15 Happy Father’s Day Wishes For Son

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Traditionally, Father’s Day wishes are sent from children to their Dads on their special day of the year. In recent times, however, the roles have flipped a little and it’s becoming increasingly common for parents to send loving Father’s Day messages to their sons.

It also opens the door to a few cheeky digs and wisecracks about the trials and tribulations of fatherhood, because after all, what’s a good Father’s Day message without a little humor?

So if you’re looking for a Father’s Day wish to give to your Son this Father’s Day, keep on reading!

Inspirational Father’s Day Wishes For Son

  1. Happy Father’s Day Wishes to you on this beautiful occasion, Son. Here are a few pieces of advice for you now that you have become a Dad yourself:
  • A child is the greatest gift you will receive. Cherish them with all your love unconditionally.
  • When your children are in need, drop everything. No matter what else you have going on, nothing is more important than their well-being and happiness.
  • Put family first before anything else; everything else will fall into place just as it should. 
  1. A wonderful Dad always puts their kids first, regardless of what happens. They always know how to fix the situation when their little one is in need. Whether it’s finding the right words to say when they are upset or jumping into action and taking part in activities when they want to play, even if you’re flat-out tired. Undoubtedly, you’ll always do a fantastic job as the best Father and a great role model for the next generation. Have a very happy Father’s Day.
  1. If you are lucky enough to bring life into this world you are considered to be truly blessed. Not everyone is fortunate enough to realize their dream of parenthood. So for those of us who do, it’s important to give thanks for this wonderful opportunity to become the primary source of inspiration and the ideal role model to our offspring. Love you Son!

Funny Father’s Day Wishes For Son

  1. It’s finally time you hear someone screaming “Daddy, Daddy” every 10 seconds, hours on end for the next few years of your life. Talk about payback, huh? It comes in many shapes and forms, and in this case, loaded with soiled diapers! Happy Father’s Day, Son.
  2. Happy Father’s Day, Son. It would be a lie if we said we weren’t slightly concerned about potential safety issues since you became a Dad due to your history of clumsiness and various mishaps. We’re sure you’ll be much more careful now that you have a dependent. Still, we are thankful we have a responsible and well-organized daughter-in-law who can cover your back!   
  3. Happy Father’s Day, Son! Celebrate these precious years with your children before they reach their teens because, by that time, they will most definitely be turning your world upside down in ways you can’t even begin to fathom. It’s crazy to think how one of the biggest blessings in your life can also be the primary source of frustration and worry. Well, you’ve got all that to look forward to and more. On that note, have a wonderful day!
  4. Dear Son, now that you’ve become a Dad, the Father of the Year award competition just got a lot more interesting. Welcome to fatherhood, Son. 

Heartwarming Father’s Day Wishes For Son

  1. We are proud beyond words of the man that you have become. We have no doubt that you will be a tremendous father. You’re still in the early days but already doing an excellent job. You don’t know how many years of fun, joy, and unconditional love you have ahead of you, and we hope you cherish every previous minute. Sending warm wishes to you on this special day.
  2. You’ve been the most wonderful son to us. Words can’t explain how proud we are to be grandparents to your beautiful baby. You truly deserve to have a great Father’s Day!
  3. Dear Son, or should we say Dear Dad now instead? You’ve grown up to be a fine young gentleman, and we know, without a doubt, that you’ll be an amazing father. Your world has probably changed a lot since becoming a parent, but as tough as things may seem, all the love you’ll receive from your little one will make none of the other stuff matter. Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day Wishes For Son From Dad

  1. Happy Father’s Day, Son. Feel free to ask your mom for advice if you feel a little lost in these early days of fatherhood. I ran all decisions by her first when it came to raising you, and almost every time, she told me to do the exact opposite of whatever I was about to do. You seemed to be a decent and responsible young man after all, so I guess it worked. 
  2. Even though you now have a little version of you to call your new best friend, know that you will always be my best friend – but don’t tell your mom that. She thinks she’s filled that spot already. 
  3. Happy Father’s Day, Son. Now that you’re an amazing Dad too, you can save yourself some money and re-gift your Father’s Day presents to me if you like. After all the things I’ve done for you throughout your life, I’m sure that’s probably just scraping the surface when repaying your dear Dad for all his troubles. 

Father’s Day Wishes For Son From Mom

  1. Wishing my amazing son a Happy Father’s Day makes me so proud as a mother that I’m struggling to put my feelings into words. To see you raising a beautiful child of your own brings your Father and me so much happiness. We can’t contain our excitement when we think of how many years of fun-filled family adventures we have ahead of us. 
  2. Happy Father’s Day, Son. Usually, your Dad is the one who receives all the Father’s Day messages. Still, now that you’ve joined the Daddy Club, it’s your turn to enjoy this special day, spending quality time with your family and celebrating the achievement of entering fatherhood. 


If you were struggling to figure out what to say to your son on Father’s Day, we hope you gained some inspiration from our list of Father’s Day wishes for Son that will make it less taxing for you to think of the right words to say. 

Whether you choose heartwarming or funny Father’s day messages, the important thing is that your son will be pleasantly surprised by the fact that he’s receiving a Father’s Day card from the very people who raised him to be the great dad he is today.

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