12 Terrific Train Gift Ideas For Train Lovers

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Got a train enthusiast on your gift list? Finding the perfect gift for someone who adores trains can feel like navigating a complex railway, but fear not – we’ve done the digging for you.

Our list includes train gift ideas that will wow any rail aficionado. Whether they’re all about the nostalgia of steam locomotives or geek out over modern high-speed trains, we’ve got something for everyone who loves trains.

So hop aboard, and let’s set off on a journey to find the best gifts!

1. Model Train Set

Surprise your rail aficionado with a model set. It will surely spark joy, ignite imagination and keep their love for trains on the right track. This isn’t just a toy train; it’s a ticket to endless adventures right in the comfort of their very own living room. From beginner sets with basic tracks and a locomotive or two to advanced pieces with intricate layouts, detailed scenery, and realistic sounds, model train sets are perfect for hours of entertainment. 

2. Funny Train T-Shirt

Gift your train enthusiast a laugh with a witty locomotive pun t-shirt. Ensure comfort while echoing the recipient’s love for all things rail. Whether worn during model train assembly sessions or simply as a fun conversation starter, a funny train-related t-shirt is much more than a piece of clothing. It’s a definitive statement of one’s undying love for trains. Full steam ahead to a gift that’s off the humor rails!

3. Personalized Train Tumbler

Quench the thirst of your train lover with a personalized train tumbler. This isn’t just another drinking vessel; it’s a one-of-a-kind traveling companion that celebrates a unique love for all things rail. Customized with their name or favorite train line, it makes every sip a trip across a sprawling landscape of their passion for locomotives. Next stop: hydration station, with a side of train admiration!

4. Train Artwork

Enhance your train enthusiast’s décor with a stunning piece of train artwork. Elegantly encapsulating the might and marvel of railways, an interesting artwork is an ever-lasting ticket to the bygone era of grand railway journeys. Whether for an office, study, or living room, this artwork will transform any space into a classic railway station. All aboard the nostalgia express with a gift that chugs right into the heart of train enthusiasts!

5. Train Related Books

Immerse any train lover in riveting narratives and captivating imagery with a selection of train-related books. A perfect book will undoubtedly stoke the firebox of their favorite hobby, whether it’s historical chronicles of railway expansions, an anthology of iconic train journeys, or illustrated guides to locomotives. Prepare for a literary trip that’s full steam ahead with thrilling twists and turns right in the palm of their hands!

6. Railroad Approved Pocket Watch

Time travel to the golden age of railways with a railroad approved pocket watch. This special gift is much more than a simple timekeeper; it’s a piece of history, an emblem of the timeless allure of trains, and an ode to the punctuality they symbolize. It’s the perfect accessory for train lovers who never want to miss their metaphorical train.

7. Train Trivia Book

Stoke the coals of curiosity with a Train Trivia Book! Perfect for those cozy nights in or long train journey, a trivia book will take train enthusiasts full steam ahead into the realm of knowledge. It’s not just a book; it’s a mind-chugging expression to the destination of fun and facts! So, get ready to track the trivia trail and choo-choo-choose the Train Trivia Book as one of the best train gifts for your railroads lover!

8. Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Ensure your train enthusiast travels in ultimate comfort with a Memory Foam Travel Pillow. This isn’t just a pillow; it’s a first-class ticket to Slumberville aboard the Dream Express! Ergonomically designed to support the neck on those long train journeys, this pillow will cradle them in comfort faster than you can say, “All aboard!” Whether they’re traversing cross-country or just napping on a lazy Sunday, this pillow is the sleeper car of train gifts. Next station: Uninterrupted Snoozeville!

9. Novelty Trains Mug

Start their day off on the right track with a Novelty Trains Mug! Adorned with their treasured locomotives or amusing rail-related puns, a novelty mug is sure to add an extra dose of steam to their morning cup of joe. Whether they’re sipping tea at home or in the office, this mug will transport them to the orient express with every sip. 

10. Train Embossed Journal

Allow your favorite train lovers to record their thoughts, dreams, or daily sightings with a Train Embossed Journal. More than just a diary, this is the First-Class cabin of notebooks, offering a front-seat view of their imagination’s journey. This journal is a private carriage for their thoughts. It’s one train where inspiration is always the next stop!

11. Train Cufflinks

Add a touch of sophisticated whimsy to your favorite train enthusiast’s collection with Train Cufflinks. A first-class ticket to sartorial elegance, sporting a subtle style nod to their railway passion. Just like a train making a timely arrival, these cufflinks will always make an impressive statement right on schedule. 

12. Train Night Light

Illuminate their dreams of steel tracks and billowing steam with a Train Night Light. A night light adds a warm glow to any room, turning it into a railway station of dreams. It’s a ride down the memory line, a perfect way to end the day for any train-obsessed friend or family member. So, when it comes to unique train gifts, let the Train Night Light be your first stop. It’s the express route to sweet dreams, chugging along the sleep tracks until dawn.


There’s no end to the track of gifts perfect for train lovers. Whether it’s a novelty mug, an informative book, or nostalgic artwork, each gift is a carriage on their personal love train. It’s about more than just the perfect gift; it’s about acknowledging their passion.

So, whether they’re a seasoned railway devotee or a budding train lover, these gifts will surely fuel their fascination and keep their love for trains chugging along at full steam.

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