14 First Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

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If someone told us years ago that we would be putting together a list of anniversary wishes for husbands, we would have thought…well, why? It’s not like most Husbands even read their cards, and if they do, it usually ends with them saying “Aww, thanks”.

Well, things have drastically changed, and more and more people are taking time to write the perfect anniversary messages to their better half. Given how much focus we put on anniversaries, it was only a matter of time until the tables turned and our counterparts decided they want to be made to feel that extra bit special too.

Well, fear not, we’ve taken care of your needs and gifted you with a bunch of first wedding anniversary wishes for Husband which will definitely put a smile of your hubby’s face.

Short and Simple Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

Young couple celebrating their wedding with a backyard party, the man and woman looking into each others eyes as they toast with glasses of white wine.
  1. Happy anniversary wishes to my gorgeous husband. You haven’t changed a bit since our wedding day and I hope you never do. We’ve created so many wonderful memories together already, and I can’t wait to make many more with you.
  2. Happy wedding anniversary to the wonderful man who hasn’t stopped bringing me joy since the day we met, my beloved husband. The blissful and peaceful life we’ve created together is what dreams are made of and to be able to share this dream with you brings me all the happiness I could ever desire. 

Funny Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

A young woman laughs while toasting her husband, with guests in the background and black and gold balloon decorations.
  1. Happy Anniversary to my dear husband, and my best friend…well sometimes. I was trying to think of some heart touching anniversary wishes to write in your anniversary card, but then I thought it might be a waste of time given how much of a “romantic” you are. So instead, I’ve left you a six pack of beers, a huge bag of potato chips and the TV on with your favorite sports channel showing in the living room. Knowing my better half as well as I do, I know what I’ve just told you is music to your ears, so have a blast and go wild!  
  2. Happy first anniversary to my wonderful husband who makes me question ‘How can such a handsome hubby make the most monstrous noises throughout the night?’. From the bed-shaking snoring and diabolical bursts of wind that come out of your backside, to tossing and turning more times than a fork in a Caesar salad, you really do know how to test my limits. You’re an amazing husband at heart, but I’m not sure how much longer I can continue living under the same roof if you keep up with your annoying ways.     
  3. Happy first wedding anniversary to my dear hubby. It’s been one year since we officially sealed the deal and you’re yet to disappoint me. I won’t lie, I’ve been going kind of easy on you up until now, but now that you’ve settled into married life, I’ve got a long checklist of things that you’ll need to keep on top of going forward to make sure our happy marriage remains intact. On that note, let’s enjoy today and make the most of our anniversary celebration, because tomorrow’s going to be a pretty busy day for you according to my list. 

Romantic Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

Close-up of a newlywed couple dancing at their wedding celebration. Their foreheads touching whilst holding hands.
  1. Happy Marriage Anniversary to my darling husband, who never fails at bringing me joy even in my toughest moments. Your words still pluck at my heart strings every time you say “I love you” and you never stop bringing joy to my day just by being by my side. Finding a life partner like you is something so rare and words can’t explain how lucky I feel to have such a wonderful man as my better half.
  2. Happy 1st wedding anniversary to my sweet husband and the light of my life. A wedding anniversary is like a yearly round up to celebrate all the incredible moments we’ve enjoyed together and it brings me all the happiness in the world to say that you’ve blown my expectations totally out of the water. The life we have together is what dreams are made of and something that most people rarely get to experience and even though this is the first year of our beautiful marriage, I haven’t got a doubt in my mind that we will have the most blissful and peaceful life together in each other’s embrace creating more wonderful memories day by day. 
  3. Happy anniversary to my dearest husband. I honestly have to pinch myself sometimes to realize that this past year has been real life and not some magical dream. Everything about our married life feels almost too good to be true and I hope that never changes. Today’s anniversary celebration isn’t just our first anniversary, but also the very first milestone of our beautiful journey together in married life and I would consider myself very lucky if every year from now was half as glorious as this past year has been.     

Cute Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

The bride and groom sharing their first dance, both gazing affectionately into each others eyes and holding hands.
  1. Happy anniversary to my handsome hubby, may your face remain forever this cute and loveable. All the happiness in my heart is a result of all the little things you do for me without even thinking about them. I’m so glad to have you in my life forever as my better half and best friend and there’s nothing, I can think of that would make my life any more wonderful than spending everyday with you.
  2. Happy first wedding anniversary wishes to my sweet hubby. We’ve survived a whole year as a married couple and we’re still going strong. This might be our 1st wedding anniversary, but I feel like I’ve been with you forever. All of my favorite memorable moments are with you. I can’t wait to spend another lovely year and many more with my wonderful man.

Cheeky Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

A happy, smiling couple in love dances and flirts while holding glasses filled with white wine.
  1. Happy first wedding anniversary to my dear hubby. It’s a miracle that you haven’t sent me running for the hills. Quite frankly, I thought that after a year of living under the same roof and learning about many more of your frustrating habits that I had no idea about, that I would have been running for the hills by now. But hey, apparently miracles do happen and somehow, you’ve managed to keep me from pulling a fast one. Consider that a big win and also your anniversary wish granted all in one.
  2. Here’s to life’s biggest challenge, spending married life under the same roof as my precious husband who knows exactly how to push all of my buttons and aggravate me beyond what I thought was humanly possible. I must say, it’s quite a contrast having such a handsome hubby who has the looks of an athlete, but the brain of a ten-year-old, but hey as they say, you can’t have everything and I’d say it’s a fair compromise. Happy anniversary dear, let’s hope that by our next wedding anniversary things balance out a little. One can only hope.

Heartfelt Wedding Anniversary Wishes for Your Husband

Bride and groom during their first dance, standing side by side holding hands and smiling.
  1. Happy 1st anniversary to my beloved husband, all the happiness we share is a symbol of how deep our love is for one another. This past year has been filled with the most wonderful memorable moments that I will hold dearly in my heart forever and I’m so thankful I get to spend married life with my best friend and soulmate. I hope we never stop bringing joy to each other’s lives as much as we do. 
  2. Sending my precious husband heaps of wedding anniversary love. It’s been another lovely year full of teasing each other, laughing at each other’s seriously unfunny jokes and flipping between cuddling and kicking each other in our sleep. I love how we bring out each other’s inner child and can’t help but act like a pair of naughty kids whenever we’re together. No matter how old we grow, I’ll always feel young and full of life as long as I have my sweet husband in my arms. 


And that just about wraps it up! A lovely list of wedding anniversary wishes for your beloved husband. Don’t spend too much time stressing over what to say, at the end of the day your dear hubby is going to be on top of the world anyway as he gets to spend this special day with his one and only. Regardless, at least we’ve got you covered so you can focus on making the most of your wonderful wedding anniversary plans.

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