100 Birthday Wishes For 2 year old Boy

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Birthdays are just that extra bit special when we’re young. At just 2 years old, a baby boy’s birthday is a real milestone. They’ve been in the world for twice as long since their last one. Your special little guy is learning more and more each day, so show him you treasure every moment by wishing him a very special happy birthday.

But at such a formative age, knowing exactly how to put the perfect birthday wish into words is hard. That’s why we’ve picked out some suggestions to guide you.

He may not know how to read just yet, but your boy is picking up new words by the day. A special message you can remind them of in the coming years is a great way to show them you care. 

Funny Birthday Wishes For 2 year old Baby Boy

Two-year-old boy pulls a funny face while sitting at home.
  1. Happy birthday to the 2nd best boy in the world. Oops, I mean, happy 2nd birthday to the best boy in the world!
  2. Just wanted to send a quick thank you note for your birthday present. Because it’s your birthday, and you’re my present.
  3. Happy birthday, kid! You’re two years old, and you know what that means; it’s about the time you start to outwit your parents. If your parents are reading this, watch out!
  4. Happy birthday! Yeah, you may only be blowing out two birthday candles, but may it bring you all the birthday wishes you could ever ask for – including more candles if you like.
  5. A little birdy told me today is your second birthday. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!
  6. I’ve heard today you’re turning two, so happy 2nd birthday. If your mom is reading this, I think she should know you deserve a very, VERY large piece of cake!
  7. Have an awesome birthday celebration, kid, and an extra slice of cake from us; we won’t tell anyone.
  8. I’m sure you’ve got plenty of birthday messages but don’t worry, I’ve got you a present too. Happy 2nd birthday.
  9. Happy 2nd birthday wishes to you. Two years old makes twice the fun, little one!
  10. Who knew such a cute little boy, with such a cute little smile, could be such a mischief maker – a very cute one, of course! Happy 2nd birthday.
  11. Congratulations! Today is the day you win the award for the most handsome two-year-old boy ever. I’ve seen your dad’s baby photos and have decided to crown you as the winner. Just don’t tell him I said that!
  12. Wishing you a happy 2nd birthday. Thank you for bringing almost as big a smile to our faces as you bring to yourself, little one!
  13. You might just be the most handsome little boy out there – especially today, on your second birthday. One day, I’ll show you your parents’ birthday photos, and you can decide for yourself!
  14. Wishing you the best of birthday wishes, and may all your dreams come true – especially the one where you get lots and lots of toys!
  15. Don’t eat too much cake today, on your second birthday. You’re already beyond the sweetest, and we don’t want you getting a sugar rush!
  16. Happy 2nd birthday! Here’s to less crying and more laughing than you did on your very first one!
  17. I wanted to send you a happy birthday text message, but apparently, your parents haven’t bought you a phone yet; how rude of them!

Heartfelt Happy Birthday Wishes For 2 year old Boy

Young mother and her two-year-old son, both dressed in pajamas, are relaxing and playing under bed sheets.
  1. One day, when you’re a little older, may you find this message and remember that we loved you then, and we love you now. Have a wonderful birthday.
  2. Happy 2nd birthday to the sweetest baby boy. May all your dreams come true on this most special of days.
  3. Your smile blooms like a flower in the depths of spring. Keep it always, birthday boy.
  4. Here’s to you, little one. I hope you have the most wonderful birthday and all your wishes come true.
  5. May you get double the hugs for this, your 2nd birthday. Wishing you as much joy as you bring to everyone else.
  6. Sending you the most magical birthday party, Mr. Two-year-old, because you deserve it.
  7. It’s your special day; you’ve just turned two. May you continue to bring joy to our lives with your sweetest smiles.
  8. It feels like just the other day, you were a little cute baby. Don’t grow up too fast, birthday boy. Just keep being you, sweet child, and happy birthday.
  9. Here’s a big kiss from us and a big thank you for bringing us all so much joy.
  10. Have the most love-filled second birthday from all of us; we love you deeply.
  11. You bring so much warmth to my heart, little one. Your smile can light up any room, so I hope you’re extra smiley today, birthday boy.
  12. Happy 2nd birthday to the sweetest little boy. Every day, you bring joy to our hearts, not just today.
  13. Today marks the day the world became that little bit sweeter because you came into it. So, the warmest of birthday wishes to you, special boy.
  14. There are few words that express our love for you, so, to put it simply, happy birthday to you.
  15. Today marks the day a cute little baby fell from the sky and landed softly into all our lives. Sweetest birthday wishes to you, sweetest boy.
  16. Warmest birthday hugs to you, baby boy, for bringing your kindness and joy to us all.
  17. May this, your second birthday, shower you with all the love and joy you bring to others, sweet angel.
  18. Let this birthday message bring a spring to your step and a lightness to your heart, little prince, because it’s your very special day.
  19. You are the joy you bring to others, sweet baby boy. May you bring it today and always.
  20. Warm wishes, warm wishes, and warm wishes. There’s never enough for you, dear child. The happiest of second birthdays.
  21. Two years old already! Don’t worry; you’ll always remain a sweet little baby boy to us.

