21 Happy Anniversary Wishes For Boyfriend

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Don’t you just love anniversary celebrations? A chance to wish your favorite person a happy anniversary. Showering them with love while you both reflect on the little love story that you are the co-authors of. What better way to say good morning to your prince charming on your special day than with a loving anniversary message straight from the heart?    

Short Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Young couple at home makes a heart sign with hands, smiling and looking at the camera
  1. I wish my dearest boyfriend, who I also consider to be my best friend, a very happy anniversary. I’m so grateful to have found my better half. The only person that makes my whole world feel complete with nothing more than their presence.  
  2. Happy anniversary, love. I’m glad I’ve got the most amazing person sitting next to me, holding my hand on this crazy rollercoaster ride we call life. Going through all of life’s ups and downs without you just wouldn’t be the same. 

Sweet Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

  1. Good morning, and happy anniversary to my precious gem. You bring me all the things that make my heart sing with joy, and time seems to stop whenever we’re together. Any time spent with you, whether it’s a day, an hour, or even just one minute, is priceless to me. Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest woman alive every moment since our first date.  
  2. Happy anniversary to my dear boyfriend. I know you’re not one for romantic anniversary wishes, so I thought I’d keep it short and sweet by describing you in just one sentence: My favorite human, best friend, and the perfect partner I never knew I needed. Thank you for making me, your precious little gem, the happiest person around.
  3. Happy anniversary, sweetheart; I wanted to tell you how beautiful life has been this passing year. As corny as it might sound, I’ve never thought I would find true love so quickly. You’ve turned my world upside down in the most remarkable ways I couldn’t have imagined. I can’t think of a better person to whom I would give all my heart.

Funny Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Happy young couple hugging, sitting on a cozy couch together, overjoyed laughing woman and man having fun
  1. Sending heaps of happy anniversary love to my dear boyfriend, who has turned my otherwise mundane life into the most magical fairytale. I have to say that I’m glad I didn’t have to kiss a slimy frog to find my prince charming. As much as I love you, even that would have been a bit much for me.
  2. Happy anniversary to my amazing boyfriend. They say time flies when you’re having fun, but it’s a bit of a double-edged sword if you ask me. How so? Well, being the best boyfriend in the whole world, you obviously fill my life with immense happiness and excitement. Still, if what they say about time flying is true, then you’re actually making me age much faster than I’d like to. Seems like quite a tricky predicament, but I’m willing to take on a few wrinkles if it means that I get to experience all these fun times with my favorite human being.  
  3. Happy anniversary to my loveable numbskull of a boyfriend. Thankfully, we don’t need much to make our special day memorable. You usually do that all by yourself by acting a fool in some way or other. So why don’t we just celebrate our lovely anniversary on the couch watching TV together, where you’re less likely to be a cause for public embarrassment?
  4. Today, we celebrate another year of poking fun at each other, squabbling about housework, and learning how to balance being crazy in love one minute, then wanting to throw each other off the nearest bridge the next. I’m pretty confident that, after all that we’ve been through together in the past year, we can survive another one. And hopefully, many more years together without one or both of our heads exploding.

Romantic Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Young man and woman embrace in the living room at home, man facing away from the camera and the woman smiling.
  1. Happy anniversary wishes to my wonderful boyfriend, who knows exactly how to make my heart tick. Being the co-author of our incredible love story is an indescribable feeling and something that I truly cherish.  
  2. Wishing a very happy anniversary to the handsome man I’m proud to call my better half. You swept me off my feet on our first date, and I’ve been flying high ever since. Our eternal love seems to grow stronger with each passing day. I look forward to many more years of creating beautiful memories with my perfect partner. 
  3. Happy anniversary to my knight in shining armor. We might only be on the first chapter of our unique love story, but I’m struggling to contain my excitement for what the future holds. Who knows what life has to throw our way and where our tale of true love will take us next? Whatever comes our way, I’m glad I’m not doing this alone and have my wonderful boyfriend to share life’s ups and downs with me.
  4. The beautiful life we’ve been building together is something that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams. You pretty much have all the qualities and characteristics that I would have wanted my other half to display. It’s like someone took all the things I wished for and bundled them into one person. 

