32 Best Gifts For Barbers

Written by: - Last updated: January 16, 2024

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Looking for cool gifts for your favorite barber? Not only do they keep your hair looking fresh. They’re also like a friend, counselor and life coach.

So what can you get them to show your appreciation? Check out our list of the gifts for barbers! With any of these presents you’ll definitely become their best client.

1. Large Razor Blade Pendant Necklace

Help them make a fashion statement with a punk rock inspired necklace. This edgy design pays homage to their profession. This will surely make other barbers jealous.

2. Clipper Tray Organizer

Keep them organized with a clipper tray that has compartments for all their essentials. Clipper guards, brushes, combs and scissors. They won’t remember how they managed without it!

3. Fine Mist Spray Bottle

Why not consider gifting them some tools that will come in handy every day? One practical gift idea is a fine mist spray bottle. This versatile tool is perfect for dampening hair before cutting or styling. It can hold any liquid needed for their hairstyling techniques.You might even get a fresh new haircut in return! 

4. Lint Roller

Another thoughtful gift is a lint roller. After spending hours cutting hair your favorite barber will surely appreciate this tool to keep their clothes looking impeccable. It easily picks up the hairs and can be conveniently stored in their salon or carried along wherever they go.

5. Scented Candles

To create a soothing atmosphere in their barbershop consider gifting scented candles. These candles can help transform the space into an oasis where customers feel relaxed and stress free while getting their haircut. It’s like bringing a touch of paradise to their work environment!

6. Shaving Kit

For the ultimate shaving experience, surprise them with a luxury shaving kit. This comprehensive set includes everything they could possibly need for beard trims, fades and close shaves. It’s truly every barber’s dream come true!

7. Barber Carrying Case

Since barbers are always on the move, why not gift them with an stylish carrying case? This practical accessory allows them to transport all their tools easily while keeping everything organized and secure during travel or hair emergencies.

8. Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

Say goodbye to boring coffee mornings with a stainless steel thermos. Start their day right with a steaming cup of their beverage in style whether at work or on the go.

9. Beard Straightener

Calling all barbers! They need to get your hands on a beard straightener. It’s a tool for styling the beards and keeping up with the latest grooming trends.

10. Standing Comfort Mat

After spending long hours standing, every barber deserves some needed relief. Show your barber some love by giving them a standing mat that will give their legs a break.

11. Novelty Socks

Looking for a fun and stylish gift? Upgrade their sock game with some novelty socks. The unique designs will surely make their clients smile and let them showcase their personality through their outfit.

12. Safety Razor

Achieve that polished look every time with a safety razor. It’s not about getting a shave but also adding that extra touch of precision to their grooming routine. This razor is perfect for achieving clean lines and edges due to its lightweight user design.

13. Hand Cream

Give your barber friends the softest hands by gifting them this soothing hand cream. It not only  moisturizes their skin. Also keeps their hard working hands looking youthful and healthy.

14. Personalized Coffee Mug

Add a touch of personality to your gift with a customized coffee mug guaranteed to brighten up their mornings. Coffee has never tasted so good!

15. Kids Booster Seat

Working with children becomes a breeze with a kids booster seat. A tool that gives barbers the confidence to cater to families and broaden their clientele. They’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness in supporting their growing business.

16. Hair Clippers

No barber is complete without their set of high quality hair clippers. Give them these clippers enabling them to create some of the hottest looks around.

17. Trainers

Comfort meets style with trainers that are both fashionable and comfortable. Your barber will appreciate having these shoes since they spend all day on their feet.

18. Barber Business Book

For aspiring barbers or those in the profession, a book about the business of being a barber is a read that supports their ambitions. A business book can be a great gift to give, providing a boost and helping them achieve greater success.

19. Wall Clock

Consider this wall clock with its eye-catching design that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention at their Barbers shop. Not will it add a touch of style. It will also help them stay on schedule. Although we can’t make any guarantees.

20. Scalp Massager

After taking care of others all day it’s time for your Barber to indulge in some self care. Treat them with a scalp massager that provides comfort with minimal effort. It’s truly a win-win situation

21. Styling Comb and Brush Set

Made from high quality materials a luxury brush set is an excellent gift idea for any barber. With this comb and brush set styling becomes effortless and essential for creating the best look.

22. UV Sterilizer

For every beauty there owning a UV sterilizer is absolutely crucial equipment. Keeping their tools safe and clean is essential for barbers to provide a top service to their clients.

23. Hair Tool Holder

A hair tool holder is an ideal gift idea as it keeps all their treasured hair styling tools organized, neat and easily accessible

24. Hair Styling Wax

Wax on or wax off? Now that is the question! Treat your Barber to some premium styling wax so they can create the ultimate look. And it will last for days, not hours.

25. Barber Pole Cufflinks

Smarten up any outfit with these fun barber pole cufflinks. Perfect for adding a bit of barber flair to formal wear.

26. Mustache Wax

The almighty mustache has made a real comeback, and we can see why! Keep their glorious facial hair in check with this excellent styling wax.

27. Espresso Machine

Take their coffee obsession to the next level with their Espresso machine. Now they can enjoy a steaming cup of fuel anytime and save money. Life changing!

28. Barber Cape

Who says only superheroes can have capes?! Now your Barber can look the part of an actual superhero with this stylish cape.

29. Barber Apron

Keep their tools close to hand in this professional Barber’s apron. So comfortable to wear all day, they’ll never want to take it off!

30. Shaving Gel

Give their beautiful skin some much-needed TLC with this soothing shave gel. A barber essential, they will appreciate this thoughtful gift every time.

31. Shaving Brush

Give your Barber a luxurious shaving brush to take their grooming routine to the next level. Tickle their faces with this luxuriously soft shaving brush. Bound to be a hit with any barber and their clients!

32. Robot Vacuum

No need for hours and hours of sweeping once they have this robot vacuum. Cleaning the Barber shop has never been easier! Hip, hip, hooray! With this automated cleaning tool, they can enjoy more time doing what matters most!


No matter what style or preference a barber has, our list of the gifts for barbers offers something for everyone. From safety razors and personalized bobblehead figures to robotic vacuums and posture correctors, these gifts are guaranteed to bring joy and excitement.

Whether they are new in the business, or have been serving customers for years, these thoughtful presents will show your appreciation for their work. It’s time to make your favorite barber feel valued by giving them a gift that reflects how much you care!

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