11 Gifts For Card Players

Written by: - Last updated: December 12, 2023

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Looking for the gifts for the card players in your life can sometimes feel like trying to count cards at a high stakes poker table in Vegas. Don’t worry, gift givers! 

We’ve taken the time to go through all the possibilities. Gathered some ideas that will make your card playing friends and family shout “Gin!” with joy. Get ready to bring delight with these gift ideas for card players.

1. Playing Card Bottle Opener

Have you ever experienced the excitement of pulling out the ace card from a deck? Now imagine combining that feeling with the sound of opening your drink. Introducing the Playing Card Bottle Opener. A game changer for both card enthusiasts and party goers. Whether its poker nights or outdoor picnics, this unique bottle opener is like having an ace up your sleeve. So why take chances on gifts when you can have a winning hand with a Playing Card Bottle Opener?

2. Full Poker Set

If you know someone who truly loves playing their cards there’s no better gift than a complete Poker Set. This is an invitation to host unforgettable card nights, providing an opportunity to unwind and enjoy some fun times. Whether skillfully bluffing to victory or gracefully folding early, a Full Poker Set ensures that they can do it in style. This gift might even tempt someone to trade their house for a poker set!

3. Gold Deck of Cards

For the avid card player who already holds all the winning cards, a Gold Deck of Cards is truly a gift that stands above the rest. It adds an opulent twist to their pastime. Each card is adorned with a layer of gold elevating every turn, trick and triumph into something monumental. Ideal for those who appreciate a touch of luxury while playing their flush. A game with these cards will be worth its weight in gold. Now that’s what I call playing with style!

4. Silver Ace of Spades Ring

If you know someone who loves playing cards and also enjoys wearing jewelry pieces, then the Silver Ace of Spades Ring is definitely worth considering. Designed in the shape of the Ace of Spades card, it serves as both a fashionable accessory and an intriguing conversation starter at any card game. The Silver Ace of Spades Ring showcases a design that exudes a passion for card games in a luxurious manner. 

5. Casino Coasters

When it comes to keeping tables tidy and maintaining poker face cleanliness, nothing beats a set of Casino Coasters. Like pocket aces during the final round of poker, these coasters become invaluable when things start to heat up. So why take chances with coffee rings when you can confidently rely on Casino Coasters? 

6. Cribbage Board Game

For card players seeking to settle scores, Cribbage Board Games are the solution you’ve been searching for. This game board isn’t your typical cribbage set; it’s a battle of intellect, strategy and luck all compacted into one beautifully crafted board. This gift is a way to show your respect, friendship and excitement to crush them in a fun game of cribbage. Because what says ‘love’ better than some competition?

7. Royal Flush Pendant Necklace

If you’re looking for something stylish consider this Royal Flush Pendant Necklace. This elegant piece of jewelry adds sparkle to any outfit. Also symbolizes their dedication and skill in card playing. Every time they wear it they’ll be reminded of the thrill of victory and the satisfaction that comes with a well played game. Whether they’re going in at the blackjack table or enjoying a casual card game with friends, this necklace is always a winning choice.

8. Queen of Hearts Poster

For those who truly rule over their kingdom of hearts, the Queen of Hearts Poster is a must have decoration. Hang it proudly on their wall as a declaration of their sovereignty in card games. It’s not art; it’s an homage to their favorite pastime and showcases their regal nature. A Queen of Hearts Poster would make an excellent gift idea that will surely make them exclaim, “Long live the Queen!”

9. Automatic Card Shuffler

Enjoy the excitement of shuffling cards without any hassle with an Automatic Card Shuffler. For card enthusiasts who may not be skilled at shuffling or prefer someone else shuffling for their games, this is the perfect solution! Say goodbye to mixing up decks and effortlessly bring fun to game nights with a press of a button. Transform their game nights into something of Las Vegas.

10. Playing Cards Shot Glasses

Take their card games to new heights with these Playing Cards Shot Glasses. These aren’t your ordinary shot glasses. These “juiced up jokers” can turn any card night into a celebration! Ideal for those who appreciate having friends and enjoying times together. This gift ensures that the fun never stops when the cards are dealt.

11. Giant playing cards

For card enthusiasts who believe that bigger is better, consider gifting them a set of Giant Playing Cards. These oversized versions of cards add a twist to their regular game nights, perfect for those who never do anything halfway. So why settle for small when you can go big with Giant Playing Cards? This gift screams “take risks” and guarantees truly massive game nights!


This awesome gift guide offers something for every card lover, whether they prefer Blackjack, Bridge or even a simple game of Go Fish. The gifts mentioned here take the card playing experience to another level. From tools like an Automatic Card Shuffler or Casino Coasters, to stylish accessories such as the Silver Ace of Spades Ring or the Royal Flush Pendant Necklace.

No matter what kind of game or player you’re dealing with, these gifts designed for card players are guaranteed to bring joy, style and memorable moments to their ultimate pastime. So make sure you choose wisely and give them a gift that’s a safe bet.

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