Cheeky Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Boyfriend gives his girlfriend a piggyback ride as they both smile in front of a purple backdrop
  1. Happy anniversary to my ever so forgetful, dear boyfriend. Being the lovely, considerate girlfriend that I am, I’ve sent you this anniversary message one week ahead of schedule just to make sure you don’t forget that it’s our special day next week. That should give you plenty of time to sort out a card, some dinner plans, and perhaps buy me a small gift. I know you keep saying you didn’t forget last year’s anniversary. But the wiper blades, a giant bag of Cheetos, lottery tickets you tried to pass off as “presents” and that “fancy” meal at the local burger joint tell a different story.   
  2. Happy anniversary wishes to my amazing boyfriend. I didn’t quite know how to write a fitting anniversary message, and I’ve been tirelessly trying to find the right words that really speak to you from the heart. So, here goes: lovely home-cooked food, unlimited booze, uninterrupted TV time for a whole evening, followed by a 1-hour backrub with massage oil and a long sleep. Great, that’s my list complete for this year’s homemade anniversary gift. Let me know what you want. Although my list seems to take up quite a lot of the day, so maybe we will do yours next year.
  3. Happy anniversary boyfriend! With every passing year, our relationship comes with new surprises. Perhaps this year, the surprise will be turning single. Relax! I’m not going anywhere. I’m here to stay, and I’m looking forward to spending many more years bugging you with all the little things I do that I know push your buttons in the most annoying way possible. 

Heartfelt Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Woman kisses her boyfriend on the cheek while holding roses in a restaurant, man is beaming
  1. The thought of spending the rest of my life with one person used to make me shudder. But now I feel like the luckiest woman alive to have found the only guy who makes me feel loved, comforted, and at complete ease every moment I spend with you. I can’t wait to experience all the awesome times the future holds for us. I’m so happy to create more wonderful memories with my favorite person.
  2. Wishing a lovely anniversary to the most amazing boyfriend who never stops trying to give me the whole world but doesn’t realize that he is precisely that and so much more to me already. You’re the only person who understands me better than I know myself. I honestly couldn’t care less whether we ended up going out for a fancy dinner or just cuddling up and spending the evening on the couch watching TV together with a bowl of popcorn. As long as I have you, I don’t need anything or anyone else. 
  3. Happy anniversary to my dear boyfriend. You’ve made me a better person in more ways than I can count. You’ve helped me to boost my confidence, love myself more, and show me how to be more patient, understanding, and tolerant as a human. You bring the best out of me, and I hope I get the best out of you, too. Here’s to another wonderful anniversary and many more years of growing together in ways we couldn’t have imagined.  

Long Distance Anniversary Wishes for Boyfriend

Couple on railway station platform; boyfriend with bags, indicating time apart.
  1. Sending the most heartfelt anniversary wishes to my dear boyfriend, whom I miss dearly. Whether we’re one mile apart or a thousand lightyears away from each other. No distance is vast enough to break the eternal love I have for you. I can’t wait until we get to see each other in person again. 
  2. I hope my anniversary message and homemade anniversary gift made it to you in one piece. This year, I decided to go old school and send it handwritten by post, just like how people used to do things before Wifi and 5G changed everything. Feels more romantic and from the heart that way, don’t you think? I’m counting each passing day, knowing that the time I get to see you again is drawing closer and closer. Let’s hope time flies fast! 


What makes an anniversary special isn’t a bunch of material gifts, fancy dinners, and splashing out excessively to impress your other half. It’s about celebrating your wonderful relationship with your better half and all the memories you’ve created since you first met. Whether it’s your first anniversary or you have been going strong for some years now, saying good morning on your special day with one of these wishes will definitely put a smile on your boyfriend’s face and set the tone for a fantastic anniversary. 

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