45 Best Gifts For Pilots

Written by: - Last updated: May 30, 2024

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Pilots are some of the coolest people around, with THE best job! So finding the right thing to give someone who seemingly has it all can be tricky. If you’re looking for gift ideas for your pilot friend, then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether they are a seasoned flyer or a new pilot, our best gifts for pilots are sure to put them on cloud nine! We have an array of amazing options to please that special pilot in your life, from the most popular gifts to the more practical pilot gifts.

So before the propeller starts to spin, whiz through our list and get ready for take off!

1. VFR Kneeboard

This may not look like much to the average joe, but for any professional pilot this kneeboard is a must have! It not only keeps your flight logs and checklists organized, but also has storage for pens, maps, and even an iPad. This will definitely come in handy during flights and make the perfect gift for any pilot.

2. TRX All-in-One Suspension Trainer

Get their adrenalin pumping even more with this TRX suspension trainer. The perfect gift to help stretch those tired muscles after a long day spent in the cockpit. It’s versatile, portable and can be used anywhere, making it the ideal gift for any pilot who loves working out.

3. Model Plane

Add to their fledging small planes collection with this miniature model plane. A great pilot gift for every aviation lover. This detailed model will be sure to bring a smile to their face and make the perfect addition to any office or home.

4. Tumbler Cup

Keep them fueled all day long with hot coffee in this fun tumbler. Designed with aviation puns and phrases, this tumbler is both practical and humorous. Perfect for those early morning flights or late nights studying for exams.

5. Passport Holder

This leather passport holder would make a fantastic gift for any frequent flyer. With slots for passports, boarding passes and credit cards, it will keep all their travel documents organized. Plus, it’s a classy gift that any pilot would appreciate.

6. Pilot Log Book

All your pilot friends will be wanting one of these after flight school. This log book is specifically designed for pilots to keep track of flight hours, routes and aircraft information. It’s a practical gift that will definitely come in handy throughout their career.

7. Wooden World Map

The wonderful pilot in your life will love displaying this Wooden World Map proudly in their home. Reminding them of all the amazing places they have flown to in the world. This unique gift will be sure to impress and make a great conversation starter.

8. Cookie Cutter Set

Unleash their inner Mary Berry with this flying inspired cookie cutter set. What better way to spend your free time than with baking! These cookie cutters are in the shape of planes, helicopters and even a control tower. A fun and creative gift for any pilot with a sweet tooth.

9. Flight Computer

A great gift for any aviation enthusiast in flight training. This flight computer is an important tool for pilots to calculate weight and balance, fuel consumption and wind correction. Help them ace their exams with this practical gift that they will use throughout their career.

10. Aviator Sunglasses

When we think of a pilot, the first thing that comes to mind are Aviators! These iconic polarized lenses are a wardrobe staple for every pilot. Whether on or off duty, these sunglasses will always be a cool gift idea for your aviator friend.

11. Rolex GMT-Master II Watch

No matter where they are in the world or how high, they will never lose track of the time wearing this one-of-a-kind, luxurious Rolex watch. A classic timepiece that will not only impress but also serve as a thoughtful gift for any pilot.

12. Airplane Cork Screw

What better way to unwind after those long flights than with a refreshing drink? Ensure they can open their favorite bottle of wine with this novelty airplane bottle opener. A simple yet unique gift for any pilot to enjoy in their downtime.

13. Camera Drone

Flex those pilot skills (albeit on a smaller scale) with this pro camera drone. One can never have too many tech gadgets, right? Let them capture stunning aerial shots, and make their flying dreams come true with this awesome gift.

14. Personalized Airplane Hangar Sign

It doesn’t matter whether they have their own hangar or not (yet!), as this personalized sign is guaranteed to look great wherever it is displayed. This vintage style hangar sign is a unique gift idea that will make any pilot feel like a million bucks.

15. Pilot’s Handbook

A fantastic pilot gift for any budding pilot or aviation enthusiast training to fly. This handbook is filled with essential information for pilots to study and always have on hand. A thoughtful gift that will help them learn, grow and become a better pilot.

16. Airplane Mount for GoPro

Relive those thrilling flying moments again and again with this MyPilotPro GoPro camera mount, helping them to capture all the flight action in real time! A fantastic gift for any pilot who wants to document and share their adventures with friends and family. Plus, it’s compact enough to take on every flight!

17. Airplane Ice Cube Mold

Keep drinks chilled in true pilot style with these novelty airplane ice cubes. A great gift idea for any cocktail loving pilot. Plus, it’s a fun conversation starter at parties and BBQs.

18. Flight Gloves

No need to sacrifice style for comfort with these flight gloves. Perfect for any pilot needing to keep their hands warm while still having full control in the cockpit. These gloves are not only practical but also stylish and comfortable.

19. Airplane Globe Whiskey Decanter Gift Set

Elevate their next dinner party with this show stopping, unique gift. This exquisite whisky decanter shaped like a globe with an airplane stand would make a wonderful gift for the special pilot in your life. Not only is it functional, but also a beautiful centerpiece for any room.

20. Airplane Propeller Wall Decor

Make sure your favorite pilot is always on time with this unique propeller clock gift. Featuring a beautifully crafted replica of an airplane propeller with a sleek clock in the center. Perfect for pilots who love to showcase their passion for flying!

