23 Best Beach Gifts For Dad

Written by: - Last updated: January 16, 2024

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Looking to surprise your Dad with a gift for his beach adventures? Look no further!

We’ve curated a list of the best beach gifts for Dad that will enhance his beach outings. We have you covered, from comfy beach chairs to portable Bluetooth speakers.

Prepare to amaze your Dad with these thoughtful and practical beach accessories that will take his beach experience to another level. Let’s dive in and explore gifts for the Dad who loves the beach!

1. Paddle Board

Make a splash with the coolest dad gift for this beach season. A Paddle Board! Your Dad can showcase his core strength and coordination while riding waves. Don’t be surprised if he takes a few tumbles. It’s all part of the fun! He’ll be so excited to show off his moves in the water. Hey, who knows maybe he’ll even let you give it a try!

2. Picnic Set

The Picnic Set is like having a kitchen, picnic wonderland and culinary adventure all in one package. It’s absolutely perfect for dads who are passionate about food, and just love taking a nice nap outdoors. This set has everything your Dad needs to indulge in some treats and then relax under the sun. Just make sure he doesn’t go overboard with the potato salad! 

3. Beach Pillow

The Beach Pillow is a game changer when it comes to helping your Dad get a good night’s sleep at the beach. No more using a rolled up towel as a pillow, or getting sand everywhere. He can even use them to prop up his feet, while enjoying a drink and diving into his summer novel. Your Dad will sleep soundly, dreaming about his fantastic beach getaway.

4. Beach Chair

Finally your Dad can relax in comfort and style while watching his family in the ocean. A beach chair is so comfortable that your Dad will be the ruler of the beach, on his throne. If you ask politely, and bring him a cold drink, he might even let you sit in it.

5. Portable BBQ

The Portable BBQ is the gift for beach Dads who love grilling. Now he can take his passion for grilled meats and veggies to the shores. With this BBQ, your Dad will become the talk of the beach. Everyone will salivate over the aroma of his sizzling burgers and hot dogs. He can showcase his grilling skills to other Dads on the beach. Maybe even get an invitation to their next backyard BBQ. Get ready for a beach feast!

6. Cooler Bag

Keep your Dad cool as a cucumber (or at least keep his drinks cool), with this cooler bag designed specifically for Dads at the beach! A trendy and fashionable cooler bag is ideal for keeping his canned drinks chilled. Just throw it over his shoulder and let the party begin. Your dad will be the center of attention at the beach with beverages and a fantastic new accessory. Fill up that bag with ice and your Dads preferred drinks for a day of fun in the sun.

7. Outdoor Putting Green

Take your Dads golf game to the beach with the Beachside Putting Green! Now he can practice his putting skills, while enjoying the sun and listening to the crashing waves. It’s an excuse for him to wear his golf hat and polo shirt, fulfilling his dream of being a golf loving beach enthusiast. Showcase your putting skills and Challenge your Dad to a friendly mini golf match on the sandy shores.

8. Smart Water Bottle

Help keep your Dad hydrated with a Smart Water Bottle, a gift for tech Dads. This bottle syncs with his phone to track his water consumption and reminds him to drink more throughout the day. It’s a way to ensure he stays properly hydrated, while enjoying his time at the beach. It’s truly a great gadget for any dad spending a day under the sun.

9. Beach Phone Holder

Introducing the Beach Phone Holder, a must have accessory, for the century! This convenient device ensures your Dad’s phone stays safe, while he enjoys sunbathing and capturing beach selfies. No more worries about dropping his phone in the sand or water! With this gadget your Dad can fully make the most of his time at the beach without any concerns. 

10. Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Enhance your Dads beach experience with the Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker! Blast his favorite tunes with crystal sound quality, all worry free from any water or sand damage. Whether he’s relaxing by the shore or building sandcastles with the kids, this waterproof speaker will provide him with a soundtrack for his beach adventure. It’s rugged, durable and designed to withstand all elements. Your dad will surely become the king of beach soundtracks. Everyone will groove to his tunes.

11. Fishing Set

Transform your Dad into a beach fisherman by gifting him a Fishing Set! Let him showcase his fishing skills and impress beachgoers with his catch of the day. It’s also an opportunity for him to share some of his Dad jokes while waiting patiently for a fish to bite. This fishing kit includes everything he needs to have an awesome fishing experience, from the fishing rod reel to the tackle box. 

