12 Best Elopement Gifts for Adventurous Couples

Written by: - Last updated: December 13, 2023

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Elopements are like escaping from a party and diving headfirst into an adventure of love. If you’re celebrating a couple who has dared to break free from tradition and tie the knot intimately, you’ll want to find gifts that perfectly capture their spirit and commemorate their special day.

Don’t worry; we’ve handpicked these unforgettable gifts that will take their elopement to new heights of excitement. From keepsakes to essentials with a humorous twist, these elopement gifts will make them laugh out loud and bring a lasting smile to their faces.

1. Candle Gift Set

Ignite the flame of romance and laughter with an exquisitely designed candle set. These fragrant delights will fill their love nest with warmth, affection and a touch of mischief creating the atmosphere for shared fun moments filled with laughter. So go ahead, light them up, sit back and let love flicker in the air.

2. Just Hitched T-Shirt

Rock the “Just Hitched” t-shirt to announce their status to the world. This fun and trendy clothing will make them feel like a couple of lovebirds catching people’s attention and sparking conversations wherever they go. Get ready for glances and amusing encounters!

3. We Eloped Picture Frame

Let them proudly display their memories with a “We Eloped” picture frame that adds a touch of humor. This beautiful frame is designed to showcase their photo serving as a constant reminder of the day they embarked on their wild journey together. It’s a nod to the fact that they won’t be attending weddings anymore!

4. Funny Matching Socks

Give them matching socks that will put a smile on their faces from head to toe! These funny socks are perfect for dancing feet, and will add an element of joy to every step they take. These adorable and comfortable accessories keep their feet warm while reflecting their humorous nature with messages, like “Ready for Adventure” and “Inseparable Partners.” It’s like a language that only they understand.

5. Ring Dish

Give them a stylish place to keep their wedding rings with a ring dish. This meaningful gift will help them keep their precious symbols of love organized and safe when they’re not wearing them. Or when they pretend to playfully hide each other’s rings!

6. Hand Casting Kit

Capture their love in a creative way with a hand mold kit. This one of a kind DIY project allows them to create a sculpture of their intertwined hands, symbolizing their unity and the unique bond they share. It serves as a reminder that they are stuck together through thick and thin.

7. Mr. and Mrs. Luggage Tags

Get them ready for adventures as a couple with Mr. And Mrs. Luggage tags. These trendy and practical accessories will make their suitcases easily identifiable, while proudly announcing their status. They’ll be the cutest pair at the baggage claim!

8. Toiletry Bag for Couples

What could be a way to keep the laughter going than with a specially designed toiletry bag for couples? This roomy and fashionable bag is here to rescue them from the never ending mix ups of toothbrushes, face creams and who knows what. Say goodbye to confusing moments and hello to adventures filled with laughter all thanks to this toiletry companion!

9. Polaroid Instant Camera

Capture their adventures in an instant manner with a Polaroid instant camera. This vintage inspired device will enable them to create memories on the spot, ready to be shared and laughed at. They’ll have a fun time capturing moments and reliving the joyous laughter.

10. Scratch-Off Map

Nurture their desire for exploration and assist them in keeping track of their amusing escapades with a scratch off map. This interactive and decorative map allows them to unveil the places they have explored together visually representing their journey as a couple. They can scratch away the parts of the world, uncover the destinations that made them laugh until they had stomach aches.

11. “I Do” Slippers

Wrap their feet in comfort with a pair of “I Do” slippers. These cozy and comfortable slippers have embroidery that always brings a smile to their face when they put them on. It’s like a reminder that they’re now partners in all the fun and silliness.

12. Elopement Mug

Brighten up their mornings with a mug themed around their elopement. This thoughtful and personalized gift will bring happiness to their routine as they enjoy their drinks and reminisce about the joyous adventure of eloping. It’s like a cup of laughter to kick start their day!


Discovering the perfect elopement gift is akin to stumbling upon a treasure chest filled with laughter and joy for an adventurous couple. Any one of the presents mentioned here will guarantee that their elopement becomes an unforgettable and laughter filled occasion.

Let your gift represent love, joy and the thrill of embarking on adventures. Here’s to the happy couple and their extraordinary love tale!

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