30 Best Gifts For Tattoo Artist

Written by: - Last updated: May 31, 2024

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There are few things more permanent than a tattoo, that’s why you would only go to the best of the best in the industry. Tattoo artists spend hours upon hours creating amazing works of art on people‚Äôs bodies, and you would like to show your appreciation for all their hard work.

Whether you know a wannabe artist or an expert tattooist, we have curated a list of gifts to suit everyone! From the more practical gifts such as tattoo machines, to the more fun things like art and fashion, any tattoo artist in your life will be jumping for joy with any one of these awesome gifts!

1. Tattoo Workstation

Equip your favorite tattoo artist with the best gear to make their job a bit easier. This workstation does just that! It’s a sturdy and portable table that can hold all of their necessary equipment, making it easier for them to work comfortably and efficiently. Plus, this workstation comes with adjustable lighting options to ensure that every detail is seen clearly.

2. Tattoo Design Journal

This design journal will make a great gift for any tattoo artist, providing more than enough space for all their amazing tattoo designs. There’s nothing quite like putting pen to paper! This journal will allow them to sketch out their ideas and provide a record of their creations.

3. Coffee Mug

What better way to start the day than with a hot cup of coffee in your favorite tattoo mug? This cheeky, novelty coffee mug is sure to bring a big smile to their face. It’s a great way to show off their love for tattoos, even outside of the shop.

4. Temporary Tattoo Pen

Can’t make up their mind on their next tattoo? Well these pens may be just to answer to allow them to play around with many different styles using colored inks before committing to the real thing. Bonus, it’s pain free too!

5. Magnifying Floor Lamp

Say goodbye to tired, strained eyes with this awesome magnifying floor lamp. Your tattoo artist friend will never miss a speck of detail whilst using this! Great for illuminating even the smallest of details, this floor lamp will make a great addition to any tattoo studio.

6. Wall Art

Add a touch of gothic glamor to their home with this chic, tattooed lady artwork! The tattoo art inspired design will take pride of place upon any wall. Not only is it a great conversation starter, but it also serves as a reminder of their passion for tattooing.

7. Wireless Tattoo Machine

Tattoo away until their heart’s content with this small but mighty device! This wireless tattoo machine is a great gift idea for any tattoo parlor. All their tattoo artist friends will want one too!

8. Tattoo Aftercare Kit

Keep those glorious tattoos in prime condition, looking fresh with this tattoo care kit. A must have in any tattoo shop! It will also help to soothe any post-tattoo pain and discomfort.

9. Black Stone Bracelet

Show your appreciation for your favorite tattoo artist with some beautiful jewelry. This luxurious bracelet will make the perfect gift! It features a black stone, similar to the ink used in tattooing, and is finished off with an elegant silver clasp. A stylish accessory for any tattoo enthusiast.

10. Tattoo Shop Sign

This vintage style sign will make a great addition to their tattoo shop or even their home decor! The distressed look and bold font makes it a statement piece that any tattoo artist would love to have hanging on their wall. A perfect gift for those who are proud of their profession.

11. Tattoo Ink Cups Holder

Who says stationary has to be boring?! This show stopping skull ink cups holder makes the perfect work accessory for any tattoo artist in your life. Plus, it adds a little bit of edge to any work station.

12. Slogan T shirt

Bring a bit of tattoo artist humor into their wardrobe with this funny slogan t-shirt. It’s a great gift to show that you recognize and appreciate their hard work. Not only will they look cool, but they’ll also feel appreciated.

13. Tattoo Machine Key Chain

Now they can carry a piece of their tattooing passion everywhere they go with this awesome tattoo machine keychain. It’s a unique and practical gift that any tattoo artist will appreciate.

14. Essential Oil Diffuser

Create a calming oasis in their tattoo parlor with this essential oil diffuser. Perhaps this will help their clients relax during their next tattooing session. Plus, it’s a great way for them to unwind after a long day of work. A thoughtful and relaxing gift for any tattoo artist.

