32 Best Gifts For Outdoorsy Wife

Written by: - Last updated: December 12, 2023

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If your wife loves the idea of starting her day with an early morning outdoor adventure, be it kayaking or chasing sunrises, consider yourself lucky! You’ve got a wife who enjoys being in nature. That means gift giving occasions are opportunities to celebrate her adventurous side.

Take a moment to appreciate this, as we’re here to make your life a little easier by providing you with a list of the best gifts for outdoorsy women like yours – those who prefer the sound of birds chirping over the morning news and the rustling of trees over city traffic. So let’s get started on this adventure of shopping for wild outdoorsy gift ideas!

1. Hiking Boots

A reliable pair of hiking boots is like having a 4×4 vehicle for your wife’s feet. They will allow her to explore off the beaten path, trail inclines and navigate muddy terrain safely. These boots are not just footwear; they symbolize all weather durability, versatility across terrains and ankle support – ensuring that minor obstacles, such as gravel or slippery slopes, won’t hinder her adventurous spirit. Let’s face it; diamonds have got nothing on a pair of hiking boots!

2. Smokeless Bonfire

This isn’t your average bonfire; it’s a smokeless one! Imagine the delight of sitting around a campfire, feeling its warmth and enjoying the company, without having to deal with the discomfort of eyes or clothes smelling like smoked salmon. If your wife loves immersing herself in nature but prefers to avoid smoke, this practical gift will bring joy to her life without irritating her senses!

3. LED Camping Lights

Every adventurous woman understands the magic of the sky. What if cloudy nights prevent stargazing? Fear not! We have an alternative. LED camping lights! These are not ordinary  flashlights; they shine brightly like her adventurous spirit, illuminating even the darkest corners of the wilderness. Whether she’s setting up camp or studying a map, at dusk these lights will be her companions. The only thing that should remain in the dark is a campfire tale!

4. Hiking Pants

Denim jeans may be your wife’s favorite. They aren’t suitable for adventures in nature’s playground. Instead surprise her with lightweight hiking pants that are as ready for exploration as she is! These pants are absolutely fantastic, and will keep her feeling comfortable and stylish during her expeditions. No one should have to compromise between fashion and practicality especially when exploring the beauty of nature!

5. Sleeping Bag

Don’t let the cold nights dampen your wife’s spirit! A sleeping bag will ensure she stays cozy and warm under the skies while out in the wilderness. It’s like a cocoon shielding her from the chill and guaranteeing a good night’s sleep no matter where she ventures. This wonderful gift will make her more excited for those camping trips!

6. Water Filtration Straw

When your adventurous lady is out channeling her inner Bear Grylls, a refreshing sip of water isn’t always readily available. That’s where the Water Filtration Straw comes to the rescue. A gadget for any nature loving woman. It acts as her bodyguard protecting her from all those intruders that may try to ruin her outdoor adventure.

7. Travel Journal

For your wanderlust filled wife who’s always on the go, what could be a perfect gift than a Travel Journal? This isn’t any journal; it serves as a playground for her thoughts, travel plans, sketches and memorable snippets from her outdoor escapades. But it goes beyond being paper and ink; it becomes a cherished companion that holds all of her journeys in one place.

8. Waist Pack

Introducing the hero of travel accessories – The Waist Pack. This is not another throwback from the ’90s; it is your adventurous partner’s secret weapon. Compact, roomy this small treasure comfortably rests around her waist keeping all her essentials within reach. No more rummaging through a backpack during hikes; with this Waist Pack convenience is always at hand. From snacks to sunblock and trail maps to a first aid kit. This humble pack has space for everything.

9. Power Bank

When nature becomes your wife’s home and her smartphone is like an extension of herself, having a Power Bank becomes absolutely essential. It acts as life support for her devices ensuring that her phone, camera or GPS never run out of power when they are needed most.

No need to worry about running out of battery during those sunset shots or when navigating with GPS! 

10. Mosquito Repellent Patch

We all know that mosquitoes love the outdoors as much as your wife does. But let’s face it, nobody enjoys being their dinner! That’s where Mosquito Repellent Patches come in handy. By using these patches your wife can confidently step outside. Enjoy her adventures without worrying about becoming a mosquito buffet!