Cute Birthday Wishes For 2 year old boy

Two-year-old boy standing outside, holding his hand up to a goat, and looking towards the camera.
  1. Happy birthday to the handsomest young boy with the rosiest cheeks and the cheekiest smile.
  2. Today’s your birthday, and there’s only one thing for it: lots and lots of hugs, kisses, presents, and … more presents.
  3. To the boy with the cute smile: we’ve heard today is a very special day, so we thought we’d send you a little message to say happy 2nd birthday to you, superstar. 
  4. One plus one makes two, so best of birthdays to you. 
  5. Happy birthday to you! Continue to treat each day with a giggle and a smile, and we will, too.
  6. I hope you spend today, your 2nd birthday, sitting with a pile of presents and a big, big slice of cake, sweet, handsome boy.
  7. Happy birthday, baby boy. May my birthday wishes bring you lots of joy.
  8. Blowing you a big kiss from our home to yours! Happiest birthday to the most deserving birthday boy.
  9. Happy birthday to you, chubby cheeks. Keep being the same old adorable you.
  10. Happy birthday to the most adorable little boy in the world. May you continue to light up every room with your smile.
  11. You’re two years old, it can’t be. A very special happy birthday to you, mature young one.
  12. There’s nothing quite like your sweet giggle and knowing little smile. I think we both know you’re wise beyond your years. Have the warmest of 2nd birthdays.
  13. I should wrap you up and tie a little ribbon around you because you’re the most precious gift there is.
  14. Sending you lots and lots of happy birthday wishes; I hope they all come true; sweet birthday, boy.
  15. Happy 2nd birthday to the kindest boy. It seems like the other day, you were just a rosy-cheeked newborn baby. May you continue to blossom into the loveliest of childs.
  16. You are a little bundle of joy to us all, young boy. Have a glorious, happy birthday. 
  17. Have the most amazing and wonderful birthday you could possibly have. I know you will because you treat every day as an adventure; here’s to continuing to do so.
  18. A little birdy told me you’ve just turned two. How time flies. And yet, it is still just the beginning.
  19. You are such a special boy, and the sweetest thing is you don’t even realize just how special you are in all of our lives. Happy Birthday!
  20. You may have just turned two, but you’re the only one for me. Happy 2nd birthday my bestest baby boy.
  21. Happy second birthday to the world’s giggliest boy. Here’s to many more laughs with you, little one.
  22. Today’s your second birthday. I hope that mischievous little smile of yours gets you all the toys you could ever wish for and more!
  23. It’s birthday number two, which means twice as many birthday wishes for you, handsome boy.

Cool Birthday Wishes For 2 year old boy

Two-year-old boy rides his bike in a caravan park, wearing sunglasses and smiling.
  1. Tell your mom to stop calling you things like little angel and cute baby; we both know you’re a sophisticated young gentleman now!
  2. Hey there, dude, rocking the hip toddler look; happy 2nd birthday.
  3. Have the most spectacular birthday. Letting off lots of party poppers and confetti for you, mature young man.
  4. Today is a super important day, but I can’t quite remember why … hmmm let me think. Any ideas? Just kidding, how could I ever forget about the world’s coolest birthday boy.
  5. Only one person deserves a 2nd birthday crown, and that’s you, mature young man.
  6. So you’re turning two; that’s pretty darn awesome. Not that you need any number to tell you that you’re awesome. Happy birthday, kid!
  7. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you … well, you know the rest. Keep on rocking, superstar.
  8. Woah, hey there, big birthday boy! 
  9. I was looking for the birthday baby, but it seems like you’ve grown into a young gentleman. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