15. Tattoo Artist Travel Mug

Sip in style with this fun personalized tattoo inspired travel mug. It’s a great gift for those busy tattoo artists who are always on the go. Whether they’re traveling to conventions or just need a caffeine boost in between clients, this mug has got them covered.

16. Professional Art Set

Showcase their artistic talents with this professional art set. Your tattoo artist can utilize this great gift for drawing out all their special design ideas for practice or just as a fun, creative outlet.

17. Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine

This ingenious little machine makes the perfect gift for any aspiring and professional tattoo artists in your life. A great tool to save them time and effort when stenciling, they’ll be able to finish tattoos in record time!

18. Tattoo Designs Idea Books

A thoughtful gift for your artist friend to be kept up to date on the latest tattoo industry trends and find inspiration for their own work. This set of idea books are filled with various designs and styles for them to choose from, making it easier for them to create customized tattoos for their clients.

19. Vinyl Gloves

Not the most exciting gift but the most useful! This heavy duty pack of vinyl gloves will hold up against all their tattooing work. It’s always important to keep clean and tidy in a tattoo shop, so these gloves are essential for any artist. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes to fit any hand comfortably.

20. Personalized LED Light

Have they always dreamt of seeing their name up in lights? Make their dreams a reality with this personalized LED light. It makes for a cool and unique gift that they can proudly display in their tattoo shop or at home. Customize it with their name or even a special tattoo design.

21. Tattoo Art Poster

The home is where the heart is and that’s exactly why their love for tattooing should play a small part in their decor. This art poster specifically designed for tattoo lovers would make a great addition to their home.

22. Belt

Tattoo artists are some of the most fashionable individuals around. They will certainly turn heads for all the right reasons making a fashion statement with this unique, printed belt . Perfect for both work and play, this belt is sure to be a hit with any tattoo artist.

23. Appointment Book

Every tattoo artist needs one of these for their business. They’ll never lose track of their busy schedules with this handy appointment book. Plus, it’s personalized with a cool tattoo design on the cover, making it a great gift for any organized artist. Keep their schedules in check and make sure they never miss an appointment again!

24. Snap Back Hat

Wear their love for tattooing with pride! This awesome hat will be the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. It’s made with a cool tattoo design embroidered on the front and a snap back closure for an adjustable fit. A trendy gift for any stylish tattoo artist.

25. Tattoo Practice Skin

To become the best tattoo artist they could possibly be they need lots of practice! These tattoo practice skins are the perfect gift for tattoo artists and beginners to perfect those all important skills.

26. Stainless Steel Skull Spoons

Bring some tattooing flair to tea time with these gothic style spoons. These stainless steel skull spoons make a unique gift for any tattoo artist. They’ll love showing off their alternative style even during the simplest of tasks.

27. LED Tracing Light Box

The ultra slim, lightweight light box is ideal for tracing, drawing and stenciling. Now they can work on their next designs anywhere in the world (if they wanted to that is!). Useful and portable, this light box makes an ideal gift for any artist on the go.

28. Wall Clock

The unique design of this wall clock is sure to catch everyone’s attention at their tattoo shop. The clock features a tattoo machine and various designs on the face, making it not only functional but also a statement piece. A cool gift for any tattoo artist to display in their workspace.

29. Skull Figurine

This stunning, skull figurine will liven up any contemporary tattoo shops’ decor. It’s a great gift for any tattoo artist who appreciates alternative, edgy art. Plus, it can also serve as inspiration for future tattoo designs.

30. Phone Holder

Whether they want to record their work, take pictures of their art or simply watch a video, they’ll be able to do it all completely hands free with this multipurpose phone mount. It’s an essential gift for any tattoo artist who needs their hands free during work or just for leisure.


Choosing the right gift for a tattoo artist can be challenging, but the options are endless. From practical items such as tattoo machines, tracing light boxes, and aftercare kits, to fun and quirky gifts like skull ink cup holders or skull figurines, there’s something for every tattoo artist. Remember, the best gifts are both useful and thoughtful. Whether they’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, these gifts could not only be fun to receive but also add great value to their lifestyle and business.

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