27 Birthday gift ideas to send in the mail

Written by: - Last updated: January 16, 2024

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Are you tired of sending the old birthday card and cash by mail? Are you ready to add some excitement to the mailman’s day with your gift giving skills?

Well get prepared, because we’re about to embark on a journey exploring birthday gift ideas that can be sent through the mail. Say goodbye to boring and predictable presents! Welcome to an era of gifts delivered right to your loved ones mailbox!

So grab your postage stamps. Let’s dive right in!

1. Whiskey Decanter

Ah, the Whiskey Decanter, a vessel that quietly says, “You have taste, my friend.” This isn’t just any whiskey decanter; it’s an invitation into a world appreciated by individuals who savor a dram. Just remember to send it in a package labeled as “fragile”. Like your loved ones sense of humor it is invaluable. Must not be mishandled!

2. Wireless Headphones

Behold the Wireless Headphones. The lifesaver for commuters, gym enthusiasts and work from home warriors alike. They provide you with your sound sanctuary amidst the chaos of the world. Not to mention the freedom of movement they offer. No wires or tripping hazards!

3. Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

Looking for the perfect gift for your friend who’s always cooking up a storm? Look no further than the Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers! These stylish and convenient shakers will add that touch of flavor to any dish without any manual grinding or messy spills. They’re like the artists of the spice world making seasoning effortless and enjoyable. Ideal for anyone who loves cooking or appreciates a touch of luxury in their kitchen.

4. Novelty Phone Case

If they want to make a statement with their phone case check out this collection of Novelty Phone Cases! These cases are not for protection; they’re also fashion statements that will spark conversations and bring joy every time they take out their phone. From inspiring quotes to cute cats in astronaut suits, you’ll find a range of designs to match every personality. You can even choose one that glows in the dark for some fun!

5. Gourmet Salt Sampler

For those who appreciate gourmet flavors, we present the Gourmet Salt Sampler. A twist on the “spice of life.” This sampler offers a variety of high quality salts that will elevate their creations. From the flavors of black lava salt, to the delicate texture of French fleur de sel, every dish gets a touch of excitement. Ideal for food enthusiasts or those who love exploring tastes and sensations. Brace yourself to amaze your loved ones, one grain at a time!

6. Bonsai Tree Kit

Experience the Bonsai Tree! A gift that embodies patience, serenity and a hint of Zen. The perfect present for your green loving friend who could use a touch of “Karate Kid” spirit in their life. Because nothing says “I care” more than entrusting someone with the nurturing of a tree. Be patient like a grasshopper; your Bonsai masterpiece awaits!

7. Robot Vacuum

Introducing the Robot Vacuum – a hero dedicated to immaculate floors. Imagine their delight as they relax with their coffee while witnessing this little tidiness titan navigate their home diligently. It’s a gift for friends in need of an extra hand (or wheel!), or tech lovers who adore shiny new gadgets. By gifting them the Robot Vacuum you’re not just giving them something you’re granting them precious time. And who wouldn’t welcome that in their mailbox?

8. Self Care Gift Box

This Self Care Gift Box is like having a personal day spa neatly packaged in a box. Fill it with soaps, pampering lotions, soothing candles or even a blank journal for relaxation. Who needs to go out for a spa day when you can have it delivered right to your doorstep?

9. Kindle

Imagine having a library at your friends fingertips, ready to whisk them on thrilling adventures with just the swipe of a finger. No more worrying about pages or folded corners. The Kindle makes gifting a library through mail easier than ever before!

10. Portable Charger

Are you looking for a gift for that friend who’s always on the go or whose phone is constantly running out of battery? Well look no further! Give them the Portable Charger.  The savior for your friends’ gadgets. This compact powerhouse is the solution for those dreaded low battery notifications we all hate. Let it give their mailbox a little boost of life today!

11. Fitness Dice

Introduce some excitement into their workout routine with Fitness Dice. It’s not your average dice; it’s like having a trainer in a cube! Get ready to level up their fitness game with a twist. It’s like playing the lottery except instead of winning money they’ll win the chance to do 15 burpees! Turn their mailbox into a source of health!

12. Massage Gun

Give your fitness enthusiast friends, or those in need of some relaxation after a day, the gift of a Massage Gun. It’s like having your Swedish masseuse at your fingertips without any awkward small talk. Spread some good vibes (literally!) their way with this gift.

13. Temperature-Controlled Mug

For those friends who always want their drinks at the right temperature all the time meet the Temperature Controlled Mug – it’s simply perfect! Surprise them with this gift that ensures every sip is enjoyed at its optimal temperature. Say goodbye to the days of rushing to the microwave just to save a cup of coffee. This mug ensures that every sip remains as hot or cool as the first whether it’s now or 40 minutes later.

14. Morse Code Bracelet

If you’re looking for a gift for friends who love showcasing their style consider a Morse Code Bracelet. It’s an opportunity to express jokes, meaningful quotes or simple birthday wishes in a thoughtful way. The Morse Code Bracelet is about hidden messages that make an impact without being obvious.