2nd Birthday Wishes For Son 

Two-year-old boy kneels on a window sill with his brother and mother, birthday cake on the ledge, and balloons on the sides.
  1. God bless you, my sweet son. I could not measure how much I care about you; I just know that I do. Happy birthday, my love.
  2. I could never imagine what a change you would make to all our lives. Keep surprising me, my beautiful baby boy.
  3. Come rain and come shine, you will always be my sweet baby darling. You were at one; you are at two and will continue to be, my little prince.
  4. Your smile blossoms countless flowers, and you are in the spring of your life, my child. The warmest of 2nd birthday wishes, little angel.
  5. I brought you into the world, beautiful baby boy. But you did the same; you brought me into the world with more love than I could have wished for.
  6. You are more than the immense joy you bring to me; you are growing into your wonderful, unique self. Happy, happy birthday, son.
  7. Shine bright and brighter, my little star. Here’s to a wonderful birthday celebration together.
  8. You grow up so fast, my love. Slow down a little, just for today, your birthday. My heart is yours.
  9. Happy 2nd birthday, my son. My everything, and more than that, your own sweet self.
  10. I cannot quite picture where the years will take you next, but I’ll be here always, my birthday boy.

Happy 2nd Birthday Wishes For Grandson

Grandfather carries grandson on shoulders during a walk in the park, both smiling.
  1. Have a fantastic birthday, kid. Thank you for the youthful spark you bring; we love you very much.
  2. Very simply, I hope for you a healthy and wealthy life. I will always be thinking of you, my grandson. Happy birthday.
  3. God bless you, grandson. You’re the cute bundle of energy we all need in our lives. Have a glorious, happy second birthday.
  4. You may not remember, but this second birthday reminds me of your gleaming newborn smile and the joy you continue to give.
  5. Warmest of 2nd birthday wishes to you, our handsome grandson.
  6. Happy 2nd birthday, sweet boy. The years between us seem to only bring us closer.
  7. Hello, our little bundle of joy. Have a wonderful second birthday, and remember, when you’re getting a little bored of Mom and Dad, we’re never too far away!
  8. Happiest birthday to you, my lovely grandson. You’re already growing into a fine young man.
  9. Thank you for bringing so much joy with you wherever you go. I look ahead and see your bright future. Have the loveliest birthday, little prince.
  10. Allow your grandparents to fuss all over you, at least for today. Happy second birthday! We love you very much.

2nd Birthday Wishes For Nephew

A happy kid blows out candles on his birthday cake during a night time birthday party.
  1. I shouldn’t embarrass you by calling you the birthday baby, for you’re a grown-up young boy now. It’s always the loveliest time when I come and see you, pal. Happy birthday.
  2. Have a spectacular birthday, kid! You’re the coolest, most awesome nephew I could have asked for. 
  3. Hey dude! You’re turning two today; how time flies. If your parents haven’t given you enough presents already, here’s one from me.
  4. Keep rocking with style, from me, your cool aunt / uncle, to you, my even cooler nephew. Happy birthday!
  5. It’s crazy to think I’ve known you since you were a little baby, but you’re not a baby anymore. You’ve got the future in the palms of your hands, and I can tell it’s a bright one. Happy 2nd birthday.
  6. You’re the world’s most sweet nephew. Don’t forget to be a little cheeky, too, especially today, on your 2nd birthday. But don’t tell your parents I said that.
  7. I’m not sure if you know what an aunt/uncle is, so I’ll give you a quick explanation. I’m like your parents, but cooler. Happy 2nd birthday, love your cool aunt/uncle.
  8. Happy birthday wishes, superstar. I see your parents’ likeness in you, which tells me you’re growing into the kindest, gentlest young boy.
  9. I can tell your grin from a mile away; you’re the cutest kid. Your parents must be very proud of you, as am I, birthday boy.
  10. Happy 2nd birthday wishes to you, my lovely nephew. I’ll keep it short and just say I’m proud to know you and how much happier we all are with you in the world. So, as you continue to grow, take your time, sweet.


The bond with the cutest 2 year old boy in your life goes beyond words, which is why it can be hard to know exactly what to say on their very special day. 

This list helps keep things simple. Just mix and match these suggestions based on what feels right, and then take that message and put it on a card, on a banner, or wherever you want. Get creative if you like! 

This list means less overthinking and more time spent with the sweet little boy you’re putting in all this effort for. So here’s to him!

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