49 Best Gifts For Hairdressers

Written by: - Last updated: May 31, 2024

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We all know finding the best hairdresser to style your hair can be a real challenge. But once you have found them you won’t want to let them go! You will want to keep your hairdresser happy, as you know they can transform your whole look with one snip of their scissors. Eek!

We have found the best gifts for hairdressers suitable for any budget. Whether it be for the upcoming holiday season, their birthday or just a personal thank you for all that they do!

So chop chop! There’s no time like the present to get the most perfect gift for your beloved hairdresser.

1. Bluetooth Speaker

Whether it be party jams or ocean sounds, they’ll find the right sound for their hair salon with this bluetooth speaker. It’s a practical gift that will make their workday more enjoyable!

2. Mannequin Head

Practice makes perfect! They’ll certainly be able to do plenty of that using this mannequin head. They’ll be able to experiment with new trends and techniques, keeping their skills sharp.

3. Scissors Shape Earring

This gorgeous piece of jewelry will make the perfect gift for your favorite hairstylist. The scissors shape makes it a fun and unique accessory that they can wear at work or out on the town.

4. Salon Trolley

The perfect way to keep their tools organized. Every good hair salon needs one of these! This trolley is practical, stylish and will make their workday a lot easier.

5. Welcome Sign

Now they can greet their customers in the salon with a warm welcome with this neon shop sign. A great addition to any salon, it’s sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face.

6. Thinning Scissors

These professional thinning scissors are a must have for all hair stylists. They will help achieve the perfect cut and make their job a lot easier.

7. Hair Salon Chair

Be warned, clients may not want to leave the hair salon after they relax back into this comfortable salon chair. A great investment for any hairdresser who wants to provide a high-quality service to their clients.

8. Salon Cape

No one likes hair stuck to their clothes. That’s why this salon cape is essential in every hair salon. It’s stylish, comfortable and will keep their clothes clean while they work.

9. Photo Album

This photo album is a great idea to showcase all the different hair styles they have created or to simply fill with all the great memories of their stylist days. It’s also a great way to get inspiration for future hairdos.

10. Detangler Hairbrush

Say goodbye to those pesky knots! These detangling brushes will be a real treat to use on any of their customers’ hair. They’ll appreciate the extra care and love that goes into detangling each strand.

11. Scissors Holder Case

Be their Marie Kondo and help to declutter their personal work space with this scissors holder case. It’s practical and will make their hair styling experience more efficient. They’ll thank you for it!

12. Professional Hair Clips

Tame those unruly strands with these handy hair clips. They are perfect for styling and coloring hair, ensuring that every strand is in place. A practical gift for any hairdresser.

13. Appointment Book

They’ll never lose track of all their appointment times with this organizer. It’s a great gift for those hairdressers who are always on top of their game and have a busy schedule.

14. Massage Gun

Give them some much deserved TLC, after hours spent on their feet, with this massager gun. It’s a gift that will help them unwind and relax after a long day at the salon.

15. Bubble Curling Wand

They’ll be able to create many fun styles with ease using this great bubble curling wand. It’s a tool that will definitely help bring out their creative side.

16. Hair Dryer Chair

Upgrade their hair drying game with this professional hair dryer chair. It’s comfortable, adjustable and will give their clients a premium experience. A gift that will surely be appreciated.

17. Hand Mirror

Clients will be able to admire their new style with a smile looking through this hand held mirror. A great addition to any hairdresser’s styling kit.

18. Hand Lotion

They’ll be known as the hairdresser with the softest hands in town using this luxurious hand lotion set. A practical and thoughtful gift that will keep their hands moisturized and smelling lovely.

19. Shampoo Bowl Sink

Show your support for their budding business by gifting them the best tools they need to get going. This shampoo bowl sink is perfect for washing hair comfortably and in style.

20. Face Mask

Keep those germs at bay with this printed face covering. It’ll not only keep them safe but also look chic while working at their salon.

21. Hair Color Book

The perfect gift for every hairdresser wanting to expand their knowledge and improve their hair dye services. This hair color book is a great way to learn and experiment with new techniques.

22. Bath Bombs

Gift them a little something to unwind and relax after a long day in the salon. These bath bombs will add a touch of luxury to their self-care routine.

23. Curling Wand

If only it was as easy as waving their magic wand to create those magnificent curls. With this curling wand, they’ll be able to make any client’s hair dreams come true.

24. Full Length Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the best hairstylist of them all? They’ll be able to see their own reflection in all its glory with this full length mirror. A great way to make sure every hairdo is on point.

