11 Delightful Country Living Gifts

Written by: - Last updated: December 12, 2023

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Welcome, folks, to our down-home country gift guide, where the air is fresh, the chickens are clucking, and the gift ideas are as endless as a summer sunset.

We understand the rural charm like no one else, and that’s why we’ve handpicked these country living gifts.

Whether you are buying for a dyed-in-the-wool country dweller or a city slicker with a countryside soul, hitch your wagon, and let’s mosey on through this delightful list of gifts that are sure to rustle up smiles.

1. Buffalo Plaid Vest

Say howdy to a Buffalo Plaid Vest – the only outerwear that’ll make them yell ‘Yeehaw!’ louder than a cowboy at a rodeo. This ain’t just any vest; it’s their ticket to countryfied comfort with style to boot. Whether chopping wood or sipping sweet tea on the porch, a Plaid Vest is the perfect partner. So go ahead, add a dash of buffalo plaid to their wardrobe, and let the countryside spirit ride high.

2. Plaid Blanket

What’s softer than a kitten’s whisper and as warm as a summer’s day deep in the heartland? A Plaid Blanket, of course! Designed for those chilly country nights, your country lover can drape it over their hay bale for an impromptu picnic or wrap up in it for an evening spent under the starlit sky. With a design more classic than their grandma’s apple pie recipe, a blanket is the comforting countryside embrace they’ve been longing for. So saddle up and snag a blanket – it’s like a hug from Mother Nature herself, just less leafy.

3. Cowboy Hat

Introducing a country classic, the Cowboy Hat. This ain’t just a boring, holly brimmed top hat; it’s a gentleman’s crown, a cowgirl’s charm, and a declaration of your down-home credentials. Adding a dash of Western flair to any outfit, this hat is perfect for those blazing trail rides or lazy days at the fishing hole. With a Cowboy Hat perched atop your head, they won’t just be living the country life – they’ll be the poster for it. So tip your brim to the simple life, and let this Cowboy Hat be their badge of country honor. Plus, it’s what a good boy wears to impress all the folks at the rodeo!

4. Wood Splitter Axe

Meet the Wood Splitter Axe, the country cousin of the city slicker’s paperweight. Forget about the gym membership, this hunk of steel and wood is their one-way ticket to a hearty workout with a side of fresh air. With a swing of this axe, they’ll be splitting logs like a hot knife through butter while enjoying the great outdoors. Whether chopping firewood or felling a pesky tree, a Wood Splitter Axe is the countryside companion that promises to bring out their inner lumberjack. Just remember – this ain’t a toy; it’s a tool, and a mighty fine one at that. So saddle up, grab a Wood Splitter Axe, and get ready to yell ‘Timber!’

5. Firewood Log Holder

It’s not just any ordinary log holder; it’s a Firewood Log Holder. Real estate for their firewood. Sure, they could stack firewood on the porch, but where’s the charm in that? With a log holder, their firewood becomes a rustic decor piece, telling tales of cozy nights and warm conversations. So go ahead and give your country friend’s firewood the VIP treatment it deserves. After all, every good cowboy knows – a well-kept firewood stack is the sign of a well-kept homestead.

6. Boot Scraper

Entering our list is the unsung hero of country living – the Boot Scraper. This isn’t just a functional piece of kit; it’s the gatekeeper of cleanliness, the bouncer at the door to dirt-dom. Let’s face it, country living can be a mucky business. With a trusty Boot Scraper on the porch, any country dweller can keep the great outdoors where it belongs – outside. So kick off the day’s dust in style and add a Boot Scraper to their country ensemble. Who said cleanliness and country charm can’t go hand in boot?

7. Foraging Book

A foraging book – a personal guide to living off the land, or at least pretending to while you enjoy a walk in the woods. This book is packed full of wisdom, usually reserved for squirrels and other woodland creatures, teaching you how to identify, pick, and prepare nature’s bounty. Venture out into the wilderness and return, not with mosquito bites and a sprained ankle, but with a basket brimming with berries, mushrooms, and edible plants. 

8. Leatherman Multi-Tool

Introducing the Leatherman Multi-Tool, the Swiss Army knife of the countryside, only beefier and more rugged. With everything from a knife and screwdriver to pliers and a bottle opener, it’s like having a handyman on call, only without the plumber’s crack. Whether they’re fixing a fence, opening a cold one at a bonfire, or just looking to impress friends with their preparedness, the Leatherman Multi-Tool is the country gift that keeps on giving. 

9. Headlamp

Step into the spotlight with a trusty Headlamp, their beacon in the night and the answer to every country dweller’s twilight quandary. Whether they’re fixing a flat tire under the starry sky or tracking a raccoon that’s been meddling in the garbage, this handy headlamp illuminates their path, leaving them hands-free for the task at hand. So don’t let them just wait for the crack of dawn to get things done, strap on a headlamp, and turn night into day. 

10. Electric Garden Tiller

An Electric Garden Tiller is the ultimate gift for everyone who believes in the adage, “The secret to a green thumb is a brown thumb.” This electric wonder takes the backache out of gardening, turning hard soil into a fluffy bed of potential in no time. With this tool in their arsenal, they’ll be able to cultivate their plot with the efficiency of a farmer and the vigor of a gopher. 

11. Horse Centerpiece

Giddy up, decor enthusiasts! A Horse Centerpiece is not just a decoration; it’s a show-stopping homage to the spirit of the countryside. It’s the perfect gift to bring a piece of the prairie into their home without the hay or horse apples. Let it grace their dinner table or mantelpiece, or it sits happily on their office desk. So, saddle up their style and let just the right centerpiece take the reins of their interior decor!


From tools that make outdoor tasks a breeze to decorative pieces that encapsulate rural aesthetics, these gifts are sure to delight anyone who yearns for the simplicity and serenity of a country lifestyle.

So whether you’re shopping for a bona fide homesteader or someone who simply appreciates the rustic charm, any of these gifts will be a welcomed addition to their country living collection. 

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