10 Birthday gift ideas to send in the mail

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Are you tired of sending the same old birthday card and cash through the post? Ready to shake up the mailman’s day with your incredible gift-giving prowess?

Well, get ready because we’re about to embark on a journey through the land of ‘Birthday gift ideas to send in the mail.’ Gone are the days of dull, predictable birthday gifts. Welcome to an era of surprises delivered to your loved one’s mailbox!

So grab your postage stamps (virtual or real), and let’s dive right in!

1. Whiskey Decanter

Ah, the Whiskey Decanter, a sophisticated vessel that whispers, ‘You, my friend, have excellent taste.’ This isn’t just any whiskey decanter; it’s a ticket to the world of sophisticated individuals who appreciate a good dram. Just make sure to send it in a package marked ‘fragile’ – much like your loved one’s sense of humor, it’s priceless and should not be dropped!

2. Wireless Headphones

Behold the Wireless Headphones, the savior of commuters, gym goers, and home office warriors alike. They’re your personal sound oasis, a serene bubble amidst the world’s chaos. Not to mention the ease of movement, no wires to tangle, trip over, or twist again. Perfect for the friend who is always on the go or likes to dance around the room like no one’s watching (even though we are all through the window).

3. Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

Presenting the Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers – their key to unlocking a world of effortless seasoning. No more manual grinding or awkward dinner table shakes. They are the Picassos of the spice world, adding that finishing touch to your culinary masterpiece with style and ease. These are perfect for the friend who loves to cook or the loved one who enjoys a touch of luxury in their kitchen.

4. Novelty Phone Case

Introducing the Novelty Phone Case – the perfect marriage of form and function. This isn’t just a phone case. This is a bold fashion statement, a conversation starter, and a bearer of sheer joy every time your friend pulls out their phone. Whether it’s a case decorated with their favorite quotes, plastered with cats wearing astronaut suits or one that glows in the dark, there’s a novelty phone case to match every personality.

5. Gourmet Salt Sampler

Meet the Gourmet Salt Sampler – the ‘spice of life’ has a salty new twist. From the smoky notes of Hawaiian black lava salt to the subtle crunch of French fleur de sel, every dish has a pinch of drama. Perfect for the culinary connoisseur or the epicurean explorer in your life. Get ready to ‘rock’ their world, one grain at a time!

6. Bonsai Tree Kit

The Bonsai Tree Kit – the ultimate gift of patience, tranquility, and a touch of Zen. The perfect gift for your friend who loves a bit of greenery and could use a touch of the ‘Karate Kid’ spirit in their life. Because nothing says ‘I care’ quite like entrusting someone with the care of a tree. Patience, grasshopper, your Bonsai masterpiece awaits!

7. Robot Vacuum

Behold the Robot Vacuum – the unsung hero of clean floors everywhere. Imagine their delight as they sit back, sip their coffee, and watch as this tiny titan of tidiness diligently navigates their home. Perfect for the busy friend who needs a helping hand (or wheel!) or the tech-lover who adores shiny new toys. With the Robot Vacuum, you’re not just giving them a super cool gift. You’re gifting them time – and who wouldn’t want that in their mailbox?

8. Self Care Gift Box

Unveiling the Self Care Gift Box – your friend’s personal day spa packed into a box. Whether it’s fragrant soaps, pampering lotions, aromatic candles, or a relaxing blank journal – you can fill this box with whatever your friend loves most. After all, who needs a spa day when the spa can come to you in a mailbox?

9. Kindle

Just imagine an entire library in their back pocket, ready to transport them to a world of new adventures at the swipe of a finger. And no worries about creased pages or dog ears. This baby keeps their stories in pristine condition. The Kindle – because gifting an entire library through the mail has never been easier!

10. Portable Charger

Enter the Portable Charger – the lifeline for your friend’s beloved gadgets. This pocket-sized powerhouse is the perfect antidote to the dreaded ‘low battery’ notification. Ideal for the friend who’s always on the move or the one whose phone is perpetually on 1% battery (we all have that one friend). So why wait? Let the Portable Charger zap a little life into your friend’s mailbox today!


Whether it’s a gourmet salt sampler for the culinary enthusiast, or a self care gift box for the sentimental friend, each of our best birthday gifts offers a unique way to express your affection. These gift ideas are objects and experiences your friends can cherish, all delivered right to their mailbox!

Pick a gift that resonates the most with your friend’s or family’s personality and let them unwrap joy and memories on their special day. Because everyone deserves a slice of happiness in their mailbox, especially on their birthday!

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