20 Awesome Birthday Wishes for Surfers

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The lives our family members and friends live can often vary greatly from one another. Some fall into the risk averse, quiet type that prefer keeping their feet firmly on the ground. Some, that may prefer to live life on the wilder side, might opt in for a more thrill-seeking life full of adventure. Taking the latter into consideration, one type of character you may have in your family or close friends circle is the infamous surfer dude or dudette.

People may not put much thought into birthday messages sometimes, but writing something that appeals directly to the recipient’s interests shows that you’ve gone that extra distance to say something special, meaningful and very thoughtful. Here’s some great ideas to help you get started.

Short Happy Birthday Wishes for Surfers

  1. Surfs up dude! Have a very happy birthday and have fun hanging out with all of your super-cool surfer buddies.
  2. To the coolest surfer…well actually…the only surfer I have the pleasure of calling my buddy. Wishing you a happy birthday and plenty more rad adventures across the seven seas.
  3. There’s nothing better than hanging with your best friends and catching waves as the sunshine beats down on the great blue ocean. Hope you have a rad birthday and many more epic surfboard adventures in the year ahead.
  4. Hang loose and have a “swell” time celebrating your special day with all your surfer friends.

Funny Birthday Wishes for a Surfer

  1. Happy Birthday to my favorite beach bum. Wishing you many more salty air adventures and smooth rides through those endless barrels you love. I hope that I don’t see you as one of the bite victims on next week’s episode of Shark Attack. 
  2. Happy birthday to my ocean-loving friend who enjoys surfing just as much as I do, just not exactly in the same way. See, you love surfing endless waves tasting the salty air in the wind, I love surfing endless channels eating sweet and salted popcorn while passing wind. Different types of surfing, same amount of fun.   
  3. Happy birthday to my wonderful pal. I know you’re confused as to why your last few job applications didn’t get a great response. Next time you’re applying for a job and they ask you if you’ve ever been on the board anywhere before. They are asking you to list previous roles at other companies, not for a list of all the countries that you’ve visited on surfing trips.
  4. Happy birthday surfer friend! So, someone told me they saw Jay-Z, Daft Punk and Alicia Keys all stuck in a giant wave screaming for help. I’m not an expert, but my guess is that it must have been a Tidal wave.   
  5. Life is like an ocean filled with lots of gnarly waves. Take care when you’re riding, hang on to your board tight, and watch out for those sharks.

Inspirational Birthday Wishes for Surfers

  1. To the raddest surfer the ocean has ever known. Wishing you another epic happy birthday filled with good vibes and another action-packed year full of unforgettable moments riding those gnarly waves. 
  2. Happy Birthday to my surfboard sidekick who never stops trying to become the world’s number one surfer. You handle the board like a true professional and I have no doubt that after you catch a few more big waves, you’ll be ready to conquer the behemoths at Nazare’s North Beach.
  3. To a great friend who is a huge inspiration to many, including myself. The way you surf through the waves of life, with the same ease and grace that you display in the ocean, is truly astonishing. You have taught us that it’s not always about waiting for the perfect wave, but more about not being afraid to dive in and get back on your board if you fall into the great big ocean. 
  4. Happy Birthday to our very own wave warrior and surf master. There’s not many out there who can smile in the face of danger and ride those crazy waves like you do. Don’t ever stop living life the way you choose to. You’ll never regret those soul-touching moments between you, your surfboard and the open sea.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for Surfers

  1. Wishing a wonderful birthday to my most daring friend. Hope you get to spend your special day doing what you love the most, surfing endless waves in the scorching sunshine. I suppose the saying “life’s a beach” really does ring true for you.
  2. Wishing a happy surfer birthday to my closest comrade. Surf those endless waves till your heart’s content, and don’t let anybody steer you away from your passion and what makes you who you are. Sending you nothing but good vibes and well wishes for the year ahead.
  3. Happy birthday to one of my very good friends, and a surfing legend in the making, who never stops chasing their epic dreams. Here’s to another year of riding the most perfect waves every great ocean has to offer. Can’t wait to create some more awesome memories with you to add to our growing list of big wave escapades.
  4. Happy birthday to one of my closest friends and one of the most elite surfers I have the pleasure of knowing. Life is like standing on a surfboard trying to balance and avoid drowning, while cutting through the multiple waves that try to take you out. Once the necessary skills and techniques have been mastered, it’s all about enjoying the epic ride while you catch every bit of sunshine you can.

Cheeky Happy Birthday Wishes for a Surfer

  1. Happy birthday Dude! While you’re young, fearless and in optimum shape, make sure you cherish every surfing experience you have and be grateful for all those incredible moments in your life. In about 30 years from now, the only thing you’ll be surfing is the internet. So don’t waste any opportunity to hit those waves now!
  2. Whoever thought my favorite beach bum, who spends most of the day snoozing on the beach, could become a pro surfer capable of riding the most gigantic waves out there. I mean if you can do that, it gives all of us a little hope, right?
  3. Happy birthday to the guy who never stops chasing those big waves, and will probably be surfing until they’re old and gray. A couple of things to bear in mind if you’re considering surfing beyond the age of 60. Your travel insurance is going to go through the roof, people may call the coast guard thinking someone’s grandad is stuck at sea, and trying to maintain that beach bod is going to become one heck of a job.


And that about wraps things up. Why bother “surfing” the net when you’ve already got the most epic list of surfer birthday messages right here. Whether your surfer recipient is a family member or someone close to you, we know they’ll have a fab birthday after reading a wish full of good vibes that really connects with their sea-dwelling side.

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