40 Best Happy 60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

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Trying to find a fitting way to say Happy Birthday to your Mom might seem pretty simple, but it may take a little longer than you expect. After all, there are a million and one things you could say and nowadays people are becoming busier by the second, leaving less and less time for creative thinking. 

Well, fear not our dear friends, we’ve got your backs! Have a scroll through what we’ve got in store for you below and we’re positive that you’ll find something that works perfectly for your Mom. 

Funny 60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

  1. Wishing a very Happy Birthday to the most amazing Mother in the whole galaxy. Have a wonderful day partying to your favorite classic Rock and Disco songs while knocking back a few large glasses of vino. In celebration of your 60th Birthday, we decided to go for the more expensive vintage stuff. You better start sipping away before our dear Dad gets his hands on it.
  2. Happy 60th Birthday, Mom. Here are 3 ways to tell if you’re officially old: 1) You worry about pooping your pants if you cough, sneeze, or laugh too hard. 2) You don’t need to take a long bath or go swimming to achieve wrinkles. 3) Your bedtime coincides with the time that the stock market closes each day.
  3. Happy Birthday, Super Mom! Thanks for helping me fight all of the world’s baddies my whole life. You’ll always be the greatest Superhero in my story, even at 60. Thanks for always keeping a close eye on me to make sure I stay out of harm’s way. I guess you could say that your greatest superpower has always been your “Super-Vision”, haha!
  4. Happy Birthday, Mom! Every year your birthday is full of unusual surprises, usually courtesy of Dad. I thought this year would be different, but I saw Dad climbing a ladder up to the roof holding a giant balloon, a parachute, and a pair of skis. Better get ready to spend your 60th birthday in the local hospital, I’ll go and start the car.
  5. Dear Dad, I decided to give you this card instead. Mom gets so emotional every time she reads her birthday cards and we could all do without the waterworks this year.
  6. Searching for the best 60th birthday wishes for Mom has been a little tough this year, especially when I’m trying not to sound dull, and at this age, every wish counts. So, this year, we wish for you to have a whole load of new thrilling-seeking experiences, starting with bungee jumping in Dubai, followed by paragliding in Brazil then swimming with great white sharks in South Africa. Wow, how nice of Dad to offer to pay for flights and hotels on his credit card. Thanks!  
  7. Happy 60th birthday Mom. People often say that an amazing Mom supports you in whatever you decide to do in life. Well, on that note, I’ve decided to become a career criminal, and my “colleagues” and I have planned to rob a bank, but we’re missing a getaway driver. Any chance you’re available next Friday around 4pm? Now that you’re officially a senior, you’ll be the person the police least suspect so we’ve got more chance of success. You’ve supported me my whole life, Mom, don’t let me down now!
  8. Dear Mom, they say that life is full of unusual surprises. I decided to run a Google search for “unusual surprises” and here’s what I found:
  • A giant customized lollipop (you can put a picture of your face on it)
  • A book-scented candle (literally a candle that smells like books…apparently it’s a thing).
  • A can of unicorn meat (um…yeah…not really sure what to say about this one).

Honestly, I can’t wait for you to open your birthday gifts this year. Bet you’re excited too!

  1. Happy 60th Birthday Mom, I was going to buy you one of those exploding birthday glitter cards, but on second thoughts I realized that I would be the one that has to clean it up afterward, and let’s be real, we both know that ain’t going to happen. So, I decided to give you this simple, mess-free birthday card instead. Looking forward to celebrating this fabulous day with you and making this a very memorable birthday Mom.

