29 Amazing 40th Birthday Wishes For Husband

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Turning 40 is a milestone that calls for a grand celebration in honor of all the wonderful things a husband brings into our lives. In this cute little collection of heartfelt wishes for your husband, we explore the perfect blend of witty and downright cheeky birthday quotes sure to tickle your other half’s funny bones, to warm sentiments to express the immense love you have for your number one special person.

From the kind hearted gestures that define him to the joy he adds to everyone else’s lives, join us as we help you capture the essence of your husband’s unique qualities in our carefully crafted 40th birthday messages.

Short and Sweet 40th Birthday Wishes For Husband

Happy, attractive young couple celebrating a birthday with a cake, sitting on a couch at home and taking a selfie.
  1. Sending buckets of love and the most heartfelt wishes to my lovely husband, best friend, and the most wonderful man in my life on celebrating an amazing forty years. 
  2. Forget one in a million, in your case, it’s more like one in 8 billion! Have a spectacular 40th birthday.
  3. Happy 40th birthday to my dear husband. They might call this “middle age”, but don’t let that hold you back. As the saying goes, “Forty is when real life begins”.
  4. Happy birthday to my sweet husband. Apparently, the success expectancy of marriages is now above a whopping 50%. However, given how much we love each other, I predict a 100% success rate for our lifetime partnership and a blissful future ahead.
  5. Wishing the happiest fortieth birthday to my amazing husband who rarely receives the praise he deserves for being the special person that he is. A great husband isn’t easy to come by, so trust me, I’m not letting you go anytime soon.

Funny 40th Birthday Wishes For Husband

A happy man and woman, wearing party hats, enjoying a slice of cake and laughing together.
  1. Happy 40th birthday to my special person. I hope you enjoy the birthday cake I made for you. Lighting all the candles took me about 20 minutes and almost caused a blazing inferno in the middle of the living room, but luckily I got things under control. I guess that’s the level of dedication the world’s most amazing husband deserves. Just don’t make a mess when you’re eating it, because I’m signing off for the day now. Bye!
  2. Happy 40th birthday to my dear husband. If this was 100 years ago, you would already be two-thirds of the way through your life. However, with all the rapid advancements in modern medicine, the average person’s life expectancy has now increased dramatically and people are living for much longer. I feel bittersweet about this, on one hand, I get to spend a very long life with the sweetest man in my life. However, on the other hand, I’ll be stuck with a pensioner who acts like a baby boy for another four decades or longer.
  3. Happy fortieth birthday wishes to my lovely husband. You know you’re getting old when the average birthday card you receive is no longer plastered with images of beer mugs, vodka shots, and balloons, but rather with pictures of the countryside, border collies, and vintage cars, nicely rounded off with a worn-out dad joke that you’ve probably heard a million times. Welcome to middle age my love!
  4. They say that life begins at 40. This means that the last 39 years were just a warm-up. Hope you’ve saved some of that energy from the last four decades, because you’re going to need it to get through all the tasks I’ve got lined up for you, starting with the clean-up operation led by your beautiful wife once your 40th birthday party finishes.
  5. Sooo, the big 4-0 huh? I think it’s safe to say that, unless you’re a famous rapper ie. Young Jeezy, Young M.A or Young Thug, calling yourself young doesn’t quite have the same ring to it at your age. Yet, I do not doubt that even though it’s your fortieth birthday, being as full of life as you are, you’ll be partying into the early hours like you’re eighteen again. 

Cheeky 40th Birthday Wishes For Husband

A beautiful, happy couple enjoying a cupcake with whipped cream in a cafe, as the young woman feeds her boyfriend.
  1. Happy fortieth birthday to my darling husband who still believes that he is half his actual age. I thought I heard the floorboards creaking, but then I looked over and realized that it was just your joints when you got up from your chair. Let me know if you need a hand getting up the stairs grandad.  
  2. Happy fortieth birthday to my lovely life partner. Everyone knows that finding a wonderful husband can be hard work. Many spend their whole lives searching for their “Mr. Right”, but sadly, sometimes he never shows up. I’m still hopeful in my search nonetheless, but I guess you’ll suffice for me until he comes along. 
  3. Happy 40th birthday to my darling husband. Now, I know that you’ve got it into your head that when people ask your age and you reply “I am four decades old”, it somehow makes you sound edgy and cool. Well, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but if anything, saying that actually makes you sound more like a grandfather clock on sale at an antique auction.  
  4. Happy 40th birthday to my dear husband. Sorry if your present isn’t that amazing this year, I blew most of the budget by buying all the candles for your birthday cake. Forty isn’t a small number if you haven’t noticed darling. I still love you all the same, but next year I’ll just write your age with icing, much cheaper and time effective. 
  5. Remember when you were a kid and you would play imaginary games pretending you’re a dragon or a dinosaur – well congratulations, now you get to become a real-life dinosaur. Happy 40th Birthday you prehistoric relic! 

