jolted equivalent of a standing ovation to the couple’s love story. This curated selection of the world’s finest beans is the perfect way to say, “Here’s to love as strong and invigorating as your morning cup of joe!” With every sip, they can explore different coffee regions, flavors, and roasts, adding a dash of adventure to their everyday routine. A dream come true for any caffeine-loving couple, this thoughtful gift ensures they can tackle the wedding planning process with the zest only a good brew can provide.

11. Star Projector

Taking center stage in our galaxy of gifts, we introduce the Star Projector – their invitation to a romantic rendezvous under the starry night sky, right in the comfort of their living room. It’s a cosmic ballet at their fingertips, elevating date nights to astronomical heights. Gift the Star Projector to the engaged couple with a note saying, “May your love always outshine the constellations.” After all, who needs a star-studded guest list when you can gift them an entire starlit sky!

12. Matching Mugs

Say hello to the Matching Mugs – a pair of lovebirds that exist solely to make tea time a testament to togetherness. This funny engagement gift is more than just a vessel for their favorite brew; they’re a daily reminder of the couple’s love, intertwining even the most mundane moments with a dose of romance and humor. After all, kisses may be sweet, but a cup of coffee shared from these mugs? That dear folks, is the perfect blend of love and caffeine.

13. Charcuterie Board

The culinary canvas that transforms every engagement celebration into an epicurean extravaganza – the Charcuterie Board! This isn’t merely a board; it’s a stage where cheese meets salami, grapes rendezvous with olives, and crackers mingle with pâté. A great gift that says, “Here’s to a life as diverse and delightful as the spread on this board!”. So, gift this stylish Charcuterie Board and add a gourmet twist to their engagement tale because newly engaged couples that graze together stay together!

14. Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and Pepper Shakers – the dynamic duo of the dining world and now, your answer to the perfect gift! These aren’t just regular shakers; they embody the happy couple: distinct yet complementary and inseparable. As the salt enhances flavors and the pepper adds that necessary spice, these shakers mirror life’s perfect balance, just like the soon to be newlyweds.

15. Night Sky Star Finder

Let’s take a cosmic detour with the Night Sky Star Finder – your ticket to the galaxy and beyond! It’s like gifting them their constellation – a shimmering symbol of their love. As they move through the phases of their lives together, let them track the stars and find new constellations. So, present them with this unique engagement gift and say, “Here’s to a love as infinite as the cosmos.” Because nothing says, “You’re my universe,” quite like a galaxy in their hands!

16. Engagement Card

Meet the Engagement Card – the quintessential messenger of love and joy, armed with the power of words to convey your heartiest congratulations. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but nothing beats the old-world charm of a handwritten note that says, “Happy Engagement! May your journey be as exciting as it took to find this card!” So, gift them this token of love because while diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, a card like this is a couple’s cherished keepsake.

17. Smart Speaker

The Smart Speaker is not just a speaker but the couple’s personal assistant, ready to play their favorite love songs or answer their questions about wedding planning. They can create a romantic atmosphere or turn their living room into a dance floor with a simple vocal command. After all, love isn’t just about understanding each other’s words but also dancing to the same rhythm.

18. Couples Bedding Set

A couples bedding set is a plush playground for pillow fights, a snug sanctuary for Sunday snuggles, and a dreamy dominion where love stories unfold under the soft glow of moonlight. When gifted, it says, “May your dreams be as soft as this bedding and your love as enduring as its threads.” Nothing says, “Congratulations on your engagement!” quite like the promise of countless nights wrapped in comfort, surrounded in love.

19. Long Distance Touch Lamps

Bringing an end to miles of separation with the mere touch of a lamp. These clever Long Distance Touch Lamps sync up over Wi-Fi, allowing each person to illuminate the other’s space with a simple tap. It’s a light-up game of “tag, you’re it!” sparking joy across cities, states, or countries. Gift this to a long-distance couple and say, “May your love always shine bright, no matter the distance.”


Choosing a good engagement gift doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There’s something for everyone in our curated list, from caffeine lovers to long-distance lovers.

Each of our favorite engagement gift ideas is imbued with love and thoughtfulness, echoing the joyous celebration of love and commitment that an engagement signifies. Remember, it’s not just about the gift but its sentiment. After all, every love story is unique, so why shouldn’t the gifts be?

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