11. Handheld GPS

Say goodbye to paper maps and compasses, and say hello to the Handheld GPS! It’s time for your wife to embrace technology while exploring the outdoors. Whether she’s conquering a mountain, or exploring a forest trail, this device will ensure she stays on course. It’s like having a guide that never tires, never loses direction and certainly doesn’t say, “I believe we should have taken a left at that tree.” 

12. Bluetooth Binoculars

Take your wife’s wildlife spotting skills to new heights with a pair of Bluetooth Binoculars! These aren’t your grandmother’s binoculars; they’re a version with a technological twist. Just imagine the thrill of spotting a bird from afar and instantly sharing the excitement with nature enthusiasts through Bluetooth connectivity. So go ahead. Surprise her with these Bluetooth Binoculars and let her zoom into the heart of the wilderness!

13. Camp Chair

While the wilderness may be your wifes destination, let’s face it. Sitting on a log or boulder isn’t exactly comfortable for those campfire stories. That’s why she needs this Camp Chair; a throne fit for the queen of adventures. No more shifting and discomfort on surfaces; this chair brings back relaxation, amidst nature’s beauty. Spoil your spouse, with the Camp Chair because every nature loving wife deserves a throne in the great outdoors!

14. Quick Dry Towel

Bask in the wonders of nature without worrying about your wife’s perspiration, or getting soaked in creek water. That’s where the Quick Dry Towel comes to the rescue. This unassuming hero possesses absorbency powers and dries at lightning speed. It’s like presenting your wife with a raincloud that effortlessly absorbs moisture ensuring her comfort all day 

15. Zippo Lighter

Ignite a flame of excitement in your outdoorsy wife’s heart with something more than a flint. Enter the Zippo Lighter. It serves as the companion for those campfire nights or unforeseen situations requiring heat. Compact, stylish and built to endure it seamlessly fits into her Fanny Pack. Complements her lifestyle perfectly. Because when it comes to sparking joy nothing quite matches the reliability of a flame!

16. Climbing Shoes

For your mountain conquering partner who treats peaks as their stairmasters, consider gifting them Climbing Shoes. A connection between their feet and rocky terrain. Whether they’re scaling cliff faces or navigating landscapes, these shoes grip onto rocks like a note on a fridge door.

17. Engraved Compass

Move over GPS. There’s something timeless about navigating through the wilderness with a classic compass, especially when it’s personalized just for her. An engraved compass is not a tool for navigation; it’s a work of art that whispers tales of thrilling adventures and daring explorations. With her name or a heartfelt message delicately inscribed, this compass serves as a reminder that no matter how far she ventures she remains cherished in your heart.

18. Hiking Socks

Give a welcome to the heroes of hiking. A pair of top notch hiking socks. Say goodbye to blisters and chilly toes; these exceptional socks prioritize comfort and protection above all else. Combining durability with comfort, they’ll make your wife’s feet exclaim, “This is what true love feels like!” after an exhilarating day on the trails.

19. Telescoping Roasting Sticks

Introduce your wife to the world of delights amidst nature with a set of telescoping roasting sticks. These versatile cooking tools effortlessly transform any campfire into an outdoor kitchen, fit for feasts. Whether she desires toasted marshmallows or grilled sausages, these roasting sticks have got her covered in style. So let her embrace the thrill of her cooking adventures.

20. Shoe Deodorizer

Gone are the days when her hiking shoes doubled up as a mini bio-hazard zone! With a shoe deodorizer now, she can kick off her shoes at the end of a long trek without the fear of triggering an olfactory assault. It’s more than just a deodorizer; it’s a peace treaty between her love of the outdoors and her nose!

21. Heated Gloves

Embrace the warmth of your love even in the frostiest conditions with Heated Gloves! These aren’t ordinary gloves— they’re tiny portable fireplaces for her hands. Her fingers will be toasting comfortably with these gloves, making frostbite as irrelevant as yesterday’s snowfall. Treat her to some Heated Gloves because ‘cold hands, warm heart’ shouldn’t have to be her winter motto!

