28 Best Gifts For Ex Wife

Written by: - Last updated: May 31, 2024

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Let’s navigate the waters of gift-giving after a divorce with a selection of tasteful presents that won’t ignite any sparks. Who says you can’t turn those lemons into a sweet surprise? Follow me as I dive into the art of gifting for an ex wife, where peace offerings meet style and substance.

1. Digital Picture Frame

This digital photo frame isn’t just a place to showcase pictures; it’s a testament to your memories. It’s a modern gift that beautifully displays the past, present, and future.

2. Programmable Coffee Machine

Help her start her mornings off right with this coffee maker. With its user settings, it ensures she’ll always have a steaming cup of coffee waiting when she needs it. It’s more than a coffee machine; it shows that you still care about her comfort and convenience.

3. Humorous “Last Nerve” Candle

Bring some laughter into her life with the “Last Nerve” candle. It adds a touch of humor while acknowledging the ups and downs of your life together. This scented candle fills the room with a soothing fragrance, bringing a smile to her face with its tagline. It’s a combination of playfulness and charm, making it a delightful gift that brings joy and brightness.

4. Projection Picture Necklace

This one of a kind necklace holds a secret – it projects a heartwarming message or a cherished image. During the day, it’s a beautiful accessory. At night, it transforms into an intimate way to connect on a personal level. It’s the clever way to express sentiments that words may fall short.

5. Personalized Wall Art Photo Canvas

Transforming memories into artwork is made possible by this personalized wall art photo canvas. Choose an image that holds meaning, such as one featuring your children or her family. This sentimental gift will brighten her home and bring warmth to her heart.

6. The Office Dundie Award

Fans of “The Office” will adore this Dundie Award. It adds some lighthearted fun to her home office. A reminder of shared laughter and inside jokes – a gesture for fostering peace and harmony. Just what we all need!

7. Electric Wine Opener

Any wine lover would consider this electric wine opener a trusted tool in their collection. Combining style and functionality this wine bottle opener allows your ex wife to effortlessly open a bottle of her favorite refreshment with a press of a button. I mean, she may need a large glass after all the time she put up with you. Just joking (a little)!

8. Home Wall Sign

A wall sign that says “Home” adds warmth and welcoming vibes to her own space. It’s a meaningful gift that can transform any room into a cozy haven.

9. World’s Greatest Ex Wife Mug

When it comes to warming the heart nothing beats sipping on a steaming cup of coffee from a mug that appreciates her. This playful “World’s Greatest Ex Wife” mug celebrates your relationship in a fun and light hearted way. It serves as a reminder that despite everything, you still recognize her greatness.

10. A New Chapter Morse Code Necklace

The Morse code necklace is a subtle symbol of beginnings. It represents strength and resilience, honoring her ability to move forward in life. Crafted from high quality materials it serves as the inspiration as she embarks on a chapter.

11. Car Diffuser

Long drives can be more refreshing with this car diffuser. It fills the vehicle with her favorite scents, turning stressful traffic into a rejuvenating experience. Well, we like to think so!

12. Old Keys Won’t Open New Doors Keychain

“Old Keys Won’t Open New Doors” keychain – a practical accessory that is more than meets the eye. It’s a symbolic reminder to embrace change and progress. This makes it an ideal gift for your ex wife especially if she’s always on the move and ready to embark on new adventures….without you obviously.

13. Soundwave Art

For a cool way to express your feelings, why not try soundwave art? It transforms messages or music into captivating artwork, allowing you to convey sentiments in an innovative manner. This personalized gift combines creativity and emotion, making it the perfect gift or something to remember you by.

14. Journal

If you’re looking for something that promotes reflection and self expression consider gifting your ex wife a journal. With its stunning design, it becomes a sanctuary where she can pour out her thoughts, dreams and memories. It’s more than pages; it’s an invitation to honor and encourage her journey.

15. Smart Speaker

To add some joy to her life, surprise her with a smart speaker. Not only does it deliver sound quality but it also boasts intelligent features that allow control over other smart devices. Perfect for the ex wife who loves music!

16. Bath Bombs

These luxurious bath bombs can turn a bath into a spa-like experience. Infused with soothing aromas, they are perfect for helping your ex wife unwind and indulge in some self care. It’s a nice gift that shows you still care about her well being.

17. Instant Pot

If you were always the one who cooked during your time together, then an Instant Pot is one of the best gifts you can buy for your ex wife! This versatile kitchen gadget is like having a chef at her fingertips. It simplifies cooking, allows her to prepare meals with ease even if you’re not there to cook for her anymore.

18. TV Streaming Stick

Give her the gift of entertainment with this TV streaming stick. She can easily access a variety of movies, TV shows, and music services right from the comfort of her home without anyone complaining about what you are watching. Now, no more fighting over the remote!

19. Finally Divorce Card

Add some humor to a difficult situation with this ‘Finally Divorce’ card. It offers a witty way of acknowledging the end of one chapter and embracing new beginnings. This thoughtful, and perhaps cheeky, gesture perfectly showcases your playful side and the mutual respect you have for one another despite no longer being married. .

20. Novelty Wine Glass

Brighten up her day once more with this fun novelty wine glass! Whether she enjoys wine or any other beverage for that matter, it’s sure to bring a smile to her face whenever she uses it.

21. Cheeky T-shirt

Looking for a gift that will bring some fun and laughter to your ex wife’s life now that you’re out the picture? How, about a novelty tshirt that will surely put a smile on her face? A great gift which combines comfort with humor, ideal for someone who loves to laugh in the face of hardship.

22. Kitchen Knife Set

If she’s into cooking, consider gifting her with a top notch kitchen knife set. It’s the perfect gift for any culinary enthusiast inspiring her to whip up delightful dishes while adding style to her new kitchen. This gift perfectly acknowledges her passion for cooking.

23. Smart Watch

For the tech savvy ex wife, why not surprise her with a smartwatch? It’s not only a stylish accessory but also a powerful gadget that tracks fitness, manages notifications, and even controls smart home devices. It’s the greatest gadget for someone who loves staying connected and embracing technology.

24. Robot Vacuum

If you want to make her life easier a robot vacuum would be a brilliant choice. This handy device takes care of cleaning tasks so she can spend time on activities she truly enjoys. By giving this present you’ll show your thoughtfulness towards her well being and cleanliness!

25. Smart Reader

If your ex wife is an avid reader, this reader is a perfect post split present. With access to countless books at the touch of a button, it’s like her very own library!

26. Instant Camera

An instant camera is a sentimental gift that allows her to capture life’s moments in an instant. It’s a thoughtful token that enables her to create tangible memories with or without you, combining the charm of the past with technology.

27. Tea Infuser

For the tea lover, this tea infuser is a must. It ensures an exquisite brew every time. It’s a simple but thoughtful gift that recognizes her love for a good cup of tea.

28. Holographic Purse

This iridescent handbag is a stylish accessory for someone with great fashion sense like your ex wife! It’s versatile, fashionable and adds an element of fun to any outfit. A gift that demonstrates your understanding and appreciation for her style.


Parting ways doesn’t mean erasing the bond you once shared. Choosing a gift for your ex wife signifies respect and gratitude for the past while acknowledging the beginning of new paths. In the end, the ideal present is the one that conveys a message of wishes expressing hopes for her happiness and achievements in all her future pursuits.

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