19 Happy Birthday Wishes For a 1-year-old Boy

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A child’s very first birthday is a huge deal. Celebrating the completion of their first full year is something truly spectacular and a special birthday that parents will hold in their hearts forever.

When writing birthday wishes for a 1-year-old boy, you might think, “Ah, this is gonna be a piece of cake. A one-year-old can’t read, so it doesn’t matter what you say”. Wrong! You’re actually writing for the parents’ eyes, and they are probably expecting something well thought out and from the heart. So, in reality, this is perhaps one of the most important birthday wishes you will ever have to deliver.

No pressure! Let us help you with a few suggestions, starting with some that will surely tickle a few funny bones.

Funny Birthday Wishes for 1-year-old Boy

  1. Happy birthday to the birthday sweetheart, the cheeky little bubba with cake all over his tiny fingers and face. Enjoy eating like that while you can. Once you get to my age, people look at you funny when you consume food like that. When you’re a baby, however, no one bats an eyelid. Seems a bit ageist if you ask me. Don’t worry; you’ve got lots to learn about as you grow up, like crawling and walking and getting the food in your actual mouth rather than somewhere around it.
  2. That innocent smile doesn’t fool me for one second. Don’t forget, I’ve been best friends with your dad since we were kids. You know that saying “Like father, like son”. For your mother’s sake and the rest of humanity’s sake, I pray that you are the polar opposite of your dingus dad because the last thing we need is another rebellious teenager wreaking havoc in society. 
  3. Hey, kiddo, thanks a bunch for inviting us to your first birthday party. It’s a shame that you’re not old enough to eat much of your own birthday cake or enjoy those drinks in the mommies’ and daddies’ corner that make your head go woo-woo. Don’t worry; we had a blast working our way through it. Who ever thought a one-year-old’s first birthday celebration could be so entertaining for the grown-ups?
  4. One year of sleepless nights down, 4 or 5 more to go. As much as we don’t like seeing you grow up so fast, we’re also relieved that the day you stop waking us up between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. every day is getting closer and closer. 
  5. In return for all those lovely sleepless nights you’ve been giving your mom/dad and me, we’ve decided that we’re going to wake you up at 6 a.m. every day (including weekends) from now until the day you turn 16. Some might call it harsh, but we think it’s pretty fair. After all, we have been feeding you, clothing you, providing you with shelter, wiping your butt, and cleaning up your puke, among numerous other things!
  6. Happy 1st birthday wishes to the cheeky little chappy who’s turning one today. Who would ever have thought that such an adorable baby with the most innocent smile could blast out such stinky room-clearing farts? Lucky for you, you don’t even know what a fart is yet, and you clearly aren’t phased by the stench of your own poop. We hope that during this next year of your beautiful life, you learn how to control your flatulence and develop a greater sense of smell so that you can understand what you’ve been putting people through. We hope turning one brings as much happiness to your life as fresh air does to our nasal passages after sitting in a room with you.
  7. Happy birthday to our sweet baby boy. Your mom always thought that we were going to have a quiet little prince, but low and behold, you graced us with your arrival, and now we have a fun-loving, boisterous little boy who knows as much about good behavior as a dingo does about algebra. Of course, you might be the most priceless present we have ever received, but I could definitely give you a ballpark figure for the amount you have cost us in broken furniture, vandalized walls, and stained carpets. I’ve been keeping tabs, and I’ll be deducting the amount for damages from your future pocket money.

Heartfelt Birthday Wishes for 1-Year-Old Boy

  1. Sending the most beautiful birthday wishes to the little cutie who turns one today. You’re the most loveable little Boy we know, and we’re so excited to be able to spend this amazing day playing games with you, watching you unwrapping gifts, and eating your scrumptious birthday cake. 
  2. Dear Birthday Boy, I hope you have an awesome day celebrating your first day of being one year old. You’re growing up to be such a sweet little child, and being able to attend your first birthday is a memory that I will cherish forever. I know the next year of your life will be filled with so much joy and excitement with all the new things you’ll be learning, like how to walk and talk. Can’t wait to see you again this time next year when you’ll probably be a little chatterbox running rings around us all.    
  3. Very happy first birthday to the cheeky little monkey who stole all of our hearts the moment you popped into the world.  

Cute Birthday Wishes for 1-Year-Old Boy

  1. Happy first birthday, sweetheart. Exactly one year ago today, you gifted your parents the most priceless present they could have ever wished for – You! With your tiny fingers, your teeny weenie toes, and that heart-melting smile, who could resist falling in love with such a gorgeous little angel? 
  2. Happy birthday to the world’s cutest baby, aka, the little prince of the palace. Sending you beautiful birthday wishes today as you complete your first trip around the sun. You’ll probably have tonnes of birthday messages pouring in on this wonderful day, as we all know how much everybody adores you. Hats off to you for becoming the most popular kid in town after just one year of being alive.

Cool Birthday Wishes for 1-Year-Old Boy

  1. Happy 1st birthday, baby boy! Welcome to the first official year of your life. The past 12 months were just a warm-up. Now that you’re a big boy, it’s time to step your game up and enter the major leagues. Not all parts of growing up are going to be easy, but trust me, it’s going to be so much fun, and you’re only just getting started.    
  2. Hey, kiddo, we hope you have a rocking day and enjoy playing games with all of your cool little buddies. Seems like our not-so-little bundle of joy is growing up faster than we thought. At this rate, I wouldn’t be surprised if you were as tall as me this time next year. I never thought a one-year-old would be giving me a run for my money. Clearly, I underestimated how rapidly you would grow and develop. Keep up the good work!
  3. Happy Birthday to the coolest baby boy I know. Congratulations on successfully completing your first 365 days on Planet Earth! It’s been a tough journey, but you’ve been a real soldier. Enjoy opening all of your amazing presents, and have a blast celebrating your very first birthday.

Birthday Wishes for 1-Year-Old Son

  1. Happy birthday, baby boy! You’re the bundle of joy that we never knew we needed in our lives. Our hearts lit up the moment we found out we were having you, and our lives became so much fuller with love and happiness than we ever imagined they could be. 
  2. Wishing a massive happy birthday to our tiny little prince. Mommy and Daddy love you lots like jellytots, and we’re so proud of how quickly you’re growing up to be such a smart and kind young boy. Have an amazing day, and laugh to your heart’s content.

Birthday Wishes for 1-year-old Grandson

  1. Sending the warmest birthday wishes to our dear grandson, the charming little prince of our wonderful family. You’ve brought so much sunshine into our lives from the minute you were born. You’re such a sweet boy, so gentle and loving in the way you interact with everyone, and we pray that never changes. Nothing brings us more joy than thinking about all the fun we’ll be having together as you grow from the adorable baby you are now into a big boy who runs circles around us all. We hope you have a very special birthday and all of your 1st birthday wishes come true.

Birthday Wishes for 1-Year-Old Nephew

  1. Wishing a very happy birthday to our handsome little nephew, our not-so-little bundle of joy. We can’t believe that our tiny cutie pie is turning one already. It feels like just the other day that your mommy and daddy were calling us, screaming down the phone with the wonderful news of your arrival. We hope you receive lots of amazing presents today and enjoy scoffing down some of your delicious birthday cake. Don’t forget to save a small piece for your dear uncle and auntie before the rest of our hungry family demolishes it all.


Well, now you can finally relax knowing that you’re well-prepped with the perfect birthday message, and one thing ticked off your list. That was actually the easy part. Now it’s time for you to find the perfect birthday gift to ensure that the little prince has the most rocking day ever at his 1st birthday party. Good luck!

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