32 Best Gifts For Actors

Written by: - Last updated: December 12, 2023

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‘To be, or not to be? That is the question.’ Or is it?

Is it not ‘Where to find the best gifts for actors’? Well, if so, we have the answer right here!

We have searched high and low to curate the ultimate gift guide fit for every actor in your life! Whether they are an aspiring actor or professional thespians, you will find something to suit even the most discerning taste. So keep on scrolling to see for yourself!

1. Green Screen Backdrop

A green screen would make a great gift for any of your acting friends to showcase their creativity for their next audition tape. Gone are the days of scouting for the best location with this simple backdrop. Genius!

2. Healthy Snacks Care Package

Many actors spend much time away from home traveling for their beloved work, so maintaining a healthy routine can be challenging. Why not show how much you care by giving them the ultimate healthy package? Perfect for any on-the-go actor!

3. All-in-One Printer

You may think being an actor is all glitz and glamor, but it’s like running your own business! That’s why this all-in-one printer will make a fantastic gift to prepare them for countless auditions, with resumes, headshots, scripts, etc, all printed to perfection.

4. Microphone for Smartphone

They’ll be ready with a high-quality microphone for their smartphones whenever inspiration strikes. Perfect for self-taping their auditions on the go.

5. Humidifier

Having a sore, dry throat before a job is any actor’s worst nightmare. Use a humidifier to keep their precious vocal cords happy and healthy with the most optimal air quality. The humidifier will not only relieve their dry throat. Still, it will also help clear nasal congestion and soothe dry skin and eyes. Sounds great to us!

6. Movie Director’s Clapboard

Lights, camera, action! Bring a touch of showbiz glamor into their home or office with an iconic Director’s Clapboard. The perfect showpiece for professional actors’ homes.

7. Vocal Training

Help to keep their instrument in top form with the aid of an innovative vocal training tool. This will help improve their vocal range and give them the tools to bring out their inner diva. Actors know how important it is to look and feel their best when they step on set. Show your support with this fantastic gift idea!

8. Gold Award Trophy

Every aspiring actor dreams of the day when they will finally win their very own Oscar. Well, the wait is over! This gold award trophy is as good as the real thing…well, almost!

9. Theatre Wall Art

Jazz up their walls with some movie theater-inspired artwork! The stunning wall art will make any room look like the inside of a real theatre. The perfect gift for an actor, bringing some pizazz to their everyday life. What’s not to love?

10. Exercise Bands

After a nerve-wracking audition, one of the best ways to destress and improve their mood is with a great workout. Exercise bands are just perfect for at-home training.

11. Digital Voice Recorder

A digital voice recorder is an excellent gift for your actor friend. They can easily record their rehearsal sessions and listen back to practice their lines at home.

12. Special Skills Training Book

Why not truly equip your actor friend with the skills they need for their career? A book about special skills will help them reach their full potential. Now they can add another skill to their growing acting resume. You never know; this may help them land their dream role in that incredible period drama!

13. Charm Bracelet

Bring a smile to your favorite actor’s face with a beautiful drama mask charm bracelet. Let them carry a reminder of their passion everywhere they go.

14. Lunchbox

After a long day of audiences all over town, they’ll have built up quite the appetite. There’s nothing quite like a delicious, home-cooked lunch to look forward to in an insulated lunchbox. Yummy!

15. Be A Broadway Star Board Game

Showcase those acting skills at the following games night, playing a fun theater board game. This game is perfect for those who want to work up from the chorus line to become a Broadway Star! Break a leg (not literally)!

16. Digital Notebook

Actors lead hectic lives. So why not help your friend get organized? They’ll always keep track of their busy schedules with a digital notebook to hand.

17. Metal Phone Tripod Mount

Show your support for their acting career by gifting them the right equipment to get ahead. A Metal Phone Tripod Mount will allow them to easily create their next self-taped audience reel.

18. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

What better way to start the day than with a hot cup of coffee in their favorite mug! A camera-shaped lens mug will make an excellent gift for the actor in your life. It’s perfect for those long days on set or rehearsals.

19. Books about Acting

Whether they are an aspiring actor eager to develop their craft or a professional wanting a good read, a classic acting book is the perfect gift. There are plenty to choose from Audition by Michael Shurtleff to The Power of the Actor by Ivana Chubbuck.

20. Vintage Clock

They’ll never miss a vital casting director meeting with a beautiful, vintage-style clock by their bedside. This gift will remind them to stay on top of their busy days and add Hollywood glamor to their bedroom decor.

21. Tripod

Whether they need to take a new headshot or self tape their next audition, a handy tripod will guarantee they capture the right angle every time.

22. Resume Paper

They will undoubtedly impress the casting director at their next audition with the finest resume they’ve ever seen! Help them stand out from the crowd with some high-quality resume paper.

23. Studio Recording Kit

For all those self tape auditions, your actor friend will need all the right equipment to produce the best quality audition they possibly can. A studio recording bundle would give them all the tools they need for their flourishing career. You never know. You may get a mention in their Oscar’s acceptance in return!

24. Acting Journal

The acting business can be hard work; there’s so much to do and learn in a short space of time. A journal will be the perfect space to help them organize their thoughts, take notes and keep up with their busy schedules.

25. Theatre Masks Keychain

The best gift ideas are those with a personal touch. That’s why a fun theater mask keychain is a great way to remind your actor friend that they will always have your support. It’s the perfect token of friendship for any actor or actress!

26. Backpack

Never leave home without all their essentials safely packed in a stylish backpack. The perfect accessory to their busy lifestyle.

27. Headphones

Whether party jams or acting audiobooks, your favorite actor can easily drown out all that competition and unwind between takes with awesome headphones.

28. Business Card Case

Have their details ready at every possible acting opportunity with a sleek business card case. They’ll never leave home without it!

29. Posture Corrector

Acting work can be exhausting, and investing in their self-care should be a priority. Relieve their achy shoulders and back with this posture corrector. Say goodbye to back pain and hello to better posture than the queen!

30. Projector

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the cinematic experience in the comfort of your own home with an excellent home projector. Perfect for watching movies to practice their craft or having fun with their friends!

31. Filmmaker Necktie

They’ll certainly stand out in style wearing a film-printed necktie at their next event. It will be the perfect accessory to their Hollywood glamour look.

32. Lighting Kit

Their smile lights up every room they enter, but it may not necessarily reflect on camera. Please give them a helping hand with a lighting kit. This will ensure their acting portfolio looks as good as possible and gives them the edge at their next audition.


Gifting an actor is a great way to show your support for their craft and help them stay motivated in the industry. Whether it’s something practical like a wireless microphone or digital camera or something truly special such as a Rolex watch, plenty of gifts will make any budding actor feel appreciated and valued.

So why not treat someone you know with one of these fantastic gifts and give them the tools they need to reach their acting goals?

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