Witty 60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

  1. Birthday gifts are so overrated. You receive them, then usually forget all about them after a little while. That’s why I decided to give you something priceless that will last forever. My love! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving. Happy 60th Birthday, Mom!
  2. Happy 60th Birthday, Mom! I would have matched the number of candles with your age, but I didn’t want to start a massive fire in the middle of the dinner table. 
  3. Happy 60th Birthday, Mom! Let’s eat the cake outdoors this year, your tendency to drop things seems to be on the rise and I’d rather spend time partying, not cleaning. Thanks!
  4. They say a beautiful smile stays forever. I guess there is some truth to this, especially when you reach your age because you can mold your face into any shape you like and it will stay like that indefinitely. Happy Birthday, Mom!
  5. Happy 60th Birthday, Mom! That birthday suit looks like it could do with a press. I mean, you have been wearing it for 60 years now without taking it off!
  6. Happy Birthday, Mom! If I had a dollar for all of those smile lines and wrinkles, I would buy you a new house and send you on a 5-star holiday. 
  7. You know you’re officially over the hill when you can’t even enjoy a mid-life crisis because you’re about 15-20 years too late. 
  8. To our incredible Mom, they say wisdom comes with age. Well, if that’s the case, judging by the amount of gray hair on your head you must be an extremely wise old gal. 
  9. Phrases that show your Mom’s age without her having to say she’s old:
  • If she’s sleeping too long, I go over and check her pulse. 
  • She keeps saying Mick Jagger is a real hottie.
  • She asked me to flip the cassette in her Walkman – flip the who in the what now?!
  • She wants to write a book and asked me to fetch her typewriter.
  • She still refers to favorite classic Rock hit “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a new song.
  1. When we told Dad that we were planning to make your sixtieth the most memorable birthday Mom, we meant inviting round all of your closest friends for a big party. Dad, however, had other plans to make this day “memorable” and decided to run down the stairs singing happy birthday in nothing but his birthday suit. Hope you had a fabulous birthday before Dad’s little stunt. Suffice to say, I don’t think your friends will be joining us again next year.
  1. To our incredible Mom and our most wonderful friend. May god bless you from the tips of your toes to the ends of your smile lines and every little gray hair on your head. 

Heartfelt 60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

  1. Dear Mom, we hope you have a truly fabulous day celebrating your 60th birthday. They say only the lucky ones make it this far and that is truly something to be proud of. Wishing you bundles of love, great health, and all the joy and happiness you can handle for many years ahead.
  2. To our dearest Mom. We hope God blesses you with another wonderful year ahead and many more beautiful moments with all of our family members and friends.  
  3. Dear Mom, the years might keep rolling on, but your radiance seems to never age. You’re still the same beautiful lady that you’ve been from day one and that’s something that’s never going to change. 
  4. Happy 60th Birthday to the most wonderful human being to grace this beautiful planet. On this day, I want nothing more than to shower you with all our eternal love, just as you have done for me since I popped into this world. I am ever so grateful for the fine upbringing you have given me and words cannot express my love and appreciation for you.
  5. No matter how old I am, I will never be too grown up for Mom’s warm hugs and comforting cuddles. Happy 60th Birthday to the most loving Mother to ever exist. May you receive all the happiness anyone could ever wish for. 
  6. Happy Birthday to my lovely Mom. It’s strange, I’ve always asked myself the question: “How can one single person bring me so much happiness just by being in my life?”. I still haven’t found the answer, but I guess that doesn’t matter anyway. All that I truly care about is bringing you all the joy you have brought me and so much more, just as a wonderful Mom like you deserves. Come rain or shine, I’ll always do my absolute best to keep that beautiful smile on your face.
  7. Happy 60th Birthday to my favorite lady and best friend. I can’t thank you enough for all the caring things that you have done for me my whole life and for blessing me with such a fine upbringing, Mom. Sending you my warmest wishes on this joyous day and a thousand blessings for all the years ahead.
  8. A mother’s birthday is a tremendously special occasion that gives their child the opportunity to shower them with their love and honor them for their never-ending support and nurturing. Today, I’m sending you my warmest wishes and a million cuddles for being the most amazing mother on God’s green earth. Happy 60th Birthday Mom!

