27 Best Practical Baby Gifts For New Parents

Written by: - Last updated: December 12, 2023

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Welcome to the baby gifts that all new parents need but not enough people think of giving – practical baby gifts!

We’ve searched high and low for all the useful, must-have items every parent needs but often don’t get. From diaper bags to bottle sterilizers and grooming kits, you can feel confident knowing that any new mom or dad will appreciate one of our unique finds.

And unlike those cutesy stuffed animals or toys, these gifts are helpful – so parents don’t have to worry about where they should put them in their home!

So don’t forget: when it comes time to look for a perfect present for the little bundle of joy in your life, look no further than our selection of practical baby gifts – it’s sure to make everyone smile!

1. Diaper Bag

The perfect companion for any new parent! This multi-functional bag carries everything from diapers, toys, wipes, extra clothes, snacks – you name it! It also comes with several pockets so mom and dad can stay organized. No more struggling to fit all the baby stuff in a regular handbag!

2. Nursing Pillow

Breastfeeding can be made much more accessible and comfortable with this nursing pillow explicitly designed for mom’s comfort and convenience. It provides support exactly where needed while cradling baby securely during feeding time. Not only does this make feeding their little one less stressful but also makes each cuddle session even more enjoyable!

3. Baby Carrier

This is a must-have for parents who are always on the go and must keep their little one close. A baby carrier provides comfort and security for both baby and parent, enabling them to have their hands free. Now they can get things done while still carrying their child with ease.

4. Reusable Cloth Diapers

No more buying endless amounts of regular disposable diapers! Cloth diapers can be washed and reused repeatedly, making them an incredibly cost-effective and eco-friendly option. Plus, you can choose from various fun colors and designs to give the baby’s outfit an extra pop.

5. White Noise Sound Machine

New parents can now kiss goodbye to their days of silent nights and uninterrupted sleep – it’s time to welcome the era of baby noise and endless cuddles! A sound machine plays soothing noises to help babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. It can also help to block out external noise that causes disruption and keep the room quieter for naptime or bedtime (perhaps not for the poor parents!)

6. Bottle Sterilizer Set

A Bottle Sterilizer Set is the perfect helpful baby gift to give any new parents. It’s like having your own mini sterilization station at home – kill all those pesky germs from their many baby bottles and keep your little one safe! With an easy-to-use design that takes minutes to set up, a bottle sterilizer set will make every parent smile joyfully.

7. Baby Nail Trimmer

A baby nail kit includes everything mom or dad needs to give their little one’s fingers and toes some tender loving care. Perfect for giving your friends’ baby some much needed pampering!

8. Digital Baby Monitor

A digital baby monitor is valuable for any new parent, as it gives them the peace of mind that their little one is safe and sound even when they can’t be in the same room. With a digital baby monitor, parents can be sure to know when their little one wakes up or cries – however, it won’t help them figure out why they chose 3:00 am to let you know!

9. High Chair

A high chair is a must-have for any new parent. It helps make life easier when it comes to feeding time – no more having to juggle baby and food! Plus, some even convert into booster seats as the child grows, so they won’t have to upgrade their furniture every few months. Phew!

10. Stroller

Every parent needs a stroller to go out and about with their little one. Whether a quick trip to the store or an exciting excursion, this item helps make life much easier! Plus, some even come with built-in storage to keep everything organized while on the move.

11. Car Seat

Safety first! Ensuring their car has a proper seat for their precious cargo is essential. With a car seat that fits most cars, they can be sure their baby is secure and comfortable during every ride – no matter how long or short the journey may be!

12. Humidifier

If you’re looking for the perfect gift to give a new parent, why not think outside the box – or in this case, inside the baby’s room! A humidifier is a great way to help keep baby’s delicate skin hydrated and comfortable during the night. Plus, the soothing sound of the mist may even help babies sleep better! It’s a win win!

13. Teething Toys

Teething can be difficult for any parent, but with the right teethers, it can be a little less daunting. Teethers can help soothe and massage baby’s gums while stimulating their visual and tactile senses. Plus, there are so many fun shapes and sizes to choose from – they can be sure to find one their little one will love!