22. Phone Tripod

Have you ever watched your wife trying to balance her phone on a rock to capture that perfect wilderness shot, only to have it tumble down? Enter the Phone Tripod – the sturdy, reliable third hand she never knew she needed. This little gadget is like a dedicated photographer who’s always ready to hold her phone still to say goodbye to those blurry or off-balance photos. 

23. Inflatable Kayak

How about putting a twist on your wife’s aquatic adventures? Let her conquer the waters with an Inflatable Kayak – a watercraft as buoyant as her spirit! This isn’t your ordinary rigid kayak; it’s portable, handy, and a breeze to handle. Watch her face light up as she inflates it faster than you can say ‘rapids. Nothing spells ‘freedom’ when navigating the waters quite like a boat that fits in a bag!

24. GoPro

Capture the thrill of the wild, one frame at a time, with a GoPro! This is more than just a camera; it’s an adrenaline junkie with a lens tailor-made for your thrill-seeking wife. And with its compact size and rugged durability, it’s as ready for adventure as she is. So get her the GoPro – if a picture is worth a thousand words, then her wilderness exploits are a bestselling novel waiting to be published!

25. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

Let the rhythm of the wilderness sync with her favorite tunes with an Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker! This is no ordinary speaker; it’s the soundtrack to her adventures, transforming every campsite into a personal concert and every trail into a dance floor. It’s primed to belt out her favorite tracks whether she’s on a mountaintop or in the middle of a river.

26. Hiking Leggings

Presenting Hiking Leggings – the haute couture of the wilderness! Designed to hug her curves while giving her the flexibility to leap, climb, and stride, these leggings are the perfect blend of comfort and style – because who said you can’t be both mountain-ready and runway-worthy? 

27. Travel Coffee Press

Introducing the Travel Coffee Press. The companion for any coffee loving adventurer! It’s portable, sturdy and incredibly easy to use, making sure she always has access to hot coffee no matter where she wanders. With this press in her backpack she can enjoy her brew amidst breathtaking landscapes, turning every morning into a delightful coffee celebration.

28. Travel Yoga Mat

The ultimate companion for your wife who finds solace in nature and can’t resist a yoga session! This Travel Yoga Mat is her passport to tranquility. Designed to roll up into her backpack and effortlessly unfold into her Zen zone whenever she desires. Lightweight enough to accompany her on all expeditions, tough enough to endure them.

29. Picnic Blanket

This Picnic Blanket is a paradise for your nature loving wife! It allows her to indulge in al fresco dining without worrying about grass stains on sandwiches. This picnic blanket is like the pairing of cheese and wine. Essential! Unfold it beneath a leafy tree or on a beach, and witness as it magically transforms into her private dining area with a breathtaking view.

30. Hiking Candle

Illuminate her evenings in the wilderness with a Hiking Candle. A must have for any wife who loves nature. Its scent delicately whispers of forests and fresh open air, serving as a love letter to the great outdoors. Surprise her with the Hiking Candle to ensure that romance never fades away amidst landscapes!

31. Satellite Communicator

For the wife who fearlessly explores territories, there’s no gift better than a Satellite Communicator. With this device tucked safely into her backpack, she’ll always be one button away from assistance no matter where on Earth she finds herself. And let’s be honest; it can also come in for you to remind her to bring those crucial smores ingredients from all her mountain escapades.

32. Shewee

Allow us to introduce you to the Shewee. One of our gift recommendations, for women who refuse to let nature’s call interrupt their outdoor adventures! With a Shewee tucked away in her backpack she can readily embrace the call of the wild without any hesitation. This nifty device is compact, hygienic and as essential as a compass when venturing into territories.


Outdoor loving women shouldn’t be confined to any stereotypes or limited gift options! Whether it’s gear that amplifies her experiences, like a kayak or GoPro camera, or practical gifts that add comfort and joy to her journeys like a picnic blanket or travel coffee press.

Each gift idea on our curated list has been thoughtfully selected with outdoor enthusiasts in mind. So go ahead and celebrate her spirit with these top notch outdoor gifts that convey “I understand your passion and cherish you for it!”

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