25. Cosmetic Organizer

This large, multifunctional storage bag would put Mary Poppins to shame. It can hold all of their hair tools, cosmetics and other supplies. A great gift for the organized (or disorganized) hairdresser.

26. Vacuum Cleaner

Save them hours of sweeping hair with this powerful vacuum cleaner. This gift may just earn you a free haircut!

27. Welcome Mat

Roll out the red carpet, or welcome mat in this case, for all their wonderful customers. This mat is a great way to add a touch of personality to their salon and make everyone feel welcomed.

28. Hair Dryer

The ultimate hair tool for all hairdressers. This hair dryer is compact, lightweight and powerful. Give the gift of salon quality blowouts with this must-have tool.

29. Reception Desk

Furnish their salon to the highest standard with this stylish, professional reception desk. It’s the perfect place to greet clients and keep their salon organized.

30. Saddle Stool

Save them from years of back pain with this ergonomic stool. Designed to correct posture and provide a comfortable position whilst they work their hair magic. A gift that will truly be appreciated.

31. Personalized Tumbler

This beautifully engraved tumbler is sure to bring a smile to their faces. Keep their drinks hot or cold while they work, and add a personal touch with their name on it.

32. Makeup Bag

I woke up like this, I woke up like this! Now they can look flawless wherever they go carrying all their makeup and skin care in this trusty bag. A great gift for the beauty enthusiast.

33. Salon Towels

Treat them and their clients to the softest, most luxurious towels around. A great essential to any salon and a gift that will make them feel pampered.

34. Key Chain

A fun way to express your gratitude to your special stylist. A cute keychain that’ll remind them of how amazing they are, every time they reach for their keys.

35. Hairdresser Tool Apron

They won’t need to worry about misplacing their valuable tools whilst wearing this functional salon apron. It’s a gift that will make their work day much more efficient.

36. Sterilizer

An essential piece of equipment to use in every salon, especially in this day and age. Help them maintain high standards of hygiene and keep their tools clean with this must-have sterilizer.

37. Bracelet

Who doesn’t love jewelry? This unique scissor and comb bracelet would make a perfect gift for your favorite hairstylist to wear with pride.

38. Salon Wall Art

Who needs Picasso when you can have this beautiful hair inspired wall art! It’s a great way to add some personality and inspiration to any salon.

39. Business Books

Keep them motivated and inspired to become the best hairdresser in the world with these compelling books. A gift that will help them take their business to the next level.

40. Foot Spa

There’s no better feeling after a day spent on your feet than a relaxing soak in this foot spa. Give the gift of pampering and self-care to your hardworking hairdresser.

41. Rose Spray Bottle

If they’re a fan of fine wine, then they’ll love this Champagne inspired spray bottle. This funny, unique gift is sure to turn heads at their next appointment.

42. Hair Dryer Holder Rack

A clear work space is a clear mind. That’s exactly why this organizer is the perfect gift! It’ll hold their hair dryer, brushes and other tools while they work their magic on clients.

43. Silk Pillowcase

Say goodbye to bed head and hello to luxuriously, silky locks with this silk pillowcase. It’s the perfect gift for any hairdresser who wants to keep their own hair looking fabulous as well.

44. Wine Glass

What’s better after a long day than a refreshing drink in the most perfect wine glass. They’ll thank you later.

45. Coffee Mug

Perk up their morning coffee routine with this funny, hairdresser inspired mug. It’s sure to bring a smile to their face and get them ready for another busy day at the salon.

46. Hair Towel Wrap

Time is precious, right? So let’s not waste any more time getting ready every morning, and cut hair drying time in half with this ingenious microfibre wrap towel. A gift that will be appreciated every day.

47. Sneakers

Their feet will be screaming with joy after wearing these uber comfortable, yet stylish sneakers. Perfect for a long day spent on their feet in the salon.

48. Hair Diffuser

Banish those frizzy curls and revitalize those bouncy locks with this universal hair diffuser. An essential part of any curly hair routine.

49. Business Cards

You love your hairdresser and you want the whole world to know about it with these business cards! Help them promote their business and reach more clients with this thoughtful gift.


The salon experience goes beyond just a haircut. It’s the personal touch from the stylist, the comfortable salon chair, the efficiency of the tools, and even the trivial banter that contributes to the overall experience. These gifts are not just tools of the trade, but enhancements to the salon experience. After all, magic happens when the cape goes on, and who doesn’t want to be part of that spellbinding journey?

So, let’s raise a toast (or a hairdryer) to the hair stylists who make us all look good. Here’s to the good, the bad, and the “hair-raising” days. After all, as they say, “Life isn’t perfect, but your hair can be!”

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