29 Best Housewarming Gifts For Beach House

Written by: - Last updated: December 12, 2023

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Looking for a housewarming gift to celebrate your loved ones’ beachfront property?

Whether it’s a seaside cottage or a magnificent oceanfront mansion, there are plenty of options that will fit in. From items like beach chairs and flip flops, to gifts like outdoor furniture and captivating artwork, we’ve got you covered.

Keep reading to discover the best housewarming gift ideas for a beach house that will surely bring joy to its owner!

1. Beach Towels

A fantastic gift for a beach house is a set of beach towels. Not only are they practical. They also add style and enjoyment! Perfect for lounging on the shore, these towels are incredibly durable. Designed to withstand those summer days spent at the beach.

2. Flip Flops

There’s nothing like slipping into flip flops and taking leisurely walks along the shoreline. These timeless footwear essentials make a great housewarming gift for any beach enthusiast, allowing them to fully embrace the relaxation of their new seaside abode.

3. Beach Themed Doormat

Add a splash of vibrancy to your loved ones home porch with a doormat inspired by the beauty of the beach! Featuring a beach themed design, this charming doormat is sure to bring a smile to anyone visiting their home!

4. Beach Lights

Add a splash of vibrancy to your loved ones home porch with a doormat inspired by the beauty of the beach! Featuring a beach themed design, this charming doormat is sure to bring a smile to anyone visiting their home!

5. Nautical Artwork

Enhance the ambiance in your loved ones home, with this captivating artwork! It serves as a captivating piece of art that is bound to spark conversations. 

6. Picnic Baskets

These picnic baskets are not just practical; they also exude style making them perfect for storing items, such as beach towels or outdoor games. It’s easy to find one that perfectly matches the aesthetic of their beach house.

7. Beach Blanket

These beach blankets not only provide seating on the sand but also add a burst of vibrant color that beautifully complements any beach house decor! Whether your dear friend prefers striped patterns, or the timeless combination of whites and blues inspired by aesthetics, they will surely appreciate your gesture in including this practical item.

8. Beach Bag

Whether they are heading to the shoreline or running errands around town, these stylish beach bags are perfect for carrying all their essentials! From canvas totes to woven straw designs they come in a variety of colors. Sizes that cater to everyone’s style. These bags are ideal for trips to the grocery store or leisurely days spent by the shore.

9. Beach-Themed Tic-Tac-Toe

This classic strategy game never loses its charm. Is destined to become a favorite at any beach house gathering! The tic tac toe board features elements inspired by the beach like seashells and starfish, creating a setting for memorable family game nights filled with hours of nostalgic fun and strategic play.

10. 4 Bottle Wine Carrier

Don’t forget to bring some summer wines along with you using this 4 bottle wine carrier! It is specially designed for transporting wine bottles. Allows you to savor your beverages while basking in the sun at the beach.

11. Sand remover

Prevent those grains of sand from invading your loved ones’ brand beach home with this convenient sand cleaner! This simple tool effortlessly gets rid of any sand that might have made its way indoors.

12. Pop-Up Beach Tent

Shield your loved ones from the rays of the sun with this beach tent! It can be easily set up. Taken down making it ideal for a day by the shore or any other outdoor activity.

13. Scented Candle Beach House

Transform a beach house into a paradise with these scented candles! Whether it’s the aroma of summer fruits or a calming ocean breeze, these candles create an inviting atmosphere for any occasion. They also make for a housewarming gift that can be enjoyed all year round.

14. LED Curtain Lights

Add a touch of sparkle to your beach house with these LED curtain lights! Not do they provide ambient lighting for outdoor events but they are also incredibly easy to hang and exude undeniable style.

15. Turtle Coffee Mugs

Infuse some charm into your beach house with these coffee mugs! Featuring turtle designs they are bound to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

16. Anchor Wine Rack

Looking for a housewarming gift for your wine loving friend or family member? Consider giving them an anchor wine rack that combines functionality and aesthetics.Turn their collection of wine bottles into a captivating centerpiece, with a crafted anchor display.

17. Beach Themed Bottle Opener

Add a touch of charm to their kitchen with this stylish bottle opener. Adorned with an ocean inspired design it not only enhances the decor but also serves its purpose efficiently.

18. Beach flag

Let your loved one showcase their passion for the sea with this eye-catching beach flag! Its vibrant colors make it a perfect decorative piece for any beach house.

19. Spice Rack

The kitchen is always the heart of every home so why not gift them a spice rack? It will add elegance to their kitchen while providing storage space for all their herbs and spices.

20. Beach Chair

Unwind under the sun. Enjoy the ocean waves with this beach chair. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to carry making it an ideal choice for any beach house or outdoor adventure.

21. Polaroid Camera

Capture life’s precious moments with this timeless Polaroid camera! Featuring a design that never goes out of style it makes for a housewarming gift that brings joy to anyone who receives it.

22. Electric Indoor Grill

Experience the joy of grilling indoors with this electric indoor grill! Its compact size makes it perfect for their beach house without taking up space. They can effortlessly cook meals without worrying about smoke or excessive heat.

23. Cheese Board Set

Give cheese enthusiasts in your life the chance to enjoy their snacks with this cheese board set! It includes utensils and tools for slicing cheese making it an ideal gift for hosting gatherings or throwing housewarming beach parties.

24. Coral Ornament

Enhance the decor of their beach house with this coral ornament! It has been meticulously crafted to showcase its captivating appearance effortlessly elevating any living space.

25. Underwater Camera

Capture the breathtaking wonders beneath the surface of the sea with this camera! It is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving adventures making it an excellent gift for those who love exploring the oceans depths.

26. Wind Chimes

Bring the soothing beach breeze into their beach house by decorating it with these wind chimes! The delightful melodic tones will create an atmosphere of tranquility and relaxation providing the soundtrack to their beach vibes.

27. Sand Art

Unleash your loved ones creativity by gifting them this sand art kit! It allows them to create masterpieces using sand offering artistic possibilities for them to explore..

28. Lotion Gift Set

Indulge the beach lovers in your life with this gift set of lotions! It includes a variety of fragrances ranging from tropical to floral so they can choose their scent for pampering their skin.

29. Ocean Mist Fragrance Oil

Enhance the ambiance of any room in your beach house with the scent of Ocean Mist Fragrance Oil. This oil will infuse the air with the calming aroma of sea breezes and the essence of a beach getaway creating an atmosphere perfect for unwinding.


Here are some wonderful recommendations for housewarming gifts that would be perfect for a beach house! You’ll discover something that will truly make any new beach homeowner feel special.

So go ahead. Put together those gift bags filled with beach themed goodies! With these gift ideas their coastal abode will be filled with warmth and joy all year round!

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