15. Happy Birthday Gift Tower

A towering structure of happiness delivered to your friend’s mailbox! This isn’t any stack of boxes; it’s a Happy Birthday Gift Tower, with each level revealing new surprises to delight the birthday celebrant. From delicious gourmet treats, to fun and quirky knick knacks, each box holds its own mini birthday party waiting to happen.

16. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

For those who simply adore coffee there’s one thing that will fulfill their whispered desires; a Cold Brew Coffee Maker. This kitchen gadget isn’t any tool; it’s like having their very own personal barista in a bottle. It’s like a genie that can grant their wish for a refreshing cup of cold brew. This would be a gift for that friend who enjoys their coffee with plenty of beans and a touch of coolness. So why wait? Give them the gift of a coffee break. They’ll be overflowing with gratitude in no time.

17. Preserved Rose

A Preserved Rose is a symbol of everlasting beauty and romance. Unlike flowers that wither away, this rose is carefully preserved to retain its allure, for eternity. It’s a gift like your friend’s birthday capturing the wonder of nature that never fades. Because although a rose would smell as sweet by any name, it wouldn’t endure long!

18. Tea Gift Set

Surprise your friend with a Tea Gift Set that will transport them on a tea tasting journey without leaving their home. It’s not a box of tea; it’s an invitation to explore different flavors from around the world. Handpicked and steeped in tradition, this set will take them from the hills of Darjeeling to the landscapes of Sri Lanka. Whether your friend is a traveler or simply passionate about tea, this gift is sure to brew joy and delight.

19. Tie-Dye Kit

Is your friend an aspiring artist in need of adding some excitement to their wardrobe? Look no further! This Tie Dye Kit is like having a kaleidoscope packed inside a box. Let them unleash their creativity and transform tees into rainbows, or socks into spectacular color spectrums.

20. Facial Steamer

Say hello to the Facial Steamer. Your friends’ personal, at home facial sauna, no need for a towel over the head! Perfect for those who crave a spa day, but can’t find the time to leave home. This compact marvel brings a touch of luxury, detoxification and relaxation all conveniently packed into one box. Because your friend deserves a facial that steams away stress, not their birthday cake!

21. Digital Photo Frame

Looking for a gift for that friend who loves reminiscing about the old times? A Digital Photo Frame where nostalgia merges with technology. Each glance at this frame takes them on a journey down memory lane. Say goodbye to flipping through photo albums because with a Digital Photo Frame they can cherish those moments in style!

22. Pottery Kit

If your friend enjoys getting their hands dirty and unleashing their creative side, consider gifting them a Pottery Kit. This kit allows them to mold and shape clay like dough transforming it into something new. It’s perfect for someone who have always dreamt of creating pottery rather than throwing parties. Don’t wait longer; send them a Pottery Kit. Let them make their birthday unforgettable!

23. Cheese Knife Set

For that friend who simply adores cheese and considers birthdays incomplete without a cheese board, surprise them with a Cheese Knife Set! It’s a gift for anyone who truly appreciates the goodness of cheese or believes life is better with some Camembert. So why wait? Gift them a Cheese Knife Set. Let them be the life of the party, at their wine and cheese soirée!

24. Desk Globe

Who wouldn’t love the idea of having the world within reach on their birthday? A Desk Globe is more than a replica of planet Earth; it’s like having a mini universe right on your desk. With a Desk Globe, every day becomes an opportunity for exploration. No need for a passport! Give them a Desk Globe. Watch their birthday transform into a celebration.

25. Board Game

Why not bring the excitement of competition directly to your friends living room with a Board Game? It’s a battlefield of cleverness, a test of strategy and an invitation to fun. Ideal for those who thrive on outsmarting their opponents or believe that life is best enjoyed through games and good company. Surprise them with a Board Game. Turn their birthday into a game night. All birthdays should be more than just blowing out candles!

26. Smart Speaker

A Smart Speaker will quickly become your friend’s maestro of music and go to assistant. It’s not just any speaker; it’s like having your concert in one convenient box ready to serenade them with their favorite songs, or answer even their most random inquiries, in an instant. It will turn their day into an adventure with a virtual assistant playing DJ, for their solo dance off. Who needs a party when you can have the excitement of a non stop music experience?

27. Candles

If you’re looking for a gift that keeps the spirit of their birthday alive long after it’s over, consider giving them Candles. These aren’t just candles; they are like boxes of luxurious light. They’ll create an inviting glow in their space. Fill it with captivating scents. With these Candles the celebration of your friends existence doesn’t have to end when their birthday does. Who says they can only make wishes once a year when blowing out candles?


Whether you’re looking for a steamer, a cheese knife set for the cook or a heartfelt message in a bottle for your sentimental friend, our collection of top birthday gifts offers something special to convey your love and care. These gift ideas range from objects to experiences, all conveniently delivered straight to their mailbox.

Choose the gift that resonates best with your friends or family’s unique personality and let them experience the joy and nostalgia as they unwrap it on their day. Everyone deserves a touch of happiness in their mailbox on their birthday!

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