32 Baby First Birthday Gifts From Grandparents

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It’s a well-known fact that Grandparents love to spoil their grandchildren, and the baby’s first birthday is no exception! From cuddly teddy bears to keepsakes and toys, grandparents have no shortage of options for finding the perfect gift for their grandbaby’s first birthday! So what could make your grandchild’s first birthday extra special?

A gift from our ultimate list of best first birthday gifts from grandparents! Get ready to make your grandchild’s first year even more memorable with these extraordinary selections.

1. Superhero Costume

If your little one has an affinity for superheroes, then a superhero costume is the way to go! Imagine their face when they open up their gift and find that you’ve given them the power to be just like Batman or Wonder Woman!

2. Toy Kitchen Set

Every child loves to pretend they cook delicious dishes in the kitchen. Give your grandchild a fun toy kitchen set to help them explore their love for cooking and baking.

3. Activity Play Cube

An activity play cube is a fantastic gift to keep your grandchild occupied on those long afternoons. It’s a great way to stimulate their imagination and explore the world of shapes, bright colors, textures, and more!

4. Pop-Up Ball Pit

A pop-up ball pit is a great way to spark joy and laughter in your grandchild’s life. It’s an easy-to-assemble playpen filled with colorful balls, perfect for them to jump around and have fun!

5. Baby Drums

Introduce your grandchild to the power of music with a set of baby drums. They can tap into the beat and explore different rhythms, bringing lots of fun and laughter! Musical instruments are a fun way to develop those all-important gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

6. Wooden ABC Blocks

ABC blocks are a classic toy your grandchild can use and enjoy for years. There’s nothing like stacking wooden blocks to help them learn their ABCs, numbers, and colors!

7. Play Doll

A play doll is an excellent way for your grandchild to explore the pretend world! They’ll love creating elaborate scenarios with their new beauty, fostering playtime skills and creativity.

8. Trampoline

A trampoline is a fun way for your grandchild to stay active and jump around! They’ll love bouncing and twirling while developing their physical skills. A great alternative to bounce house fun for them and a much-needed break for you!

9. Pull-Back Vehicles

Little ones love to explore the world of cars and trucks. Pull-back vehicles are a great first birthday gift for kids to race around and have exciting adventures!

10. First piggy bank

Help teach your grandchild the importance of saving with a fun piggy bank! With this great gift, they’ll love watching their money grow and understanding the concept of financial responsibility at an early age.

11. Balance Bike

One year olds are sure to love the challenge of a balance bike! They can practice balancing and help improve gross motor skills while riding around. Plus, it’s an exciting way to explore the great outdoors!

12. Handprint and Footprint Makers Kit

Capture the special moments of your grandchild’s first year with a handprint and footprint kit. You can create ceramic keepsakes to hang around the house or add to their memory album! Their parents will be sure to love this special gift, also. It’s a win-win!

13. Stuffed Animal Teddy

A cuddly teddy bear is a beautiful present to make your grandchild feel special and loved. The perfect size for cuddling, your grandchild will become attached to their new best friend! They’ll never forget their first plush toy from Grandma or Grandpa!

14. Xylophone

If your new grandbaby loved those baby music classes, a xylophone is an ideal gift! Music can be a great way to help young children explore their creativity. Plus, they’ll have so much fun playing away to their favorite tunes! Give your grandchild a xylophone, and let them make their own music!

15. Scooter

Let your grandchildren explore the outdoors with a scooter! They’ll love cruising around with their new set of wheels and developing essential balance skills.

16. Play House

A playhouse is the perfect gift for a growing child. It’s an ideal place for them to explore, create stories and use their imaginations! Plus, it can double as their hideaway when they need alone time.

17. First Building Bricks

First building bricks are a great way to help your grandchild develop their creativity and problem-solving skills. They can build towers, castles, and so much more! It’s sure to be a hit.

18. Classic children’s books

What better way to spend precious quality time with your grandchildren than with a wonderful book? A classic children’s book is a timeless gift that your grandchild can enjoy for years. Reading together will help them develop storytelling and language skills while sparking their imagination!

19. Kiddie pool

Kiddie pools are the perfect way for your one year old grandchild to cool down during those hot summer days. Let them splash around, play water games and have a great time this summer!

20. Learning Tablet

Learning tablets can be a great thing to help your grandchild develop their cognitive skills. It’s an interactive, engaging, and educational tool that can teach them numbers, letters, and much more! See, learning can be fun!

21. Busy Board

Keep their little hands busy with a busy board! Busy boards are filled with activities like lacing, zipping, and more. It’s the perfect way to stimulate those little minds and help your grandchild learn essential fine motor skills, all while having lots of fun!

22. Rocking horse

A rocking horse is one of the best first birthday gift ideas from grandparents. It’s the perfect way to get your grandchild moving and having fun! This classic toy can help them develop balance, coordination, and gross motor skills. Plus, it’s sure to bring lots of joy and excitement into their lives!

23. Big Yellow Bus

Take playtime to the next level with a big yellow bus! This fun toy allows your grandchild to explore shapes and develop their imagination. They’ll love pushing it around the house or backyard while they make up stories on the go.

24. Activity Center

Help your grandchild learn and explore with an activity center! Plenty of fun activities help develop essential skills like problem solving, creativity, fine motor skills, and more. It’s the ideal way to keep them busy and learning simultaneously.

25. Baby Walker

If your little one hasn’t quite got to grips with walking yet, a baby walker is the perfect gift from Grandma and Grandpa! They can learn to stand up and take their first steps quickly. Just be sure to warn their parents that once their child reaches this all-important milestone, they’ll never sit still again!

26. Shape sorter

A shape sorter is a classic toy that helps children learn shapes and colors. It will help your grandchild improve hand-eye coordination and boost problem-solving skills as they know how to fit the pieces into the right spots. Plus, they’ll have so much fun while doing it!

27. Toy cell phone

Make your grandchild feel like a grown-up with their very own toy cell phone! With realistic sounds and lights, they can pretend to take calls and answer messages like their Mummy or Daddy!

28. Learning Station Workbench

This workbench is sure to be a hit with your grandchild! They can explore the world of tools and construction as they play pretend. Plus, it will help them develop their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities. They may be able to help you finally fix that broken door handle…

29. Giant teddy bear

A giant teddy bear is the perfect gift for showing love and affection. Your grandchild will be snuggling up with their new buddy at nap time, bedtime, breakfast time…you get the picture!

30. Train Track Set

Choo choo, all abroad this ride of a lifetime! A train track set is the perfect way for your grandchild to explore creativity. They can create different routes, build bridges and tunnels, and transport cargo from one side of the room to another! Expect lots of playful laughter with this one!

31. Sandbox

Your grandchild will love playing in their very own sandbox. They can dig and explore, build sand castles and let their imagination run wild! Plus, with this first birthday gift, you’ll enjoy a hot cup of tea in peace as they stay occupied for hours on end! Not that you chose it for that reason…

32. Soccer Ball

For the sporty grandchild, a soccer ball will surely be a hit. It’s a fantastic way for them to develop their coordination and balance, all while having fun! Don’t tell your grandchild that you’re also secretly hoping they’ll take up soccer as a hobby one day…


Grandparents have the unique opportunity to give their grandchild a special first birthday gift they will cherish for years. From cuddly toys to scooter, many wonderful gifts are available!

With these best birthday gifts in mind, you’re sure to find something perfect for your little one on their first birthday – creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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