21. Flight Simulator Controls

Merge their passion for flying and gaming together with these state of the art flight simulator controls, compatible with Xbox & PC. Now they can show off their flying skills to all of their friends! A truly impressive gift for any pilot, amateur or professional.

22. Portable Phone Charger

They will never need to worry about losing contact with their loved ones simply due to a dead phone battery, with this backup battery charger in their flight bags. A practical and thoughtful gift for any pilot to have on hand during those long flights.

23. Aviator Hat and Goggles

Have some fun with your favorite pilot friend and dress them up in this old school pilot’s costume. They are sure to win best dressed at the next fancy dress party in this! A humorous gift idea that will surely make them smile.

24. Instant Photo Printer

Do they have thousands of amazing photos just sitting in their phone? Well, now they can capture their favorite memories in print with this Instant Photo Printer at their fingertips. A thoughtful gift for any pilot to have and share their adventures with others.

25. Remote Controlled Plane

Forever young, may you stay forever young! Release their inner child with this cool, remote-controlled airplane. A great gift for any pilot to have some fun and relax during their downtime.

26. Aviation Printed Coasters

Elevate their home decor with some pilot chic with these aviation inspired set of coasters. A simple yet thoughtful gift that any pilot can use and appreciate in their home or office.

27. Personalized Leather Executive Portfolio

All their essentials will be kept safely stored within this elegant leather portfolio. A great gift for any pilot to keep their documents, maps and notes organized in style. Perfect for both professional and personal use.

28. Two Way Radio

This is the perfect pilot gift, over and out! Stay connected in the air and on the ground with this two-way radio. A practical gift that will keep them connected and safe during flights.

29. Carry On Luggage

Whiz through airport security with this rolling, carry on luggage. Perfect for on the go pilots! A thoughtful gift that will make their travels a breeze. Plus, it’s durable and spacious enough to fit all their essentials.

30. Personalized Airplane Water Bottle

Make sure they hit their daily water intake, no more excuses now that they are equipped with this cool water bottle! A great gift for any pilot to use during their flights or while on the go. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

31. Portable Food Warmer

They won’t need to endure yet another cold dinner when travelling after they get this handy food warmer. A useful gift for any pilot to have on hand during those long flights. Plus, it’s compact enough to take on every flight!

32. Pilot Parking Only Sign

The best gifts for pilots are those which make them smile and this vintage sign is sure to do just that! A fun addition to any pilot’s man cave or garage. It’s not just a gift, it’s a conversation starter!

33. Aviator Teddy Bear

Who wouldn’t love this adorable teddy bear?! Sure to bring a smile to any pilot’s face, this gift is perfect for all ages. A cute and cuddly reminder of their love for flying.

34. Digital Luggage Scale

This practical gift is just what they need when packing for all their flying adventures. No more worrying about overweight baggage fees with this handy digital luggage scale. A thoughtful gift for any pilot to have in their travel arsenal.

Aviator Smartwatch

This clever smart watch not only looks good but provides all the aviation tools they’ll want right at the comfort of their wrist. What more could you ask for? A perfect gift for the tech-savvy pilot in your life.

36. Engraved Mini Notepad

The perfect place to write important information, their inner most thoughts or just the shopping list. This personalized mini notepad is a great gift for any pilot, perfect for jotting down notes while flying or on the go.

37. Travel Pillow

This soft, cozy pillow will be the first thing they pack in their flight bag. It’ll feel like sleeping on a cloud! A useful gift for any pilot to have a comfortable and restful flight.

38. Airplane Pop Up Card

Never judge a book (or card!) by its cover. Watch their eyes pop out when they see the surprise waiting inside this cool card. A fun and unique gift for any pilot that they can display proudly in their home or office.

39. LEGO Set

It’s not quite their own aircraft, but it’s the next best thing! This LEGO set will make any pilot feel like a kid again. A fun and nostalgic gift that they can proudly display in their home or office.

40. Travel Journal

Enable them to savor every single moment of their unforgettable travel adventures within this beautiful travel journal. Written memories they’ll cherish for years to come.

41. Aviation Lanyard

A perfect gift for aviation enthusiasts to wear their badges with pride. This aviation lanyard is a simple but thoughtful gift that any pilot can use and appreciate. Plus, it’s stylish too!

42. Wireless Headphones

If they are constantly on the go, they’ll appreciate an escape to drown out all the noise and unwind listening to their favorite tunes. These wireless headphones are perfect for pilots who need some peace and quiet during their travels.

43. Travel Money Belt

The perfect travel companion to keep all their prized possessions safe and secure wherever they go. This travel money belt is a practical gift for any pilot to have on hand during their adventures. Plus, it’s discreet and comfortable to wear under clothing.

44. Universal Travel Adapter

Keep them plugged in wherever they are with this universal travel adaptor. A necessary gift for any pilot to have on hand during their travels. Plus, it’s compact and compatible with outlets worldwide.

45. Wall Art

Brighten up their walls with this stunning airplane artwork. A thoughtful and unique gift that any pilot will appreciate. Plus, it’s a great conversation starter for aviation enthusiasts!


Selecting the perfect gift for pilots can seem daunting, given how specialized their profession is. However, this comprehensive list of pilot-themed gifts should make the task easier. No matter if they’re a seasoned pilot, an aviation enthusiast, or just starting their flying adventure, you’re sure to find something that will make their heart soar. Happy gifting!

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