12 Best Gifts For Hoarders

Written by: - Last updated: May 30, 2024

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Finding a gift for someone who loves to collect can be a bit challenging. While it may be tempting to add to their collection, the best gifts go beyond adding items. Consider options like storage solutions and organizational products that can help maximize their space, while also displaying their collections.

So if you’re wondering what to get that collector in your life, take a look at our list of gifts for hoarders tailored specifically for collectors like them. You’re sure to find something they’ll absolutely love!

1. Jewelry Boxes

If you’re thinking of an interesting gift for collectors, a jewelry box is a great choice! It provides a way to store and showcase their trinkets while adding an elegant touch to their collection. For those who prefer organization, look for boxes with drawers or compartments. This will help them easily manage their items while also bringing style into any room.

2. Desk Organizer

For hoarders who value organization, a desk organizer is a valuable accessory to keep everything neat and accessible. It ensures that all their items have designated spots and are easy to find whenever needed. From drawers and trays, to tiered cubbies, this is a wonderful method to assist them in maintaining a clutter free and tidy desk. We can’t guarantee how long it will remain that way!

3. Steel Wall Rail with Hooks

This Steel Wall Rail with Hooks provides a versatile storage solution for individuals who tend to accumulate items. A wall rail offers a spot to hang belongings such as hats, handbags or other collectibles they may have. It’s a way to maximize their space while adding a personal touch to showcase their collection.

4. Storage Boxes

Decorative storage containers are the beloved companion for those who tend to accumulate belongings. These boxes help maintain organization while offering an attractive means of keeping everything in place. Now they can discreetly store their collections without compromising on style, allowing the individual to store and sort their cherished items while adding a flair to their surroundings.

5. Woven Basket

A woven basket presents a practical solution for organizing and displaying collections for individuals who tend to accumulate things. They will absolutely adore the versatility of the basket—it’s ideal for carrying things while ensuring their safety plus it adds a delightful touch of style to any room. Its versatility is truly impressive! It can be utilized for storing books, magazines or any other beloved collectibles.

6. Bluetooth Label Maker

For individuals who have an abundance of items filling up a room, a label maker is an essential tool. A Bluetooth label maker simplifies the process of organizing any space accurately. By labeling boxes, containers or drawers with ease they can effortlessly keep track of their belongings. Finally finding what they need without getting lost in a sea of clutter becomes effortless. Bringing some order to their space will undoubtedly save them time.

7. Gratitude Journal

Letting go of possessions can be quite challenging for individuals who struggle with hoarding tendencies—even when they no longer serve a purpose. Parting ways with items they’ve become emotionally attached to proves difficult. Help your loved one, who tends to accumulate things, learn the art of appreciating the moment then material possessions by giving them a gratitude journal. We believe this considerate gift will be valued and put to use!

8. Hanging Basket

Organization doesn’t have to be mundane! The hanging basket makes for a great gift for individuals who tend to hoard but have limited floor space. This thoughtful present offers room to keep items off the floor and neatly stored, all while adding a touch of style. Moreover it can be conveniently hung in any corner or on a wall allowing them to display their collections without worrying about clutter or untidiness.

9. Humorous Mug

Bring a smile to your loved ones face with this light hearted gift, that’s sure to brighten their day while showing how much you care. A fun novelty mug is a way to steer them away from their collecting mindset and remind them that they are more than what they possess. They can enjoy their morning coffee or tea with this reminder that collecting isn’t synonymous with hoarding. And that they don’t need to possess every item they come across!

10. Scrapbook

Scrapbooking offers hoarders a way to capture and share memories without holding onto objects. A scrapbook serves as a means for them to organize, store and share the cherished moments they hold dear. It becomes the platform for displaying their treasured mementos in an artistic and captivating manner. Postcards, photographs or any other keepsakes they’ve collected, a scrapbook becomes the vessel to showcase those memories while ensuring their beloved items are kept safe and secure. 

11. Hangers

Assist your hoarder friends with a set of brand new hangers. These hangers are what they need to keep their jackets, scarves and other hanging items in order. They simplify the process of organizing and presenting clothing effortlessly, adding an element of ease to their routine. Now with a few hangers at hand they can transform their closet into an appealing space! No more rummaging through piles of clothes on the floor. Thanks to these hangers gifted by you.

12. Books on hoarding

If you happen to know someone who’s interested in understanding hoarders and their habits, consider giving them a book about hoarding. This kind and considerate gesture can lead to heartwarming conversations. Demonstrate your care for them. Whether they are curious about the aspects of hoarding or seeking advice on organizing their living space, this gift will captivate their interest and assist them in managing their tendencies.


So why not surprise your favorite hoarder with a thoughtful birthday or Christmas gift to help them organize their collections? You can choose from options like a jewelry box, desk organizer, storage box or even a Bluetooth label maker. Additionally if they have an interest in learning more about the nature of hoarding, giving them a book on the subject will surely spark conversations. Remember that the best gift ideas are both thoughtful and practical—whatever you decide to give your loved one with a penchant for hoarding will surely be appreciated as it helps them get organized!

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