26 Best Books for Babies

Written by: - Last updated: June 28, 2024

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Join us as we delve into the enchanting world of baby books. We’re not talking about parenting guides but rather the delightful realm of books designed specifically for little ones. You might be wondering, “Do babies really read?” Well not in the traditional sense but their journey towards a lifetime of learning begins with books. So whether you’re an aunt, a parent or a friend searching for an ideal baby shower present, stick around. We’re about to uncover the joy and wonder that these books bring to babies while also giving parents a deserved break.

1. Baby University ABC’s

Introduce your little one’s mind to the Baby University ABCs Board Book Set. These charming books take concepts and transform them into bedtime favorites with entries like “A is for Atom” and “B is for Black Hole.” It’s never too early to start shaping minds and these colorful and engaging books do that in an enjoyable way.

2. If Animals Kissed Good Night

In the world of animals bedtime becomes an escapade. The ‘If Animals Kissed Good Night Picture Book’ takes your sweet one on a journey, where skunks send kisses and elephants gently intertwine their trunks to bid goodnight. This soothing tale is bound to become a tradition for both you and your precious child.

3. Go Baby! Go Dog!

There’s something about the bond between babies and dogs. With ‘Go Baby! Go Dog!’ witness the joy as your little one giggles while exploring a day in the life of a puppy and an energetic baby. Bursting with illustrations and a simple rhythmic narrative, this book is perfect for captivating your child’s developing senses.

4. Baby’s Black and White Contrast Book

Introduce your newborn to the wonders of reading with the Babys White Contrast Book. Crafted with high contrast images that stimulate your baby’s vision, this book aids in developing their focus while laying the foundation for a love of reading. It’s not a book; it’s an adventure for those tiny eyes!

5. I Love You Like No Otter

Every child deserves love as vast as the ocean! The ‘I Love You Like No Otter Funny Book’ is filled with warmth, humor and a beautiful message that reminds us of the love we have for our loved ones. With its puns this charming read is sure to bring giggles and coos from your baby in no time.

6. Disney Pixar My First Library

Step into the world of Disney Pixar with the My First Library 12 Book Set. From movies like ‘Finding Nemo’ to ‘Toy Story’, these books transform movie time into storytime igniting your baby’s imagination. This collection serves as a gateway to a universe where dreams come true.

7. Baby’s My First Family Album

The Baby’s My First Family Album is more than a book; it’s a keepsake. Personalize this album with pictures of your family, turning storytime into a journey of recognition and love. It’s a wonderful way to introduce your baby to their family and create a bond that goes beyond mere pages.

8. Kindness Makes Us Strong

‘Kindness Makes us Strong’ teaches your baby a life lesson. This heartwarming book introduces the concept of kindness and nurtures empathy in their hearts. It’s also a reminder of the incredible strength found in small acts of kindness.

9. Noisy Baby Animals

Let’s dive into the world of baby animals with the Noisy Baby Animals; My Touch and Feel Sound Book. This interactive book is a fun way for your little one to explore textures and listen to animal sounds. It’s like having a zoo at your fingertips providing endless entertainment and engagement for your baby.

10. Moon: A Peek-Through Board Book

Embark on a space adventure with the Moon; A Peek Through Board Book. This enchanting book allows your child to discover the phases of the moon through designed peek through holes. It’s a combination of fun and education that will ignite their curiosity about the universe.

11. The Gruffalo Puppet Book

Experience storytime like never before with The Gruffalo Puppet Book. This captivating book brings this beloved tale to life by featuring a Gruffalo puppet that you can use while reading. Get ready for a reading experience filled with laughter, roars and plenty of excitement for your new baby.

12. Pop-Up Peekaboo! Farm

Get ready for some hide and seek fun on the farm with ‘Pop Up Peekaboo! Farm’. Each page turn reveals cute farm animal friends playfully hiding or surprising you with their presence. Your child will have a blast discovering who’s behind each flap as they engage in this sweet game.

13. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

A beloved caterpillar is here, to both snack and educate. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a tale that teaches counting the days of the week and the magical process of transformation. Follow along with this ravenous caterpillar on its journey.