12. Men’s Beach Shoes

Give your Dad’s beach shoe collection an upgrade with these Mens Beach Shoes! Say goodbye to those worn out sandals. Now your Dad can confidently stroll along the shore, knowing that his feet are well protected and free from sand. These new beach shoes are perfect for all his beach adventures, whether it’s taking walks or playing beach volleyball. Get your Dad a pair; he’ll walk on the sand with confidence like a king!

13. Waterproof Luxury Watch

Stay stylish and punctual with the Waterproof Luxury Watch! This watch is not just fashionable, but also designed to endure water and sand damage. Your Dad can enjoy all his activities by the beach without worrying about damaging his watch. It’s the finest accessory for Dads who value both style and functionality. If he’s swimming, surfing or simply relaxing on the sand, this watch will keep him on track while looking good. Treat your Dad to a touch of luxury that can withstand all his beachside adventures.

14. Bluetooth binoculars

Hey fellow beach enthusiasts and awesome Dads! Get ready for a gift that will make them the ultimate star of the beach. Imagine this; your dad relaxing in his beach chair looking like an agent with these Bluetooth binoculars. While others strain their eyes, he’ll be zooming in on all the action with crystal views. Forget about ties and socks, grab these binoculars and turn him into a legendary superhero Dad of the beach.

15. Noise Cancelling Headphones

The Noise Canceling Headphones are truly lifesavers for Dads seeking some peace and quiet at the beach. With these headphones, your Dad can easily tune out all the yelling, screaming and crying from beachgoers (including his family) and retreat into his own little world of tranquility. 

16. Board Games

Give your Dad a break from all the beach activities by playing some board games! These timeless games are perfect for challenging beachgoers to competitions. Your dad can showcase his skills while enjoying the sun and the refreshing ocean breeze. Choose from chess, backgammon or Guess who games, these board games will provide hours of entertainment for the family. It’s an opportunity to bond and create lasting memories while taking a break from the waves. Let the fun begin!

17. Men’s Beach Hat

Your Dad can shield himself from the scorching sun, while still making a statement. Who says dads can’t have some fashion sense? With its brim and breathable fabric, a beach hat will keep your Dad relaxed and comfortable all day, and maybe even prevent him from getting an awkward tan line on his face if he dozes off. Guess what? Your Dad can finally retire that baseball cap he’s been wearing for the past ten years (we’re talking about you, Dad!). 

18. Bottle Opener

Tired of watching Dad use his teeth to open your summer drink? Introducing the Bottle Opener! Spare your Dads teeth and give him a chance to impress others with his gadget skills. With this tool, your Dad might even make friends by offering to open their beverages.

19. Sunglasses

Upgrade your Dads style with sunglasses that will take his fashion game to the next level. And maybe even make you roll your eyes at how effortlessly cool he looks. The best part? These sunglasses will provide clear vision in the sunshine, because let’s be honest Dads love a good view of the beach.

20. Beach Wallet

Keep your Dads money and cards safe from sand with our Beach Wallet – the perfect gift for any beach loving father! Its stylish design also means your Dad can finally retire that Velcro wallet he’s been carrying since the 90s (yes we’re talking about you, Dad!).

21. Beach Tent

Get ready to impress others at the beach with this envy inducing Beach Tent. When it comes to a beach tent, your Dad can enjoy space from his family or simply relax with his cooler and beach chair. Let’s admit it, dads appreciate their personal space. Just make sure your Dad doesn’t get carried away thinking he’s the king of the beach; that would be quite embarrassing.

22. Beach Artwork

Treat your Dad to some beach inspired artwork. Bring those beach vibes right into his home! Whether it’s a painting, a captivating photograph or an exquisite sculpture, beach artwork has the power to add that coastal charm to any living space. It’s a one of a kind gift that will infuse a touch of the beach into his life.

23. Beach Hammock

A beach hammock is designed to offer relaxation for Dads at the beach, giving your father a chance to unwind and feel like he’s on a tropical island getaway. Setting it up is effortless, so your dad can quickly claim his spot on the beach and become everyone’s envy. However it’s important to remind him not to charge his friends for using his hammock, as that would be seen as selfish!


These amazing beach themed gift ideas are ideal for enhancing your Dads’ beach experience, and making him feel like he’s the captain of his seaside paradise. Or the most incredible Dad on the coastline, which he is!

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