Heartfelt 40th Birthday Wishes For Husband

A smiling man holding a present hugs his wife, thanking her for the wonderful surprise in their home.
  1. Wishing a very happy birthday to the best husband and the greatest life partner. You’re honestly such an amazing man – a distinguished gentleman, a wonderful human being, one of the most kind-hearted people I’ve ever met. I’m so happy that I get to call you mine and I cherish the immense love we share with each other. Love you forever boo, have the best birthday! 
  2. Wishing my dear husband a special birthday celebrating a very successful and amazing forty years of being alive. Here’s to a long and beautiful life full of everlasting love, belly-aching laughter, and the wonderful things that this life of our dreams has to offer. Have a wonderful day darling and soak up every bit of happiness you can.
  3. People often say that they need multiple things to make their life complete. A nice house, a slick car, a flashy job, and the list goes on. Well, forget all of that, all I need in order to experience a beautiful life is to have my wonderful man in my arms and unconditional love, which with you in my life, I never find myself short of. Wishing you a happy fortieth birthday and hope that I get to spend many more with you.
  4. Happy 40th birthday to my dear friend and loving husband. Wishing you a blissful future and a colorful life full of everything your heart desires. I hope by finding me, aka your beautiful partner, you’ve ticked one of your biggest goals off your list already. I’m glad I get to be the person to stand by your side and work on the rest of them with you. Sending you unconditional love, good wishes, and positive vibes for your special day and long and beautiful life ahead.
  5. Happy birthday to my lovely husband and my best friend forever. As the sun falls on the final day of your 30s, just remember that life starts at 40, so this isn’t the end, it’s the rebirth. The second phase of your beautiful existence and a chance for you to set new goals and improve your life in ways that you never would have thought of during your younger years. Enjoy your special day to the fullest while you take some time to reflect on just how far you’ve come on your incredible journey.

Romantic 40th Birthday Wishes For Husband

A couple celebrates a birthday at home with cake, a kiss, and a surprise gift from the wife to her husband, enjoying the party and their time together.
  1. Wishing the happiest birthday to the amazing man I’m proud to call my dear husband. You make what most people would consider standard everyday love feel brand new and exciting, taking me back to the first moment our paths crossed. Whether we’re celebrating your fortieth birthday or your 80th, my love for you will never fade and I will always cherish every sweet moment I get to spend with you. 
  2. Happy 40th birthday to my darling husband and the most wonderful human in my life. Here’s a special little birthday message just for you to let you know how lucky I feel to have you as my dear husband and better half. You’re an amazing man who deserves the world and all the love I can possibly give. Hope you have a happy celebration, honey.
  3. Happy birthday to the most amazing man in my life, my lovely husband. Everlasting love is hard to find and many people spend their whole lives trying to find their eternal soulmate. The day that our paths crossed, was when I knew that my search had thankfully come to an end. 
  4. To live in happiness forever may seem too good to be true, but not when you’re with such an amazing man like you. Wishing the happiest birthday to the best husband across the land and the seven seas, I hope that in each other’s embrace is where we’ll forever be. Happy fortieth birthday to the sweetest man I know.
  5. Happy 40th Birthday to my loving husband, the fine distinguished gentlemen who has made our world today the happiest place I could ever imagine being in. You make my life complete and I look forward to being right by your side for many more birthdays to come.

Cute 40th Birthday Wishes For Husband

Young friends sat in front of a table of birthday cake, a gift, drinks and snacks, express excitement and joy while celebrating a birthday together at home.
  1. Happy 40th birthday to my forever boo. There’s no one else I’d rather sign up for a lifetime partnership plan with than you, my sweet husband and best friend. Honestly, it’s the best loyalty scheme I’ve ever heard of.
  2. Happy fortieth birthday to my special person. The wonderful one who makes me feel all warm and fuzzy whenever we’re together. I’m happy I get to spend another special day with you to celebrate the start of another awesome year, sharing many more cute little moments and laughing until our cheeks hurt. 
  3. Wishing my lovely husband, the sweetest man I know, a very special day on his 40th birthday! Have a very happy celebration honey and a long life full of many more exciting birthdays. Love from your wifey for lifey.
  4. My world today would be nothing compared to what it is since you came into my life. Celebrating your 40th birthday is kind of bittersweet for me, I must admit. It’s another year of celebrating another wonderful year of your beautiful life, but one year closer to me not having you. With that said, no matter how long we have until the sun falls on us, I know that I will always have a blissful future with you.


As we wrap up this collection of happy 40th birthday wishes for husband, let us leave you with a few words of advice. Birthday wishes are appreciated by those who receive them no matter what and no matter who sends them. They are small gestures which massively brighten up someone’s day. In this case, it’s not just anyone, but your dear husband, the most amazing man in your life, aside from your dad, of course.

Receiving so much as a short message in a birthday card from their muse will probably mean more to them than all of their other gifts and cards combined. Now all you need to do to sweeten things up even more is go find the perfect birthday cake. 

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