14. Bibs and Burp Cloths

An abundance of bibs and burp cloths is essential for any new parent. With these items, they’ll be prepared for messes and spills – because let’s face it, that’s just part of the job! They help keep baby’s clothes clean and dry during mealtime and make it easier to clean up after those unexpected spit-ups. Plus, with so many fun designs and colors, you can find the perfect set for any little one.

15. Nursing Cover

A nursing cover can be a tremendously helpful baby gift for any new mom who has chosen to breastfeed. It helps keep the baby secure and discreet while breastfeeding in public, allowing mom to feel confident and comfortable while tending to her little one. With plenty of stylish patterns and designs available, it’s a great way to give a little flair to any outfit!

16. Baby grows

Every new baby needs a few good pairs of clothes, and baby grows are perfect for new parents. Not only are they super comfortable and made of soft materials, but they’re easy to put on and take off – perfect for those middle-of-the-night diaper changes. Because let’s face it, nobody wants to struggle with buttons at 4am!

17. Baby Food Maker

A baby food maker is an excellent gift for any parent who wants to ensure their little one gets all the nutrition they need. Parents can quickly whip up some delicious and healthy meals for their little ones with a baby food maker in minutes. Who needs Gordon Ramsey when you have this!

18. Baby Bath Tub

Babies love baths, but not all parents have the time or energy to fill a sink or tub with water every night. That’s why a baby bath tub is one of the best baby gifts. A baby bath not only helps keep the little one safe and secure. At the same time, they take a dip. It’s designed for safety and comfort, making that nightly bath time much more manageable and stress-free. Who knew bath time could be so much fun?

19. Play Gym

A play gym is a great way to keep babies entertained while letting them explore and experiment with different shapes, colors, and textures. With plenty of fun activities to engage with, babies will be entertained for hours. Enjoy tummy time with a play gym and watch those muscles grow strong!

20. Diaper Caddy

Organization is vital in parenting; a diaper caddy helps make that a reality. This item is perfect for parents who need quick access to diapers and wipes – whether at home or on the go. Now that’s what we call an absolute lifesaver!

21. Pacifier Clip

A lost pacifier is a nightmare for any parent, so why not give them peace of mind with a pacifier clip? This handy item helps keep the baby’s pacifier close at hand and off the ground. That way, parents won’t have to scramble around looking for it when baby needs it. Problem solved!

22. Night light

Illuminate the baby’s nursery with the perfect night light! Not only is this item great for providing a soft glow when it’s time to get up at night, but it’s also a great way to transform the nursery into a magical fairytale land. From stars and moons to unicorns and rainbows, there are many fun designs to choose from.

23. Swaddles and Sleep Sacks

Swaddles and sleep sacks are great practical baby gifts for a new parent. They are designed to help keep babies comfortable during sleep and can even be used for extra snuggle-time when needed. Some even have a bit of stretch to make it easier to change diapers or dress baby in the middle of the night – which is always a plus!

24. Baby Keepsake box

A keepsake box is a practical yet unique baby gift to store all of baby’s special mementos – from first tooth lost to those tiny little booties. It’s a great way to ensure those treasured items aren’t lost or damaged over time. Now parents can look back on those precious memories in a beautiful baby gift box for years.

25. Oversized Towel with Hood

An oversized towel with a hood is the perfect item for bath time. It helps keep baby warm and cozy after their nightly dip while keeping them dry. And the oversized hooded towel also works great as an impromptu cape for superhero dress-up time!

26. Diaper Genie

Diaper Genie is one of the best practical baby gifts for any parent. It helps keep the nursery – and the entire house – smelling fresh by containing used diapers in a sealed container. That way, they won’t have to worry about smelly surprises when taking out the trash. Who knew that diaper changes could be a little bit easier?

27. A Good Parenting Book

Lastly, a good parenting book is the perfect baby gift for any new parent. It’s filled with helpful advice and tips on how to raise happy and healthy children – something that all parents want for their little ones! So the next time you’re considering what to give a new mom or dad, why not offer them a book about raising babies instead of another stuffed animal?


With these practical baby gifts, you can make a lasting impression on any parent! Each item is essential to their everyday routine and can genuinely make their lives easier. Not to mention, the parents will be so grateful for your thoughtfulness.

They will surely appreciate all the hard work that went into finding the perfect gift for them. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping and get ready to be a gift-giving master!

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