14. Where’s Spot?

Embark on a search for Spot in this lift the flap book. “Where’s Spot?” tells a story about a puppy hiding in unexpected places. It’s an entertaining book that will keep your child engaged lifting flaps with excitement and bursting into fits of giggles.

15. Guess How Much I Love You

Immerse yourself in the love shared between parent and child through “Guess How Much I Love You Book.” With illustrations and heartfelt conversations, this book beautifully captures the depth of love. It’s a tale that resonates not with children but also with adults who cherish those special connections.

16. First 100 Words

Make your baby’s early learning experience enjoyable and effective, with “100 Words; A Padded Board Book.” This book is full of pictures and simple words that help babies connect images, with words supporting their development. The pages are big and padded, perfect for little hands making it an ideal first book.

17. Goodnight Moon

Settle your baby down to sleep with the timeless classic ‘Goodnight Moon’. This bedtime story features a sweet storyline and comforting illustrations of a bunny bidding goodnight to everything. It’s a good read that establishes a peaceful bedtime routine.

18. A is for Activist

Introduce your child to the world of justice through A is for Activist. This book uses the alphabet to explore ideas about rights and equality initiating conversations about these important subjects from an early age. With illustrations and thought provoking text, it’s a book that grows alongside your child.

19. Giraffes Can’t Dance

Teach your kids about self belief and perseverance with ‘Giraffes Can’t Dance’. This uplifting tale follows Gerald the giraffe, who longs to dance but faces ridicule from animals – until he discovers his unique rhythm. It’s a story that inspires children to embrace their individuality and follow their passions.

20. 100 First Words for Little Geeks

‘100 First Words for Little Geeks’ is a fun way to introduce tech geniuses to the world of geekdom. This book includes both unique words, like “sun” and “force “. With a nerdy twist. It’s not just fun for geeky parents; their mini geeks will enjoy it too!

21. The Big Orange Book of Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss

Step into Seussville with The Big Orange Book of Beginner Books by Dr. Seuss. This collection brings the joy of reading to life with timeless characters and playful rhymes that Dr. Seuss is famous for. It’s a must have addition to any child’s library making storytime filled with fun, laughter and learning.

22. Good Night, Little Blue Truck

‘Good Night, Little Blue Truck’ is a lullaby book that appeals to both little ones and those young at heart. As the Little Blue Truck gets ready for sleep, so do his animal friends. The gentle rhythm of the text combined with soothing illustrations makes this beautiful picture book a perfect way to end any child’s day.

23. Good Night, Gorilla

Say goodnight in ‘Good Night, Gorilla’ as you tuck everyone into bed including a gorilla who loves mischief! This enchanting book relies on illustrations to narrate its bedtime story making it an ideal choice for children to “read” to their parents.

24. I Am One – My First Scribble Book

‘I Am One – My First Scribble Book’ is a beginner’s book for aspiring artists. This book promotes creativity, enhances motor skills and introduces concepts like numbers and shapes. It’s a book that transforms scribbles into a work of art.

25. Peek-a-Who?

Open the pages of ‘Peek a Who?’ and witness the joy on your baby’s face. This illustrated book features peek a boo holes that offer glimpses of what’s coming encouraging prediction and memory skills in your child. It’s an enjoyable and captivating book for young readers.

26. Dear Zoo

In this lift the flap book, ‘Dear Zoo’, helps your child explore their favorite kind of pet. Each page unveils an animal beneath a flap along, with an explanation of why that animal isn’t an ideal pet. It’s a fun and interactive way for your child to learn about animals and the descriptive words associated with them.


In the grand scheme of things books hold a special place in the early development of children. They have the power to ignite their imagination, teach them skills needed for reading and nurture their curiosity about the world around them. Whether its stories about animals on farms or in jungles, lessons on activism and all things geeky, or even basic concepts of numbers and shapes, this diverse array of children’s books offers a range of learning experiences. Each page becomes a stride in a child’s journey of exploration and personal growth. So cultivate an everlasting love for reading among young ones with our gift guide.

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