Inspirational 60th Birthday Wishes for Mom

  1. People think that getting old means that you have to stop creating and achieving new goals. That’s total nonsense. Look at all the people who became famous after the golden age of 60. Dame Judie Dench played her biggest role as “M” in James Bond, aged 61, Colonel Sanders opened KFC at the age of 65, Grandma Moses started painting when she was 78 and those are just a few examples, the list goes on. Get your thinking cap back on, Mom, and one day people will be Googling your name too.
  2. To my Dear Mother, You may be growing older in numbers, but you’re still young at heart. Today marks 60 years of being a relentless go-getter who enjoys life to the absolute fullest in every possible Moment. May the Lord bless you with excellent health in mind, body, and soul and many more enthralling experiences for countless years ahead.
  3. Happy 60th birthday Mom, you might be on the verge of retirement, but you’re never too old to keep achieving. So, after accumulating so much wisdom and a wealth of knowledge throughout your life, why not write a book to bestow your life lessons to the next generation? I think we could all do with a little direction from the most seasoned we know.  
  4. Happy Birthday Mom, the date on your birth certificate may indicate your actual age to be 60, but that’s nothing more than a meaningless number. You’re still as youthful and full of life as you were when you were in your 30s. Besides a couple of wrinkles and a little gray hair, I haven’t noticed anything different. You’re still absolutely perfect in every way I can think of, so keep strutting your stuff Mom and show them all how it’s done!  
  5. Let’s raise a glass to the myth, the legend, our favorite lady aka the most wonderful woman to walk on the face of the Earth – our incredible Mom! All the happiness you bring us is truly exceptional, we honestly don’t know how you manage to keep us all smiling and still stay on top of your stuff at the same time. If there was a competition for multi-tasking, you would win first place without a doubt. Happy 60th birthday you wonderful human being!
  6. Happy birthday Super Mom! You are our real-life superhero, saving our butts from all types of situations and always protecting us without a single complaint. Today we celebrate you in all your glory and retire you from your crime-fighting duties. You’ve put in years of hard graft, so now it’s finally time to hang up your cape, kick off your boots, and let the lord bless you with all his choicest blessings. 
  7. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 50, 60, 70, or even 100 years old, you will always be absolutely perfect inside and out and eternally glowing with radiance regardless of your age. Happy 60th birthday to our amazing Mom and best wishes for the wonderful year ahead. 

60th Birthday Wishes for Mom From Son / Daughter

  1. Dear Mom, I was trying to think of a funny joke to make you laugh on your birthday, but you’re already married to a clown so I guess that pretty much covers you in the comedy department. 
  2. Happy 60th Birthday wishes to the lady of the hour, aka our wonderful mother and most faithful friend. We hope you have a truly fabulous day, creating beautiful new memories with all of our family members and your nearest and dearest. May you laugh to your heart’s content and let God bestow all his choicest blessings upon you.
  3. Turning 60 is one of life’s milestones that not everyone reaches. That being said, your excellent health, youthfulness, and unmatchable vigor are a sure sign of many more incredible years ahead. Thanks for being the most inspirational person in my life and showing me that, no matter your actual age, you are only as old as you feel. Happy Birthday, Mom. 
  4. I hope you have a very memorable birthday celebrating turning 60. Today is truly a wonderful day that marks one of life’s milestones that only the lucky ones can achieve. I admire you for your strength, knowledge, and unshakeable love for life. You’ve instilled so much wisdom in me since the day I was born and have been the most amazing mother in every way I can imagine. Happy birthday Mom!
  5. Happy 60th birthday Mom! Writing on paper cards and sending birthday wishes by post is sooo last year. Gotta get with the times now, Mom. So, in the new digital world, and to do my bit for the environment and save some precious time, I’ll be sending your next birthday card online as an ecard and will most likely use AI to write it. It’s all about time efficiency these days Mom, I mean my tech start-up isn’t going to build itself, so every second counts! Please send me an email if you have trouble understanding any of the above. Best wishes from your soon-to-become-billionaire child.


We hope you found what you were looking for and saved yourself some time and hassle in the process. No doubt, your Mom will be delighted by simply receiving a birthday card from you and now you can relax without having to worry about racking your brain an hour before your Mom’s birthday for something to write.

Wishing all of your Moms a happy 60th birthday guys!

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